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  • It's not just for kids, it's for the whole family

    Few children shows can appeal to everyone of all ages, but Arthur does so in a great manner and is still one of the best kids shows of all time. The series is based on books by Marc Brown, and is about a young aardvark named Arthur as he has adventures and dilemmas with his friends and family. What I love about the show is that even though the show has moral, it has its funny moments in this show as well that can appeal to everyone. I also love that even though the show does harp on the moral a few times in each episode, it is told in such a way that it doesn't feel forced upon on the viewer. The stories are usually about Arthur having a dilemma and he has to figure out how to solve it with help from his friends and family. Sometimes though the episodes focus on the other cast members of the show and their own troubles. Each episode ends with an important life lesson that isn't forced upon viewers. The artwork and animation is great and has gotten better over the years. The characters have great designs to them, the colors are just right, and it has good set designs. I only have three complaints with this show though. One, Arthur's new voice is a little too high and screechy. He sounds like he is going through puberty. Two, the episodes with Pal, Arthur's dog, and Kate, the baby of the family, are completely pointless and seems like a cheap knock off of the Rugrats. I never found them interesting at all. Three, DW annoys the living daylights out of me. Her voice is annoying and loud, she loves to yell and throw temper tantrums when things don't go her way, and she never lets go of stuff like her snowball going away. It was fine the first few times, but it got annoying very fast. I am surprised to see this show still on and I have no problem with it, other than those three complaints. Compare this show to the rest of the so called "kids show hits" like Dora the Explorer, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and so on, and you will see that they have nothing on Arthur. If you are looking for an educational TV show that can appeal to everyone, then this is the show for you. This isn't just a kids show, it's a fun show for all.
  • Im to old now.

    This was my favorite show when I was like 5. I dont watch this show anymore because im waaaaaay to old now. I doubt if anyone my age watches this show. The last time I watched this show was a loooooong time ago. I do though recomend younger viewrs to watch this show.
  • Ah…a classic show that I've loved since I was a little girl.

    Wow, Arthur sure has been running for a long time-over a decade-and I've been going with it since its premiere date. Yes, I was only two, but I've watched Arthur ever since the first episode. I loved it when I was a little kid, and I watch the old episodes mainly for the memories. Arthur has many realistic scenarios that are made in an entertaining way so that it's relatable, but fun to watch. To me, the show has just the right amount of humor and originality to make this show enjoyable. Usually, I find these kinds of things boring, but for some reason, Arthur isn't. I'm glad that each of the characters has their own personality, and the producers aren't dependent on stereotypes to create their characters. I think I'm mostly like Fern because she and I are both quiet, and love reading and writing, but I think my favorite character is Binky because he's the funniest one. The show is never repetitive and most of the episodes are completely original. But, even then, I feel this show has gone slightly downhill. I hate their new voices, especially Arthur's, Sue Ellen's, and the Brain's voices. Muffy's, Buster's, Francine's, and Binky's voices haven't changed-yet-thank God. Plus, there's something about the older episodes that are more enjoyable. I don't know if it's because it brings back more memories, but, to me, the new ones are missing something. Still, there have been a lot of new episodes I like: Prunella's special edition, When George met Carl, the Great McGrady, World Girls, Spoiled Rotten, and a few more. But some of them-especially "On this Spot," which is my least favorite episode-have been boring. Even then, Arthur will be another show that I will watch from its start until its end.
  • Well it used to ones suck

    This show was great when it first started it had relatable storylines, funny characters, and it was one of the only little kid shows my parents could actually stand to watch with me. But now the whole story focuses on one character usually a minor one and the problem is some lame thing every kids show deals with. The new voices are also terrible Arthurs is like a 2 year old girl, I have no idea why they thought it was a good replacement its not even close to what it used to be same with Sue Ellen her voice causes me great agony it's like a screw driver in the ear.
  • Definitely on my favorite cartoons list.

