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Come up with an ep.

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    What about an episode where Arthur meets a kid who has some sort of disability? Maybe down syndrome would be too much for kids and they wouldn't understand it. Lets say this kid Arthur meets is deaf and thenArthur and the rest of the class ignore him because they think he will make them deaf too. ThenArthur becomes friendswith the deaf kid and Arthur learns sign language.

    What about another episode whereMr. Ratburn tells the class about Global Warming and its effects and then he gets into strong detail andArthur and his friends worrytheywill drown or die. Then Mr. Ratburn gives the classideas onhow toslow down global warming andthe kids alldo whatever they can.

    (Was there already a global warming episode? I don't think so, but I can'tremember. I missed a lot of the new season:-( )

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