Season 10 Episode 9

Do You Speak George? / World Girls

Aired Daily 4:00 PM May 25, 2006 on PBS

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  • creepy

    Do You Speak George?"
    Kids at school begin to make up their own languages. Arthur and Buster create "Arster-Buther", and Francine and Muffy create "Oola". George, however, feels left out because he can't understand any of it, due to his Dyslexia, so he comes up with a language of his own, a language without words.


    "World Girls"

    A new line of dolls has come out. The "World Girls", figurines dressed to represent every nationality, are the new trend, and when the new superstore "World Girl World" opens, Muffy is determined to buy every single one, and brings along Francine, who is not particularly interested in it, and Sue Ellen, who has her heart set on finding only one specific doll.
  • Prett Good Episode

    I think that this episode of Arthur was a pretty good episode. I liked the main concepts of both of the stories but there were some parts in the stories that I didn't like very much. The first story was about George and everyone else coming up with a new way to talk. George told everyone that it is better to just talk regular so everyone van understand everyone else. The second story was about Muffy, Sue Ellen, and Francine going to a place called World Girls where every girl likes to go. In this episode Muffy learned that it is ok not to have every doll and Francine even bought a doll.