    Arthur stars a kid named, well Arthur, who is an Aardvark, and he goes to school with his friends Buster Baxter, who is a rabbit. There are also other characters like Arthur's tough but still cool 3rd grade teacher, Mr. Ratburn. Also, there are some girls Arthur sometimes hangs around with, and their names are Francine and Muffy. I think this show is great and has nice and lovable characters. Arthur is one cool kid, he also lives with a nice family, he has a little sister that goes by the name of Dora Winnifred, but everybody just calls her D.W. for short. So again this show will always be on my most favorite shows list, as its a very entertaining and classic cartoon show, I used to watch this all the time when I was a kid, and back then I remember some of those episodes, I loved them very much and they, of course, were golden episodes with excellent plots fomr the 1990's. I recommend watching this show to learn some good lessons, as it is a very informative kids show. Its also good to watch for good enjoyment, and to see good plots and characters. I thought Binky was a very funny character to the show. This show is a great animated children's show from the 1990's, its definitely worth watching when you have the time, I believe this show is on the PBS Kids tv station.
  • Ah...a show that I loved when I was a kid, and still love today!

    Boy, Arthur has been running for quite sometime, but I'm not surprised it's gone on for so long. Arthur's a really cool, clever, realistic, and funny show. It isn't really exciting and it's not as funny as a lot of the other shows I watch, but there's something I love about this show. I think probably because I can relate to so much. It also brings back so many great memories from when I was a child, and I try to watch Arthur as much as I can. There's only been really 1 or 2 episodes from this show I haven't liked, but I don't hate any episodes. Arthur is also a very funny show sometimes, and can really make me life. It also deals with some problems that regular children face, such as sharing a room with their sister, (that goes mostly for me, lol) having a pet who's sick, loosing something or someone you love in death, and numerous other stuff that I've dealt with before. A lot of my friends who watch Athur describe me as a mixture of Francine-because I'm a tomboy-Fern-because I like to write books and read and can be on the shy side-and also Buster because I can be lazy and love to eat. I think my favorite character would have to be Binky, because he can be a bully sometimes, but he can also be really nice, and most of the time he makes really funny jokes. Arthur is truly one of those shows that I don't think I'll ever grow out of, no matter how old I am. I would recommend this show to everyone, cause I think it's a really great series. Grade: 100/100!
  • Arthur is one of the few kid's shows that I still find brilliant.

    Great, great show. I was hooked ever since I was little and "Arthur's Eyes" came out. Great episodes, with lots of emotion, humour, and aliens (well, the first two anyway). The characters in Arthur are both easy to relate to and easy to enjoy watching: We all knew a person in our lives who believed in aliens (Buster), was a big fish in a small pond (Brain), was a tough teacher on the outside but a kind person on the inside (Nigel Ratburn), and of course, there's that dad that everyone wants to have (Oliver Frensky). I can't comprehend who wouldn't love this show. It's brilliant in so many ways, and I plan on watching it till I'm 85, at least.
  • A pretty good show.

    This show is kind of a one that I pretty much like.But it needs to not stick to the parody things it has.It needs improvment and it should had been a one where the kids get some help from this show.Of course that it should do better at getting real attention and it's pretty good at being those childish shows.I will say that this show has to do better at grabbing attention and it is pretty much the best childish show ever made.I kind of like this show and I give it a B because it did good and best.
  • good show for young kids

    Arthur is a great show for younger kids. The show is about a young boy (aardvark) named Arthur who goes to elementary school, being taught by Mr.Ratburn, the strict but caring teacher. His home life is some what chaotic due to his younger sister DW. The show is mostly about Arthur, his best friend Buster, and his other friends from elementary school learning helpful life lessons. I would recommend this show to parents looking for something for their younger children to watch. I used to watch the show, and even read some of the books about Arthur, when i was younger.
  • "Arthur" is one of the best children's animated series ever created in a long time. Unlike kids cartoons today, Arthur episodes were realistic and entertaining. Many kids could even relate to him and many of the favorite supporting characters.

