Season 1 Episode 6

Locked in the Library / Arthur Accused!

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Oct 14, 1996 on PBS

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  • A preety cool episode! My favorite part was when Arthur was in detention for the quarters!

    It's about Arthur in the library with Francine on a Friday afternoon trying to do a report while it's after closing and the doors get locked and they are locked inside and they have to find a way out and they try the windows but they can't, then they try to find something to eat and they can't find anything to eat, when Francine is gone Arthur tries to look for Francine and in the staff room Arthur falls into a pizza and Arthur found Francine, then when the grown-ups find the children and they are taken home. Then, All I can remember of Arthur Accused is Buster and Arthur go to an arcade and the next morning, the Principal takes Arthur to the principal's office because Buster told the Principal that the quarters are gone and Arthur is sent to detention. Then Buster sneaks on Mrs. McGrady and Mr. Haney for the quarters, and Buster wonders if Arthur took them or not, then before the field trip, Buster found out, It was in the brownies! And then Arthur is soon out of detention and the field trip starts. I rate this episode a 9.6 (Superb)!
  • BEST EP EVER!!!!!!

    This is my all time favorite ep. Its so cool. Its not a very good infulence on kids though becuase when I watched it I tried to get locked in the grocery store and they did a store lockdown thing on me so my mom could find me cuz they thought I got kidnapped. I wish they played this ep more its the all time greatst ep. It should be on dvd. I also like the one were aruther gets acussed of stealing. I wish my brownies could have money in them wouldn't that be graet. Arthur Locked in the Libary-best ep over
  • A very educational episode

    I think these 2 episodes of Arthur are very educational. In the episode \"Locked in the Library\", Francine and Arthur have an argument and then find themselves locked in the library with each other. But then Arthur comes to his senses and finds Francine because he thought he heard her scream even though it was just the tv.

    The thing I like about \"Arthur Accused\" is that it shows what any friend would do to make sure there friend could have fun or do something. The lunch lady thinks that Arthur stole some quarters for a fundraiser but then Buster comes along and finds out that she accidently mixed the bag of quarters with the bag of flour.
  • A great highlight of the show.

    This was planned vary carefully. Getting locked in the library was a good one cuz you got to know Arthur and Francine a lot better. Arthur Accused! was different cuz you got a different side of the show. It was a great perspective though! These are one of the best.
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