Season 11 Episode 4

Phony Fern / Brain's Shocking Secret

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Jun 28, 2007 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • In Brain's Shocking Secret, it is revealed that the Brain was held back in kindergarten because he cried alot making him not emotionally ready for the first grade.

    • Francine reads the title card for "Phony Fern." It's the one that shows Fern writing at her desk. Binky reads the title card for "Brain's Shocking Secret." It's the alternate version of the swimming title card with Brain swimming after an alternately-colored version of Pal.

    • In "Phony Fern," Muffy is shocked when she discovers that Fern has not set a ringtone for her phone. Fern tells her to just set it to anything. Fern is delighted when Muffy sets it to what she identifies as the tune from her favorite television show --- Midafternoon Mystery Theater. The actual tune, as identified by closed captioning, is the theme from PBS's Masterpiece Theatre.

    • In "Phony Fern," it is revealed that Muffy has an older brother that is in college.

  • Quotes

    • Mr. Walters: (about Fern's cellphone) Now it's only for emergencies.
      Mrs. Walters: Or if I want to reach you because I'm running late to pick you up from school.
      Mr. Walters: Or if I'm away on a business trip and you just want to say hello.
      Fern: (picking up cellphone and opening it) OW!
      Mrs. Walters: But don't use it too much, OK, honey?
      Fern: Trust me, I won't.
      Mrs. Walters: You don't like it? Did I get the wrong color? They have one with polka dots. I could exchange it.
      Fern: No, Mom, it's perfect. Thank you.
      Mr. Walters: Ferny, don't forget the instruction booklet.

    • Brain: (to Binky) When I go to fourth grade next year, you're coming with me.

    • Brain: When was the last time you changed your clothes?
      Binky: Last week. You said Einstein wore the same suit every day so he could focus on physics, so I did the same thing.
      Brain: I said he wore the identical suit, but he had a closet full of them.
      Binky: Well, then, this is a little improvement on Einstein, isn't it?

    • Binky: Slam! Your king's out of there! Whoo-hoo baby! I win again!
      Brain: Yes. Congratulations. I've never seen the "Leaping Ninja Pawn Head Chop" used so effectively.
      Binky: That's because I just invented it. Pretty geniusy, huh?

    • Muffy: (in opening teaser for "Brain's Shocking Secret") President Alan Powers, a.k.a "The Brain," is not what he seems.

    • Fern: (as Watteau) You see, Bastings, sometimes it is the little gray cells, not the cell phones, which make the connection.

    • Buster: Looks like the Machines have taken control of Fern. Soon, they'll have enslaved the entire planet. Not me, though. I've got my foil ears.

    • Fern: (singing in fantasy sequence) Oh, this feeling's unexpected / But now we're so connected / My little purple friend and me!

    • Fern: (singing in fantasy sequence) Oh, this feeling's unexpected / But now we're so connected / My little purple friend and me!

    • George: You can't have a cell phone. It's supposed to be the 1930s.
      Fern: Ah, but Virgule Watteau, she is always one step ahead.

    • Muffy: What's your ringtone?
      Fern: (bored and disinterested) Beats me.
      Muffy: (shocked) You haven't selected one yet?

    • Fern: (regarding cell phones) You'll never see me with one of those things.

    • Fern: They all have little machines plastered to their ears.
      Buster: You're right. It's like the phones are controlling them, altering their brain waves and turning them into a species of babbling robots.

    • Fern: She was more interested in that phone than me. It was so infuriating. What's so great about cell phones anyway?

    • Brain: So, did you get 3.906 as your answer?
      Binky: (holding up his calculator so Brain can see) No, but I spelled hello upside down!

    • Brain: I was actually held back because well.... I'm a genius!
      Muffy: Brain, geniuses don't flunk!

  • Notes

    • Peter K. Hirsch is the writer for "Phony Fern" and Gerry Capelle is the storyboard artist. Glen Berger is the writer for "Brain's Shocking Secret" and Stephanie Gignac is the storyboard artist.

  • Allusions

    • In "Phony Fern," Buster puts foil around his ears to protect himself from what he believes to be an invasion of cell phones. This is a possible allusion to M. Night Shyamalan's movie Signs in which one character humorously creates foil hats in an attempt to try and prevent aliens from entering their minds.

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