    I watched this show everyday as long I can remember. Each episode dealt with problems and situations other people have everyday. I think this is the reason why I love this show so much. Unlike most children's shows today, each character has his/her own unique personality and flaws. I just hate it when the producers changes Arthur's voice actor every few seasons. I like his first voice actor.
    Besides that it is a great show not just for children but for the whole family. Thank you Marc Brown for giving us a TV show and books that everyone can enjoy.
  • There's just something about Arthur...

    I don't know what it is about this show, but it's one of my favorites. All it's about is a kid trying to deal with every day problems. What is it about this show? I dunno. Normally, shows like this, don't last very long. But this has (over 12 years!) And, usually I'd be bored with something like this, but I tune in every day to catch this show. It deals with problems we all go through and I guess what makes it popular like it is, is because it makes us feel normal, like what we go through, other people are going through too. Obviously, this show isn't all that realistic, but it is for the most part. This show is hilarious and is a classic. I hope that it'll stay on for as long as it cans!
  • The Backstreet Boys!!!

    I loved this episode so much especially because my favorite boy band The Backstreet Boys were in the episode.Nick was so hot in the episode.Muffy on the other hand likes the same person.It was a little boring to watch through the part where they argue about what to do for the band.It was also kind of funny to watch through it.I loved the music in the show.I had no idea Fern could sing.This episode also thaugh me teamwork and how to work as a team.I think both Francine and Fern both learned a valuable lesson from all this.Muffy also got what she wanted and that is meeting the Backstreet Boys especially Nick Carter which is my most favorite Backstreet Boy.I am also glad they learned to get along.
  • One of my favourites from when I was younger, which I still enjoy watching now.

    This is one of my favourites, and I like it because it was funny, and the fact that it teaches lessons doesn't bother me. I like it because it has a sense of reality. 3rd grade kids, including Arthur, Buster, Francine, Muffy and Sue Ellen dealing with life's lessons is the basis for a great show. It doesn't matter if Arthur is an aardvark, it still reminds me of how it was when I was a kid, how I was taught about life. What interested me as well is the varying personalities of both major and minor characters. Take for example, while Francine is a tomboy, Muffy is a pretty much spoiled girl, Binky acts as a bully, D.W. is the annoying little sister, and so on. There are distinctive qualities in all the characters, even the minor characters. That is what makes all the episodes special. This gives a good base so that the main character of that particular episode is not always Arthur. And because of their qualities, each character has at least one lesson to learn. Each lesson is different.

    To sum up, there are plenty of funny moments, so it's good for a laugh. But, even if this is a kid show, it's still something I want to watch, to reminisce back to the days when I saw it first.
  • This is one of the best classic 90's cartoons eva!

    Arthur! This was one of the best shows ever that was so much like real life and I miss this show so bad. *Cries* Okay I'm done now! Sorry just some drama, I mean, I really do miss this show on PBS Kids. Arthur and his friends families being shown made this a great family show that I think anyone at any age can enjoy. (The reason I said PBS Kids was that I don't think I have that channel/station anymore.) Please don't tell me this show just ended... I see that the last episode was November 3rd so... I hope they have some new episodes soon if this show wasn't canceled.
    So many great episodes and Arthur survivng a hard 3rd grade year, a perfect blend of school settings and home settings (and settings at other places like outside at parks or something) was what made this a show a pure gold one from the olden days of the last decade. Long live Arthur! I love the characters and the parents, In fact, this show is so popular that it made hit computer games! Nice to see that this show made it well over ten years at least! This was a very popular show, but if it ended now, then this same fate could happen to SpongeBob where it can only make it twelve years without it being canceled. The same fate already happened I know to Garfield and Friends. Its a shame all these great olden days shows from the last decade are being canceled because the producers ran out of ideas. Darn, I guess that means no show can last forever, but hey amazing shows like this should at least show fabulous reruns at a lot of times a day for A LOT more time to come!
  • My friend told me about this show and i love it now. My kids think i watch it for them, but i would watch it without them any day anyway

    My friend told me about this show and i love it now. My kids think i watch it for them, but i would watch it without them any day any way arthur is about an ardvaark boy named arthur who goes through life as a kid.the show focuses on a lot of subjects,such as bullies,moving to a new place,sibling rivalry, school etc. It teaches our children about important issuses. I personly L O V E arthur. It is my favorite cartoon on P. b. s. and it is clear why. I wish they'd show the rareley seen episodes more often though.
  • cool show

