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  • Do yourselves and the kids a favor: Please download the older seasons and show them instead of watching this show on PBS, folks. The new eps achieve nothing.

    As stated by others, personal collections on our hard drives, tablets, DVDs, and the like do this show more justice than TV and PBS can keep their nonsense that only serves to make money for marketers and mediocre studios who want top dollar for crap quality. If I found a boxed set of all the original older seasons prior to season 16 (not remakes!), I would be more than happy to buy it out of respect for this show, put it on the tablets of my nephews, nieces, or my kids (if I have kids in the future), and encourage others to do the same. It's sadly becoming harder to find these gems on TV, and all studios want to do is milk this show for every dime (As seen time and again in long running shows - I'm not surprised). Even though it is blatantly obvious this show has jumped the shark, there are still stupid brain dead lemmings out there who refuse to accept that, CONTINUALLY make lame excuses for this show despite the fact it's obviously dying, paint those who state the obvious as the bad guys, or think it's "just a kid's show" and demonize older viewers (ENOUGH WITH THAT AGE COP-OUT ALREADY!).

    If producers want to ignore older viewers, they can go right ahead, but they need to remember one thing: THOSE VIEWERS ARE NOT GOING AWAY, and the task of passing this show onto THEIR children, if they have any, DOES NOT HAVE TO INCLUDE THE PRODUCERS, PBS, or other snobs of their ilk!

    The new episodes don't achieve anything that has not already been covered (better) on the older episodes plot-wise and everything else, plain and simple.

    Until then, here's a link for the first ten seasons:

    https://thepiratebay (DOT) org/torrent/5181352/TV__Arthur_(Marc_Brown)_PBS_Kids_[Season_01_-_10]_FULL_EPISODES

    Here are seasons 11-13:

    http://thepiratebay (dot) org/torrent/5628787/

    14-15 are on youtube,
  • Would be a 10 if it weren't for Season 16.

    First of all, let me just say that I love Arthur. I grew up watching it, and even though I'm 17 now, and way past its target audience, I continue to watch it.

    This show was golden up until sometime during Season 15. That's when things started going downhill a bit. It seemed like they were running out of ideas for plots and they just weren't trying as hard. But Season 15 wasn't nearly as bad as the season that's running now. The new episodes are just terrible. The half-assed flash animation looks like total sh*t, the plots are as weak as ever, and it's plain obvious that Arthur and DW are being voiced by the same person due to not differentiating the two voices enough. Not to mention that annoying new character Ladonna who was obviously only brought in to have a plot for the season opener (since the writers clearly aren't giving a f*ck anymore).

    I also don't like the way they pair up the new episodes. Usually both episodes will be centered around the same character. It almost seems that Arthur's become a supporting character. I haven't seen any episodes about him lately. They should just rename the show "Arthur's friends who no longer have interesting lives"

    I think this show was at its best from 1996-2004, and 2005-2012 was pretty good too. But late 2012-2013 sucks...

    Update: 9 Story is thankfully no longer doing the animation, so the animation in the most recent episodes (we're in season 20 now, holy isn't quite as bad as it was in Season 16, when I initially wrote the review. Unfortunately, it's still flash though, and is still sub-par in comparison to the hand-drawn episodes. I watched a couple of Season 20 episodes, and they weren't terrible. They're still not as good as the older episodes though. I'm starting to think maybe it's time to let this show die. It just hit its 20th birthday, and it's great that multiple generations of kids got to grow up on this show. But it has become obvious that the creators are running out of ideas. It would be better for people to remember this show as the timeless classic it was, not as a poorly-animated mediocre cartoon that's on life support because it has a title to protect as the 2nd longest running children's show (only behind Sesame Street).
  • Children like it, but it depends for adults.

    We all have shows we like and shows we don't. This one I have outgrown but it still entertains. The music is decent and not as annoying as most children's shows, so why won't you show your kids Arthur right now? Everyone has their opinion. We just want to make you feel better.
  • What used to be a fun educational show is now a big mess

    I started disliking this show since it's fourth season and it's already starting it's eighteenth season. Okay, seasons 4-8 were alright but they'll never beat the classics. I TRULY started disliking the series with season 9 when it switched studios to the Cookie Jar Group. I continued disliking it throughout seasons 9 through 15, with my dislike getting stronger every season.

    But what REALLY made me downright HATE the show was season 16 and it's awful flash animation. That's what made me mad enough to write this review. Seasons 16 to present are absolutely terrible. The animation looks horrid. Arthur sounds like a girl. His voice sounded best in seasons 1-3 because the person who voice acted him in those seasons sounds his age.

