Season 4 Episode 10

My Music Rules / That's a Baby Show!

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Nov 08, 1999 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • During the scene in "That's a Baby Show!" where Buster and Francine catch Arthur watching The Love Ducks, when the show goes off, the theme song from Spooky Poo (a spoof of Scooby Doo seen earlier in the season) can be heard.

    • Once Francine and Buster discover Arthur liking the Love Ducks, they tease him the following ways: Buster makes quacking sounds, someone tapes a drawing of a duck onto Arthur's locker, Binky asks if Arthur learned any babyish info (like where your nose is), Francine holds up a green duck doll and quacks, and then Binky quacks at him.

  • Quotes

    • (Arthur enters a music store wearing a trenchcoat, trying to be inconspicuous. He walks up to the clerk...)
      Arthur: (trying to hide his face) Do... you have the Love Ducks CD?
      Clerk: Excuse me? Can you speak up?
      Arthur: The Love Ducks CD. Do you have one?
      Clerk: (gets on intercom) Do we have any copies of the Love Ducks CD, for this boy?
      Arthur: (as people stare at him) I have a baby sister!

    • (Arthur and Buster are playing checkers in the treehouse while The Brain reads...)
      Buster: I missed The Dark Bunny yesterday because my baby cousin had to watch The Love Ducks. Bleah!
      The Brain: That is the babiest baby show of all! The Love Ducks make Mary Moo Cow sound like a college professor.
      Arthur: No, they're kind of fun! The colors are really cool, and the music is weird, and it makes you feel happy. (Buster and the Brain look shocked)
      The Brain: You watch The Love Ducks?!
      Arthur: I, uh, I... I have a baby sister! Yeah, so I've seen it, once... or twice... because... I have a baby sister.
      Buster: (laughs) Wow! I thought you were saying YOU watched The Love Ducks! (all three laugh for a bit)
      Arthur: Me? That's funny!

    • Arthur: Today I'm definitely going to watch the Dark Bunny.
      (Scene changes to Arthur watching "The Love Ducks" on TV.)
      : Goodbye, Love Ducks. Goodbye! (D.W. enters and Arthur quickly changes the channel the closing credits for "The Dark Bunny.")
      : The Dark Bunny was brought to you by the Dark Bunny Toy Company!
      : I don't know why you want to watch all that scary stuff. You're all jumpy and nervous!
      : Am not!

    • Francine: (shouting) I won't say anything about you watching Love Ducks every day!
      (Class looks at Arthur in shock.)
      : The Love Ducks! What did you learn this week, Arthur? (points to his elbow) Where your nose is?  (Everyone except Buster laughs at Arthur.)
      Arthur: You don't understand! It's not what you think!
      (Mr. Ratburn comes in. Everyone stops laughing.)
      : Psst... (holds up a green duck doll) Quack, quack!

    • Buster: I'm good at having opinions. I'm just not good at keeping them.

  • Notes

    • The cello piece that plays over and over in "My Music Rules" is from Bach's Suite in G Major for Unaccompanied Cello.

    • This is the first time the ending credits didn't play the Arthur theme song. Instead, this episode's ending credits featured Ma and Redman's version of "Crazy Bus"

    • In the Love Ducks, the show everyone thinks is babyish, the music is mainly famous classic music pieces, like "Toreador" from the opera Carmen by Bizet, the "Little Brown Jug" by Joseph Winner, and Beethoven's 5th Symphony (first movement).

  • Allusions

    • The Love Ducks is loosely based off the Teletubbies, a BBC children's television series from the UK that ran from 1997 to 2001, and was also shown as part of PBS Kids (where Arthur is also shown.) The psychedelic imagery, the colors of the ducks (matching the colors of Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po), the unusual music and peaceful setting, and even the British narrator (suggesting Love Ducks is also a UK import in the Arthur universe) are obvious similarities to Teletubbies. Both Arthur and the Teletubbies are currently owned by DHX Media.

    • Dark Bunny is a parody of Batman, most notably Batman: The Animated Series. The zooming Dark Bunny logo used for scene transitions parodies the old zooming Batman logo for scene transitions in the classic 1960s Batman TV series. Batman is often referred to as the "Dark Knight."

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