    Hi everyone! Arthur is a phenomenal show with characters that are brilliant. Arthur and DW and Kate And Mom And Dad And Buster And Francine And Muffy And Brain And Binky And Mr. Ratburn And Mr. Haney And Mr. Crosswire And Mrs. Crosswire and Mr. Frensky and Mrs. Frensky and George and Bitsy And Fern and Fern's mom And Wally and Tommy and Timmy and Ms. Morgan And Mr. Barnes and Mrs. Barnes and Pal and Emily are all I can name now. The plot and every episode teaches children lessons about school, friends, family, teamwork and cooperation. This is one of the best kid shows on the entire world.
  • One of my favorite show when I was young.

    Since I'm older than the regular age group, I'll try to keep this review as good as possible. I watched this in elementry, well, pretty much everyone did. Our library also had Arthur books,which helped me get into reading a lot of chapter books. I'm not sure how the show is going now, but I'm pretty sure it's still good. The art on the show is okay, not anything too crazy, just normal. Everyone had a unique personality, which makes a lot of the episodes more interesting. They go through real life problems, such as peer pressure. This was one of my favorite shows on PBS. It's a great show for kids.
  • Arthur is a children's show, but don't let that label stand in the way. In my opinion, it can be enjoyed by all age groups because Arthur is packed with clever and funny satirical parodies of pop culture, giving something for older views to enjoy.

    For me, "Arthur" has been a show that I have watched since I was a little girl. Some may say that this is their "guilty pleasure"; well, I am not guilty about watching this at all, no matter what age, haha. "Arthur" is a well-done show that not only provides an educational aspect, but is one that is extremely clever, funny, and loveable. "Arthur" promotes good values, all while being very entertaining, and relateable. As well, "Arthur" includes hilarious satirical parodies of some of the most famous shows in pop culture, including: South Park, The Sopranos, Beavis and Butt-head, the Indiana Jones adventures, the James Bond series of films, and Oprah- and plays off of other children's shows like "The Magic School Bus". "Arthur" has even hosted some famous people on the show; Art Garfunkel, Fred Rogers, Michelle Kwan, Joshua Redman, Koko Taylor, The Backstreet Boys, Yo-Yo Ma, Johnny Damon, Alex Trebek, Matt Damon and Frank Gehry. I don't know about you, but I don't mind admitting that I watch this show almost every day when I come home. Quality TV.
  • "Arthur" is the new "Peanuts" Don't let the PBS Kids label fool you--"Arthur" is really a show for grownups that children can enjoy as well.

    The writers constantly throw in witty cultural and pop cultural references that the kids (and many adults) don't catch. Here's an incomplete list of references/spoofs from the latest season (7) alone:

    "Alan Greenspaniel" extolling the virtues of the "sock market" The famous artist "Andy Warthog" Dr. Phil MacGraw "Waiting for Godot" (Binky and Brain wait a long, long, long time to be picked up, while subsisting on carrots and turnips) A combined "Back to the Future"/"Bill and Ted" spoof N'SYNC Muffy the Vampire Slayer And everybody's favorite, Harry Potter.

    Not to mention appearances by Larry King, the Backstreet Boys, and those guys from Car Talk. Seriously, it's becoming the "Simpsons" of public TV.

    Some notable moments from previous seasons (again, incomplete):

    A Teletubbies spoof that has them reciting Shakespeare. The poet William Carlos Williams shouting, "Free verse! Free verse!" "I am educational...I am educational..." "Is there someone inside your head watching everything you do on TV?" "The Contest"...a tour de force featuring spoofs of South Park, Dexter's Lab, and WWF. Bionic Bunny vs. Elias Howe. Yo-Yo Ma and Joshua Redman in the same episode. The Spinach Heads. "Nancy Drew gets criminals to confess by wearing attractive pastels." Jekyll Jekyll Hyde Jekyll Hyde Hyde Jekyll... "It's like being dead, only there's homework." Hound. James Hound. "Initials? That's it? Didn't you give the kid a full name?" Buster's "Planet of the Apes" reverie. An introductory narration directly lifted from Boris Karloff's "Frankenstein" ("This story will thrill you and shock you...").

