Season 16 Episode 5

Night of the Tibble/ Read and Flumberghast

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Oct 19, 2012 on PBS

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  • Excellent creativity, but animation is still sorely lacking...

    I enjoyed the great plot, storyline, and creative juices of this episode (this is one of the better episodes of this eyesore season IMO along with night of the tibble and last tough customer), but the animation is still a big disappointment and leaves too much to be desired and prevents me from fully enjoying this (otherwise great) episode (I LOL'd when I saw how they took Nadine's tail and stuck it on her dress like Eeyore the Donkey's in one scene and normal the next).

    Liken this to a chair with a broken leg. The remaining legs (creativity, plot, storyline) are all CLASSIC ARTHUR and are STRONG, but the animation is that broken leg that prevents me from being able to sit in the chair comfortably. Again, to the idiots who bark that lame kneejerk "it's not about animation but the story" excuse: the whole purpose of animation in ANY cartoon is to *BRING LIFE* to that story, and this doesn't. If it was just about the story, you might as well read a book or listen to a soundtrack, which I am NOT doing or going to do in this episode, or ANYTHING that comes from Arthur. Their perception of what good animation is may have been dumbed down, but not mine!

    I'm in the process of reanimating this episode right now frame by frame with ToonBoom Animate to fix the character models, improve the colors, improve the stiff awkward movements, and to explore the science of animation and study this industry-standard animation software (which is used by Fox to animate The Simpsons, BTW). It's actually fun to be honest, and this is a cartoon and episode I recommend budding animators to practice with...