Season 8 Episode 7

Desk Wars / Desperately Seeking Stanley

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Dec 23, 2003 on PBS
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Episode Summary

"Desk Wars"

Arthur and his friends are trying to get the best desk.

"Desperately Seeking Stanley"

Arthur sells his bear Stanly, after he thinks the Brain thinks he needs to get rid of the bear, and move on.

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  • By far one of the top 5 arthur episodes!

    I dont know what to say about this episode because i liked it so much (Desk Wars) Desk wars was awesome because it had almost every character in it, and wasnt like any arthur episode we've seen before. Most every main character (in the 3rd grade had a part in it) and also had people in it who we do not see as often (Jenna) it also showed characters that are becoming more and more main characters (Fern Sue Ellen and George) and of course the classic main characters (arthur, francine, buster, binky, muffy, brain)

    All in all i really liked the story line, and im glad to see Fern and George in more episodes because i like them alotmoreless
Jodie Resther

Jodie Resther

Francine Alice Frensky

Arthur Holden

Arthur Holden

Mr. Nigel Emil Ratburn

Michael Yarmush

Michael Yarmush

Voice of Arthur Timothy Read (1996-2001)

Sonja Ball

Sonja Ball

Janet Read

Bruce Dinsmore

Bruce Dinsmore

David Read / Binky Barnes

Danny Brochu

Danny Brochu

Buster Baxter

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    • Mr. Molina: I'm afraid we don't have enough, Vicita. The fish seems to cost a thousand dollars.

    • Mr. Haney: (after Mr. Haney finds the whole class fighting and shouting) What in Aunt Betsy is going on here?! (assorted complaining and muttering) Quiet, everybody! I'm going to give you an opportunity to work together to clean up this mess, or so help me you'll all be staying after school!

    • Mr. Ratburn: ((after Mr. Ratburn hears Arthur, Francine and Buster arguing) Arthur! Francine! Buster! Am I gonna have to split ya up?

  • NOTES (6)

    • When Arthur puts Stanley back on the shelf with his raincoat on, there is a pig next to him on the shelf that may be Brain's stuffed animal, Plato.

    • The Funny Farm has an appearance in Desperately Seeking Stanley, which now belongs to the Tibble Twins.

    • The surgical suits from "My Dad, the Garbage Man" and masks from "My Dad, the Garbage Man" and "Vomitrocious!" is reused.

    • In "Desk Wars", Muffy laments the potential destruction of her desk's "feng shui". "Seeking Stanley" has some apparent references to the Toy Story movies (talking toys, a ripped leg with stuffing coming out, the sadistic neighbor kid, the old person who restores the toy).

    • Even though Buster is shown leaving in the previous episode to go on the tour with his Dad, he is still seen in this episode. So that apparently means that despite the new show, he will not be leaving Arthur.

    • December is the latest in the year that new Arthur episodes have ever aired since the once-a-week format of airing episodes was put in place.