    This show is great fun for everyone. I hope the high level of quality continues, and that the writers continue to come up with great ideas.
  • arthur is about an ardvaark boy named arthur who goes through life as a kid.the show focuses on a lot of subjects,such as bullies,moving to a new place,sibling rivalry,and much more.i really recommend this show!!you watch it over and over again!!

    arthur is about an ardvaark boy named arthur who goes through life as a kid.the show focuses on a loot of subjects,such as bullies,moving to a new place,sibling rivalry,and much more!!arthur is about an ardvaark boy named arthur who goes through life as a kid.the show focuses on a loot of subjects,such as bullies,moving to a new place,sibling rivalry,and mucharthur is about an ardvaark boy named arthur who goes through life as a kid.the show focuses on a loot of subjects,such as bullies,moving to a new place,sibling rivalry,and much more. more.arthur is about an ardvaark boy named arthur who goes through life as a kid.the show focuses on a loot of subjects,such as bullies,moving to a new place,sibling rivalry,and much more.
  • Guilty pleasure not in a bad way but because I'm way above the age group.

    I like this show truthfully ever since I was a little kid. We all have a child inside us and can't help to not let go of our childhood favourites unless they were really stupid. Most little kids love tv shows with animals in them especially if they are talking ones. I did. If this was on for years and years and years I would still watch it with my children if ever I had any. I think this show is a good one and not a bad influence on young children because it has good morals at the end of the show.
  • i remember when i used to watch this...

    when i was little i used to watch this all the time. but i cant believe they are still making more episodes. sometimes when im bored i pass the channel to channel 13 and watch arthur. last time i saw it was yesterday so thats what reminded me to write a review. wow i still cant believe they are still going at it with making more episodes. if im not wrong i did see the latest episode was like number 1010 about binky. dam i cant believe they pass 1000 episodes. maybe they should just end the series. so many new shows are showing that are better than arthur...
  • It's a good show then...

    ...and a good show now! I mean, yeah, their about a regular kid in regular situations, but they are ANIMALS! Even if they DO suck, it's still intresting! But, it does not suck! The characters are unique in a sence, the storilines actually make me go back to the past. This was, possibly, one of the ONLY shows I would watch if I didn't have cable. This is the truth! Oh, and the voice acting, thought not Tara Strong material, or James Taylor awsome, was pretty original and has made my earaches heal. It's that good!
    The only two problems were
    1) The theme song. God, I really hate Jamacian Music! (except for enchanted)
    2) They don't make new episodes.

    I really don't wanna lose my cable, but I don't want this off PBS. This. Is. Wicked! Well, not wicked, but it's intresting in my eyes.
  • It's about an aardvark and his family making his way in the world with friends.

    This show is great. I used to watch it all the time when I was little and I still sometimes watch it. Pure entertainment for young kids! I was actually very upset when it got canceled, and replaced by other shows that aren't NEARLY as great. It teaches how to get along with friends, and solving everyday problems. It actually taught me how to spell aardvark! Overall, it's a great show for little kids AND adults of the same kind. I'm 17 and I still watch it! I truely think that some of the shows today could learn from Arthur. Great Job!
  • Straight up dope.

    I'm 13 and I for one am not ashamed of saying I watch it. It brings back memories. And of course my favorite character is Buster (the food addiction's totally me) but yeah. I mean come on. The whole show is great and educational for children. And I like it when stuff is educational and as you get older you can still watch it. I can relate to Arthur and D.W. so much cause I'm an older brother with a little brother who annoys me just as bad as D.w. Anywho, this show is da bomb and I'll keep watching it till I die.
  • arthur is a kids show that teaches kids every day things using an aardvark and his friends as examples

    ok yes most of u who know me know that i am 19 yrs old..i dont watch arthur anymore (except for that week during spring break where my 8 yr old cousin was here) but have u noticed how most kids dont watch those shows on pbs anymore instead they watch nick and cartoon network and disney all the time..they dont like educational shows anymore..anyways when i got to the right age this was like my fav show..i watched it every day and i always learned so much..this is what i want back on tv for the generation today..but no! well dont get me started..i loved this show and i would watch it again
  • Brings Back Memories.