    Let's very briefly run down the seasons.

    Season 1 (1996-97)

    The best one. It had a great introduction to the characters with classic episodes. It has the most memorable plots, the characters' best moments and great introductions to the great characters.

    Score: 10/10

    Season 2 (1997-98)

    Awesome. A huge classic success. It's a really classic season. It's fun to watch and the characters are still enjoyable.

    Score: 9/10

    Season 3 (1998-99)

    Great. A little unoriginal, but still great, with more memorable moments.

    Score: 8/10

    Season 4 (1999)

    Mediocre. It's a pretty bad relaunch, but at least it tried. The characters are now more annoying, but at least it TRIED to be like the earlier episodes.

    Score: 4/10

    Season 5 (2000)

    Bad. Now the show's losing steam. It's getting worse now with cheaper plots, such as the Grandpa Dave episode with the treasure hunt.

    Score: 3/10

    Season 6 (2001)

    Horrid. Nothing but annoyance shoehorned into every scene. Arthur died here.

    Score: 2/10

    Season 7 (2002)

    Terrible. God, help me.

    Score: 1.5/10

    Season 8 (2003)

    Horrible. Nothing but milking.

    Score: 1/10

    Seasons 9-15 (2004-2012)

    Abysmal. But it somehow still managed to sink even lower...

    Score: 0.5/10

    Seasons 16-present (2012-now)

    Welcome to hell. And it stays that way as of today. The flash animation just hurts my damned eyes, man!

    Score: 0/10.

    So as you can see, the show slowly degraded in quality for me. First it was good, then mediocre, then poor, then bad, and now it sucks. The characters are so annoying now. They're just trying to reference memes from the internet kids won't get. If you want good, check out Seasons 1-3. As well as a few rare shining episodes in seasons 4-8, but ignore everything else. I hope this review helped. Now for me to find something else to rip into.

  • Hell will freeze over before I let the mortician pry this show from my cold, dead, wrinkly hands! He can have season 16-present, though.

    This show dominates my hard drive now (nearly 40 gigs for this gem!) as I have every episode in my collection apart from "Arthur's Missing Pal" and season 16-present's recycled-plot flash trash garbage, of which I've written a separate thorough review of. I also have the two special episodes, too (It's Only Rock n' Roll and Arthur's Perfect Christmas). Season 16 to present is the only gripe I have against this show as of now and season 16 is the ONLY one I GENUINELY HATE with a passion on all fronts (not just the animation, either) and the new seasons after it can go to hell as well (and please don't give me that "be glad it's still on" dodge like a stupid lemming fanboy, either, while watching season after season decline with cognitive dissonance!). There are some good episodes in season 16-present here and there like Last Tough Customer, Read and Flumbergast, and Night of the Tibble, but that bad animation is still hard to come to terms with and ruins their potential by not giving life to the story (which is animation's whole purpose in any cartoon unless you like soundtracks or reading books, which are NOT the only things I would want to watch in a cartoon). It's the PUBLIC'S money PBS receives (and is wasting) and that's the real reality, and that crappy animation, character development, writing, and all the other issues we are having with the new episodes is a waste of that money, no matter how much or little they spent, folks. It's also a crying shame they ruined Artie's character and turned him into a total douche in the later episodes, and as well as having them just repackage the same plotlines over and over. Moreover, there are not enough good episodes that haven't already been touched upon to make me want to continue viewing the show from PBS, and I'm taking a bye on season 16-present's garbage.

    With that tirade aside...

    I LOVED The Busy World of Richard Scarry before this when I had cable TV, and STILL love that beautifully animated, memorable story-filled masterpiece (NOT that "Hooray for Huckle" or "Busytown Mysteries" garbage that came later, either! I'd rather read Richard Scarry's books instead of watching that for sure).

    I was a migrant worker who picked cherries and apples in the orchards growing up and moved to areas with no cable TV and had weak over the air reception thanks to the mountains blocking the signals. Luckily, the strongest station was a PBS station and Artie was the next best thing to Richard Scarry and Franklin (and I couldn't have made a better choice!). As I got older, I've come to cherish these gems even more along with Arthur (now that more of them have been cancelled or butchered with that awful flash trash and CGI animation).

