Season 10 Episode 3

Desert Island Dish / The Secret About Secrets

Aired Daily 4:00 PM May 17, 2006 on PBS

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  • I would have loved to be in Mr. Ratburn's class in this episode.

    Dessert Island Dish:

    If I was to be in his class in this episode, I would be the one bringing something to enable the group to PREPARE, PRODUCE, RAISE, or HUNT food, like seeds, animals, traps, because what would happen if you ran out of the foods you brought and there was no help in sight and you were marooned? You would then need to raise, hunt, or gather your own. I like how this episode taught about the importance of eating nutritious foods in a colorful way, and they did a marvelous job.

    The Secret About Secrets:

    I also like how the second episode taught about how to not talk bad things behind a friend's back and spread gossip that can cause you to lose friends or get you in trouble.
  • hmmmm

    "Desert Island Dish"
    Arthur and his friends are challenged by Mr. Ratburn to come up with the perfect food for surviving on a desert island. Brain becomes suspicious about why Mr. Ratburn would give out such an easy assignment. When everyone brings in junk foods on presentation day, they discover it's not so easy, and must dive deeper for the perfect food - one that contains all the essential elements. Arthur, Francine and Buster think they have it figured out, but Brain is seemingly obsessed with the perfect food.


    "The Secret About Secrets"

    D.W. wonders what the big deal about secrets is, until she's finally told one by her preschool friend, James, who is ashamed after splitting his pants. He reminds her that she cannot tell anyone, so D.W. desperately tries to find a way to stop herself from letting the cat out of the bag. She imagines that she's part of a secret club, but finds its not as fun as she thought it would be. She's worried by nightmares, and also by her friend Emily, who wants to know the secret.
  • A very good episode

    I know this is weird, but Mr. Ratburn is wrong. There is a food that contains all food groups: pizza. Pizza has, dairy, grains, meat on the toppings or the sauce, vegetables as toppings or in the sauce, fruit as toppings, and if you cook it in oil, it has fats/sweets. Overall, I thought this was a good episode.
  • Good Episode

    I think that this was another good episode of Arthur. I two stories that they did were good but I think that I liked the second one better. The first one had some funny things in it but the second one about D.W. to me was a better story. D.W had to learn how to keep secrets and mostly all of the episodes about D.W. are good so I liked this story better. The first story was about Mr. Ratburn's class ans about the food groups. Arthur and his class had to learn about all of the food groups to eat. Overall this was a good episode.
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