Season 8 Episode 6

Postcards From Buster!

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Dec 22, 2003 on PBS

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  • “Postcards From Buster” is the pivotal introduction episode, which leaves a great place to start the ARTHUR spin-off, POSTCARDS FROM BUSTER.

    The half-hour show begins with Arthur and Buster eavesdropping on their mothers and finding out that Buster will be joining the Reads on a trip to New York City, to visit Busters father, Bo Baxter. While straying away from the typical Arthur storyline, this episode helps create a new world for the spin-off, Postcards From Buster. The episode tends to revolve around Buster’s brand new camcorder, donated by his mother. Along with Arthur, Buster and his father go searching around New York City to find a Latin Rock Group, The Viajeros. Of course, the trio gets lost, and through Buster’s camcorder and live-action filming, the audience experiences many parts of New York, including The Bronx and Chinatown.

    Of course, DW and her antics did not fail to amuse. From her “hotel-freebie” stage to Broadway fever, DW provided a great source of comic relief.

    Overall, the episode is remarkable and does a great job capturing New York City as well as producing a decent story line for children to follow. Even more remarkable, this episode sets an amazing level for the spin-off show to follow including characters, plot, and story. As an episode, this was nothing short of another excellent Arthur presentation.