    There's something for the whole family, not just for the kids (and since when was it ever just a "kid's" show, people, and why does age have to even be an issue?), and that's what sets it apart from other "kid's" shows! You know you have a GREAT "kids" show when kids can watch it and it doesn't drive older siblings and parents nuts. You know you have a GREAT "kid's" show when you catch older siblings and some adults sneak peaking it ;-) If I had kids of my own or had to babysit them, I wouldn't feel in any way shape or form like I'm watching this gem because "I'm stuck with the kids", and will be passing the season 15 down episodes to my kids from my hard drive and from my DVD collection.

    LOL, I'd be asking THEM to play it and would be more than honored to watch it with them.

    Adults MAKE "kid's" shows, adults ACT in them, adults PRODUCE them, ADULTS are the biggest SUPPORTERS of them BAR-NONE.

    WHY is it an unpardonable sin for adults to ENJOY them??? Why the stigma??

    To all those "old" biddies out there who tell us to "grow up", who think we are "abnormal" or "mentally ill" or some other pejorative like that and are dismissive: EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT, get cancer, and GO UP!! You have sucked on one too many of life's lemons and have become sour (and bitter if you also include the peel). You're too "mature" for your own good and just plain snobbish and stuck up.

    That's all...
  • Just my thoughts

    It jas always been an ok show with few superb episodes. Episodes with baby Kate being the star are always well done. My favorite episode is binky's allergy. As that's how a 9 yr old feels about such and I think it was cite toich adding in 8 yr old Jenna into story way they did. Some good episdes to watch are Prunella and Marina episodes. The one where Arthur scrapes his knee and one where Brain sprains his knee. But biggest problem Arthur has is not allowing the kids to age. And having have both a 4th and 5th birthday means Arthur and his friends need to age.
  • The sick man of PBS Kids is on life support and needs a DNR.

    As good of a run this show has/had, and as good of a show this is to pass on to kids (as others have stated, and as I would also love to do from my collection as well!), I also (AND EVEN I!) agree that they need to kibosh production of this show (keep it on, but no more new seasons, please), as subsequent episodes really are not getting any better as they just continue to repackage the same old plotlines - the new plotlines are lamer then ever as well, and the animation still stinks (and they still use the same crappy character models). Tell me something: if they want to continue to do this, WHY SHOULD PEOPLE CONTINUE WATCHING THE NEW SEASONS when they can watch those plotlines in the older episodes but in a better package, where EVERYTHING is better, not just the stoyline, the animation, voices, etc - EVERYTHING? The show is not improving overall, and they just care about getting something out, folks, whether it's good or not, and they see the show as a paycheck and a cash cow they can milk for every dime, and it's plainly obvious they aren't listening to anyone except sponsors, production snobs, and money-hungry bigwigs, despite the public's feedback and donations!

    You guys probably thought I was just going to just give this show a one based on the title, didn't ya? I didn't want to go all out and just give this show a one because it's still good in itself and is still a hallmark of my cartoon collection for that reason, but minus the new junk. This would indeed be a ten if it wasn't for season 16-present, hence lucky number seven.
  • They really need to wrap this show up and end it.

    They have taken this show as far as it can possibly go and the show is not improving no matter how much resources they sink into it. Odds and ends like giving Maria a voice or bringing back Lydia Fox are great short term plots, but the core storyline in the long term is not improving, nor can it. I'm noticing a pattern where they either do an odd and end if it's something new, or they just continue to repackage the same plots over and over but in the different wrapper and circle their wagons, which gets old quick.

    All of the issues we are having with this show such as with plots, animation, and character development indicate a show that has run its course. Arthur is a show that wants to die in peace and It needs a conclusion to end it!! They can keep it on the air as others have stated (AND THEY WILL BE ALWAYS WELCOME TO DO SO!), as the show is still good, but once again, they need to give it a proper conclusion and end it on a good note. It doesn't need any more episodes.
  • My Theory

    I Have a theory about Arthur the Aardvark... He isn't actually alive.. or really Conscious. He's trapped in a coma ever since Season 2 Episode 14 called Arthurs knee where he fell and hurt his knee he ended up falling into a coma and everything since is a dream. All the characters are in his mind representing the different parts of him. DW being the stupid cock hammer she acts like represents his dark and evil side and is a nemesis for Arthur to destroy, his parents represent any sense of protection he has over anything. Francine represents his determination and ambition in life, Binky represents his desire for control and desire to rule and Buster represents his more relaxed side. Arthurs last name is Read. READ between the lines is what they want us to do. Arthur is truly a very dark show with many complex sides and meanings and vivid imagery. And I have come to realize this through my very own eyes. Thank you arthur. You have saved my life
  • My favorite show and I know it!

