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DW's Misunderstandings

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    angelegod2008 wrote:
    LauraCynthia wrote:
    Make some up, I said.

    Arthur: Did you ask Mom?
    DW: She's too busy watching a show about dish detergent or something. Arthur: You mean a commercial?
    DW: No; there's this lady who told her boyfriend that she's dating his father's boss.
    Arthur: Oh, you mean a soap opera?
    DW: That's what she said. I asked her why the people are sitting in the dishwasher, and she shooed me out.

    (the ppl were in a jacuzzi)

    what eposode was that in I don't remember mrs read watching a soap opra

    LOL what an idiot
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    (D.W. Walks In The Kitchen)

    Arthur: How did it go at the Tibbles?

    D.W: Ok. We watched some TV while there grandma was gardening. They have cable.

    Arthur: What did you watch?

    DW: A show about some people on a computer on a camera talking about there persnal stuff, and they met up in a coffee shop and the man had a knife with him on hs way, probably to cut some muffn or bread. Then Tommhy and Timmy's grandma came inside and the Tibbles turned it off.

    Arthur turns green: DW, um., that wasn't what the man brought the knife for...

    Arthur leaves the room with DW following saying: WHAT DID HE BRING IT FOR! TELL ME!


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