Season 10 Episode 1

Happy Anniversary

Aired Daily 4:00 PM May 15, 2006 on PBS

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  • Great introduction.

    This is a two part episode and one of the best Arthur's in this series. (series 10) Ratburn has assinged the class lots of homework on the night that the darkbunny and bionic bunny special is on. Meanwhile Jane, and dave (arhtur's mom and dad) are planning to havethier aniversery at a fancy resteraunt. D.W is trying to find tin, once arthur tells her that the gift she made for her mom and dad form Aniversery is not made out of of tin but instead aluminum (or alunimoon as dw calls it). Everything is going well, excpet for arthur (who slept to long and didn't finish his story before the bionic bunny sho, and D.W who hasn't found tin, but jsut as there about to leave, Grandpa dave asks if he got hitch a ride to somewhere. They get lost, and their car breaks down, but they get help from a resteraunt. D.W and Arthur fight over a coin and get locked inside a room, meanwhile Dave, decides to cook a mela there with permission from on of the people at the resteraunt. ARthur and D.W manage to get out, and all goes well (including arhutr's report). The episode is also funny, becasue buster keeps eating his visual aid, for his report:)
  • o ya

    "Happy Anniversary"
    Mr. Ratburn shows a film about perspective and then assigns the class an essay about it. Arthur and Buster are disappointed to have homework on the weekend of the big Bionic Bunny / Dark Bunny special (in which everything will be revealed), but vow to complete it before the start of the special. Arthur, however, struggles with the assignment. Mr. and Mrs. Read are celebrating their tenth anniversary at a fancy restaurant. They're dropping Arthur off for Buster's sleepover and D.W. at Grandma Thora's. But car troubles leave everyone stranded. Things seemingly go from bad to worse when Arthur and D.W. get locked in a storage room in an old diner. They're disappointed, and a bit scared, but find inspiration in an old radio drama called "Kid Carter and his Sidekick Mistral."
  • Finally It's Back On

    I think that this episode of Arthur was good. It wasn't my favorite episode but I still liked it. I am just glad that there are new episodes airing. The repeats have been on for so long that I couldn't wait until the new episodes would start. I have been watching Arthur since it first came on ten years ago and I think that this was a good tenth anniversary episode. One thing I didn't like though was the fact that Arthur's voice was really high but overall I am glad that the show is back on and for the 10th season.