    This is awesome for kids. I think you can come watch this show on PBS immediately. People think it is their fan. 10 star shows carry big humor.
  • Alright from what I recall

    Various ep (96-02)
  • I loved this show

    This show had good values, was funny, and educational. This show isn't just for kids, adults can watch it too. It went downhill starting with Season 15 and Season 16 is unwatchable now. The animation is awful and the plots are lazy written. This would get a 10 if it wasn't for Seasons 15 and 16.
  • Perfect for elementry school kids

    Ideal idea of a young peoples show. All I am saying.
  • It went downhill

    Arthur follows the life of a 3rd grader ardvark and his friends.

    Arthur used to be one of the most popular and best PBS kids show. It teaches kids moralistic values and offers advice and education and the show even has a fair amount of humor. The seasons 1-10 episodes were great, the seasons 11-15 episodes were pretty good. Season 16 is poor. The format changed to flash and the episode plots are getting weaker and weaker every episode. I know there are dome cartoons that pulled off flash greatly, but Arthur is the exception, it looks terrible in flash. It seems like everyone is relying on flash for cartoons nowadays. In my opinion, I only like the older episodes of Arthur better, but I'd watch the newest ones over Barney any day. Overall rating: 8.5/10. Season 1-10: 10/10 Season 11-15: 8.4. Season 16-present: 1.5/10
  • What a Wonderful Kind of Show!

    Arthur is probably one of the classic shows anyone can remember! Great cast, great characters, great life lessons! It's amazing!
  • I Had To Change The Title Of This Review Because Of Season 16

    Arthur was one of the greatest educational shows on the planet, but because of the abysmal computer animation in season 16 I have to lower its score. I also noticed in the later episodes the plots started to get weaker and it wasn't as funny. Maybe one day it can be just as good as it was back in its earlier runs and they get rid of the horrible computer animation. (By the way PBS and other animation studios, just because you make your shows and characters colorful and modern doesn't mean that your shows are automatically good)

  • I grew up watching Arthur

    I grew up with this show, but only the older episodes I watched years ago appeal to me. The show now just gives me nightmares, like how it's animated in Flash now. that just pisses me off.
  • Childhood Cartoon

    I love this show. It helped me to get through my childhood. It's also funny and very memorable. Arthur was great from season 1 to season 10, then the show went downhill. I hate the new animation, new characters, and their personalities now. I hate the part that Kate and Pal talks and then make other animals talk too. Overall, it's still a funny show, but only the first 10 seasons.
  • Hi, Anybody have Arthur episode Binky Barnes Art Expert Taped ?

    Hi, I loooved Arthur episode Binky Barnes Art Expert . I need as a favor a copy of it for my class ? write
  • Timeless and Fun!

    I started watching this when I was quite young. I'll admit that I was *too* young to understand the show, and yet I watched it. Maybe for the excellent art and animation. This show absolutely spawned my love of reading and adoration of books, which is why I have my own mini-home-library.

    The characters in Arthur, with the exceptions of D.W. and Muffy, are lovable, relatable, and have realistic and endearing personalities. The colors are excellent, the animation is smooth, and although Arthur's voice actor had to change often as the people voicing him grew up, I never could tell the difference as a kid, and only now do I notice any change - slight as it is. This show has always been a comfort to me, and I watch it quite often even now, at the age of 21. As I say on most of the episodes to eleven-year-olds who claim they "still watch it!", if you were really mature, you'd be able to watch it without your age mattering. Arthur is one of those shows that true fans will never tire of. The characters and situations are mostly believable, and most are likable, too. The music is fun, as well.

    My only issue with this show is that D.W. and Muffy both came off as spoiled, selfish, and relentlessly unpunished, even when they did something wrong.

    On the whole, though, Arthur is most definitely worth watching - each episode features a lesson in giving, sharing, and basic morals, and some go beyond and teach about right and wrong even in the toughest of situations, facing fears, and growing up. Plus, being animated and colorful, it's just fun!
  • The new animators suck!

    I just watched an episode from season 16 and I had to turn it off. Distance shots looked okay, but close up shots made the characters look computer animated, and they moved in an unrealistic way that is completely unlike the old animation studio. I could take the constantly changing, poorly-cast voices, but this is the last straw for me. The animation looks like the new show Daniel Tiger which destroys the wonderful legacy of Mr. Rogers neighborhood with poor animation.
  • Arthur, the amazing show I grew up with is now a bomb.

