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    OK, I know that they made 3 TV movies, but this is an idea for an Arthur movie coming to theaters.

    Story #1

    It's summer and everyone's gone away.

    -Arthur, his family and Buster are gone camping. And Arthur's father tells them a legend of the camps past that might change there lives.

    -Muffy invites Fern and Sue Ellen to go skiing in the Alps, but Fern and Sue Ellen want to go home because Muffy is to busy paying attension to a boy there.

    -Brain, Binky and Jenna go to Space Camp

    -Back in Elwood City, Francine is miserable because all of her friends are gone somewhere expect her because her trip to her grandmothers has been cancelled. George also has nothing to do so the two go around Elwood City, looking for activities to do, and end up being a part of Mr. Ratburn's summer activity program.

    Story #2.

    Arthur, Buster and Francine go for a bike ride, but end up finding a door that leads to our world. Once opened, the three espace and come into our world (the three will be CGI when they're in our world) and realise that their lives is a show! The gang in Elwood City are starting to worry about the three so they go off looking for them.

    So, what do you guys think?

    Write your own ideas for an Arthur movie.

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    I thought story #1 was the best idea.
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