Season 6 Episode 3

Prunella's Special Edition / The Secret Life of Dogs and Babies

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Oct 08, 2001 on PBS

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  • I like arthur, I think it\\\'s a O.K. show, and this episode was ok with some good and some bads, and here they are.

    Arthur is usually a pretty good show, it\\\'s funny, and my sister watches it all the time so I do too and enjoy it. However, this episode (life of dogs and babies) is pretty wierd, having Kate and Pal being able to talk. When I first saw it I thought it was going to be retarded, but continued to watch anyway. And I\\\'m glad I did, because it was no where near the greatest episode, but it got me. Another thing that was dumb was when D.W. finally found out that she had the statue, and Kate had it, she couldn\\\'t pull it from like a 2 year old!!! But then it was pretty good when Kate was losing it so she calls Pal and he forgets his lunch to get upstairs. So he goes running upstairs, and needs to help Kate, so he runs behind D.W. and tugs on her dress to distract her. Overall this is a O.K. episode, but nothing special.
  • Possibly the worst episode ever! (The Secret Life of Dogs and Babies)

    \"The Secret Life of Dogs and Babies\" is possibly the worst episode ever. In this episode, Pal and Kate are talking! You know that they are running out of storylines when they talk. It\'s supposed to be cute, but it\'s just plain stupid! A couple more episodes were made like this and I hate them all.