    I love Arthur. I grew up with the show ever since I was little. This show as so fantastic, how could you not love it? But what I am here to talk about is how disgustingly awful the show has come. I am amazed that this show is canceled despite the newer episodes being so crappy! To me, Arthur ended after Season 11. I think it SHOULD have ended after Season 11! Seasons 1-5 are the best! Seasons 6-8 are great too. Seasons 9 and 10 were okay. Season 11 was disappointing. But when I saw Season 12-15 I just gave up! These new seasons are a joke and insult to the show. I nearly cried I was so bad. Your probably thinking "What a salty fanboy!" I am not trying to sound like one but it is true. Now on to the review.

    Graphics: 0.5/10

    On thing I loved about Arthur was it's artwork and how everything so detailed in the backgrounds. It was like a piece of art. But the graphics in Seasons 12-15 are god awful. Everything is so half-assed and rushed. It's not even funny. Backgrounds look like one solid color. Characters are misproportioned in almost every scene *example* Arthur's head would look too big or he would have chicken legs or even Binky looking skinny in some shots! Shading is very lacking all over. Worst of all, there is so much slowdown whenever they move! The screen just jerks all over the place! It gives me a headache and makes me feel nauseous! Simpsons, Family Guy, Bleach, South Park, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Naruto, and several other cartoons/animes from the 90's or 2000's have gotten better animation. They started out as traditional hand-drawn to digital ink to computer generated animation in HD! So why the hell does Arthur look crapper now? It's no excuse why the animation got crapper. Especially since it's now 2012!

    Sound/Music: 1/10

    Yuck! The music in the new episodes is completely unfitting in the situations. Like playing bluegrass music while showing someone your stuff? Or playing silly music in a serious scene? Not to mention it sounds like awful. The new voices for Arthur, DW, Brain, and several other characters whose voices have been changed are bad acting to the max! The voices do not go with their personality! Arthur sounds like a girl! Even through his previous voice actor was high pitched, at least it sounded like a boy! DW's voice is even more annoying! She screeches alot and sounds like she has a laryngitis. Brain sounds like a girl just like Arthur and he they made him brick stupid too. Tibble Twins voices are the most annoying! Completely awful. Their previous voice actors weren't this high pitched! Oh my god. I can't believe they would allow this bad voicing to be in any show. This makes 4Kids voice acting look like an Oscar award winning actors.

    Storyline: 1/10

    Storylines are unoriginal and have been done before. In fact, they even altered previous events in Arthur! They made all the characters brick stupid and made them all forget everything that ever happen in Arthur! Have they even heard of canon? They sure used canon in all the other seasons of Arthur! Some of the new episode stories are so boring. That I feel like breaking the TV in disgust! All I can say is complete laziness for the story.

    Fun Factor: 0/10

    Arthur was so much fun to watch and entertaining to watch. But these new episodes are so boring and painful to watch that I feel like it is a chore to watch the new episodes. If you see the new episodes from Season 12-15 just avoid it all costs! Bottom line is the show now sucks and it is an insult to my childhood. The End
  • One of the best shows for children!

    Arthur deals with a lot as a geek who loves to read books. He goes on daily adventures with his friends, his sister is an annoying yet compelling brat to watch, and his parents are warm and friendly characters. A real classic for cartoons for kids, Arthur will never die!
  • this is so stupid

    I didn't even want to even a little bit like this but this as far it will go everyone who watches this must be under 5
  • One of my all-time faves!!

    This show was so much fun to watch when I was little, and it still is today! About a boy named Arthur who goes on daily adventures with his friends and family, and they learn things at the same time. Very original, and very funny, this show is one of the survivors of Pbs Kids, ever since some new shows started rolling in. I hope they make more episodes! Even my dad likes this!! And I still have some of the old episodes on tape. Great show! It Deserves a 10/10! And I would write little, but it has to be at least 100 words! 10/10
  • bring back the old voice actors or writers!

    i love the old series of arthur however i dispies the new ones!! Its unbearable i cant sit through and watch the new ones.. why did they replace arthur's new voice with something so squeeky and girly?? Hes the main character you'd think they'd take it into consideration.. idk im very disappointed in the new casting for the character's voices.. arthur, dw sounds horrid, brain, sue ellen, fern and so fourth.. im not sure if they changed muffy's voice but she sounds more high pitched.. glad buster francine binky and the rat burn still have theyre voices though.. and what is up with the whole talking cat, dog (pal) and kate thing? We dont need a rip off of rugrats here.. anyway.. loved the old arthur.. hate the new ones.
  • This was one of my favorite shows growing up,now it's just like what they did to Cyberchase.


