Season 7 Episode 7

Prunella Sees the Light / Return of the Snowball

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Nov 28, 2002 on PBS



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Arthur: (in Star Wars style) There is unrest in the read home. D.W. still thinks about the snowball all the time, and won't shut up about it.
      D.W.: Arthur stole my snowball from the freezer. I know it was him!
      Arthur: Quiet, D.W. I'm the narrator! (Star Wars style again) To combat the dark side of D.W., Arthur has...
      D.W.: Mom!
      Arthur: Ignore her. (Star Wars style again) As I was saying...
      Mrs. Read: Arthur, let your sister talk.
      Arthur: But it's about the snowball!!!
      Mrs. Read: Oh, no! That again?
      D.W.: What do you mean "that again?!"

  • Notes

    • In "Prunella Sees the Light, "viewers" learn that Marina attends Mighty Mountain, Arthur's rival school.

    • And Now a Word from Us Kids: A boy named Ty
      who has prosthetics for legs, shows how he manages and gets around.

    • The Star Wars-like scrolling words also appeared in "Best of the Nest".

    • There's a Star Trek Voyager skit, Prunella finds herself as Captain Janeway, Binky finds himself as Tuvok and Muffy find herself as Seven of Nine, of course, Muffy tries to kill Prunella, then Prunella runs to the turbolift then she finds herself as her again.

    • D.W. discovered her snowball was missing in "D.W.'s Snow Mystery" and it has been a recurring gag on the Arthur series ever since. If viewers are to believe the ending of that episode, aliens took D.W.'s snowball and have now mysteriously returned it.

    • The character of Marina was first introduced in "Prunella's Special Edition", which received a Vernon Henley award from the American Association of the Blind for its portrayal of a blind character.

  • Allusions

    • Star Wars: The intro for the story "Return of the Snowball" features a voiceover introduction with a caption that scrolls the screen -- a style used in the introductions for all the films in the Star Wars series.