    I loved educational shows as a kid,and now most of them suck. However,it's sad to say that one of my favorite educational shows growing up,is now stupid. A.K.A Arthur. The show is based on a set of books by Marc Brown. Now,turning books into shows end up in a terrible result,but this actually wasn't bad. The show is about a young aardvark named Arthur,who goes on adventures with his friends and family. Now,this was actually educational. Unlike Dora or Barney,this had morals that weren't forced on us,or no stupid "Ask the audience" thing. This show had lessons like tell the truth,or care about others. The characters were all great,(well not all),but they were funny. There's Arthur,the young typical main character,Buster,his friend who he hangs out with,Franchine,a sports star who wants to be the best,Brain,a smart kid who did a book report on magnets,and Binky,a kid who acts tough in real life,but just like Harold from Hey Arnold,He's a mama's boy. Now,the show was good,until Cookie JarTv took it over,and ruined it. Now,the voice acting sounds horrible. Arthur sounds like he's lost his puberty. Carl is just a useless character. I mean,of course he's got aspergers syndrome,but seriously,was he really needed. But the old seasons had problems too. And those two problems were D.W and Muffy. Muffy is just a generic rich girl who is such a snob (And said haunakah was less important than christmas,and she called Franchine rude for hanging up),while on the other hand,D.W is just a complete spoiled rotter selfish brat who I would never have as a sister. She thinks she's perfect and all that,but she's always throwing tantrums,treats her friends like garbage,and gets away with all the trouble she has caused. For example,in one episode,she learned to swear,and didn't get in trouble because she didn't know what she was saying,and yet her classmates starting cussing. In another episode,she played a CD a thousand times,and when Arthur threatened to break it,he got grounded and they thought he took D.W's cd. And then in the christmas episode,DW through a tantrum because she didn't get what she wanted,but the parents didn't do anything at all. And then,there was the infamous episode where Arthur punches DW because she broke his model airplane that he told her not to touch,and yet he gets grounded,and DW gets a lecture. The dad even told Arthur that when Binky punched him,he said that "Well,that's how DW felt when you hit her". What is with these parents? They can't decline a spoiled 5 year old who doesn't even know what H20 stands for. What idiots. It's just like Megan getting away with pranking Drake and Josh. Overall,with those problems,I used to like this show,now it sucks. Just watch the original episodes

  • This show is NOT for people over the age of 10! DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW UNLESS YOU'RE AGE 10 OR UNDER!!


    I stopped watching this show even before I was 13! It's not even a suitable show for my future children to watch! Why? Well, for one thing, the music is dumb...Or WAS dumb way back when I used to watch it. And regretfully I did watch a few episodes of this show. But back then, I did not know what a good show was. For another thing, the plots have a tendency to be very much on the dumb side, even for a kids show! They don't really teach kids anything except maybe manners, if they're lucky. Anyway, I remember one episode when the mother recently had a baby and it was one of the worst (if not THE worst) episode of this show I ever saw! Finally, to wrap this up, the acting on the show can be...You guessed it...Downright dumb! Stupid is more like it. And don't even bother watching this show with closed captioning! They have ridiculous phrases in the captions to describe certain things (Such as chuckling stupidly). Really, how does a person 'chuckle stupidly'? Terrible! Just terrible! And even more harrowing is the fact that I know someone who is in their early 20's and they watch this show!

    Gah! I cannot imagine how they can sit through even 1 minute of this show, let alone an entire episode! Now, if you want to teach your children proper manners or anything of the sort, teach them yourself instead of making them sit through this pointlessness they (PBS) calls a 'TV show'. The End.

  • One of the best kids shows of all time.


    A greattransition from book to T.V. The show itself isabout an aardvark with glasses named Arthur, and his pals, as they discover things about friends and growing up. I say,very littleother kid shows blended great morals and lessons with great writing and even witty hilarioushumor. Even adults will find this show fun. There is very little that bring down it's near perfect status. Maybe some stuff in the later seasons, but it's small enough for me to still give this show a 10.

  • a really good show....

    Arthur is one the very few kid shows that actually teach you something. each ep has a very good lesson in it. also, all the characters each have their own unique personality. to me, the show is never repetitive. i hope this show continues for a long time cuz it never gets old. i recommend little kids to watch this instead of the other crappy kids shows that're on tv these days. also, the segment in between each ep('a word from us kids' or somethin like that) is kinda pointless. BTW, Arthur is a great show that the whole family can watch. this concluded my review on "Arthur"
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