    I have been watching Arthur since I was really, really young and I have not stopped watching it since. Arthur is a really great show. There are lots of funny parts and they always make me laugh. This show deals with everyday life problems in a fun way. It could be the littlest things, like getting a puppy or being scared of something. However, over the years, the characters have gone threw dramatic changes, especially in their voices. Muffy has becomed more snobby and DW has become a spoiled brat. Arthur went from this normal boy with a normal sounding voice to a guy with a combo of a girl/boy voice. I really hate his new voice. But, I still like this show. It's a good thing thing to watch for memories.
  • Arthur is a 3rd grader who has many reliable friends and deals with real-life situations and learns lessons from them. he lives in Elwood city and often hangs out at the Sugar Bowl for ice cream. Arthur constantly puts up with his with sister, D.W.

    This was my favorite tv show on kpbs as a kid. Especially when i was a 3rd grader myself; i used to watch this all the time and still do because it gives a feel-good feeling inside and sometimes makes you wish you were there with Arthur. The first several seasons were just awesome as well as the movies and holiday specials. Arthur is one of the few shows that i actually bought books for because reading them is like watching the show, except inside your head which is cool to think about. I hope Arthur is released season dvds because i will definitely buy them.
  • The hit American educational TV series based on the books. Arthur is a winner.

    Arthur is the cult animted hit about Arthur; a young, Aardvark who lives in the town of Elwood City enhabited by human - like animals, each episode is split into two, 11 minute stories and a lot of them deal with modern day issues and how to overcome them but overall they deal with Arthur's daily interactions with his peers and family.

    As i watch this, i can't help but think of the book "Animal Farm" where a civilization is ruled by intelligent animals and it's shown that they're just like humans. This allegorical approach of Arthur is very effective and amusing and you'll find a paradox where there're actual animals in the Arthur's animal world which can often get confusing. The issues that are tackled in this series range from small things like exclusion, getting used to new things and peer pressure and also huge topics like saying "goodbye", divorce and pregnancy. There's also been depictions of medical conditions like broken legs, asthma and perhaps more seriously blindness. These issues are reminiscent of the way Sesame Street would make them easy for kids to understand so they can overcome it themselves but unlike Sesame Street it's not given such a dramatic portrayal rather the concerns are handled more lightly as if to tell kids that it's not as bad as it seems. Although Arthur is directed primarily toward a child audience, over the years it has gained a substantial cult following among older viewers. The show regularly incorporates satirical parodies of adult-oriented topics and references to pop culture, including parodies of South Park, The Sopranos, Beavis and Butt-head, Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, The Jerry Springer Show, Oprah and Law & Order. Although it doesn't go out of its way to please both demographics. Although Arthur is the key player in the series, at this point there have been 6 episodes in which he doesn't appear and many others where the plot revolves around someone else and he gets just a cameo. Thanks to this; we're given a chance to see all the characters develop and grow but after 10 or so years, we've yet to see any of them become actual adults.

    The drawing on this show is OK; the backgrounds are very detailed but because of this the frame rate is often chuggy and the characters look a little sketchy. There've been many voice artists come and go as many characters but it's hard to tell the difference (Except with the changes of voice actor on Arthur and Brain where it's pretty clear) and they put their heart in it.

    Arthur is an excellent TV series that has perfected the education and entertainment of children.
  • great show, loved it when I was little.

    Ah, Arthur, Arthur, Arthur. I remember running back from school to get there just in time to see you. I loved the Christmas specials, the books were great, once again one of the shows that has influenced me greatley to become an animator, cartoonist, director, voice artist, and writer, nd every now and again when ever I need to do comic, web episode, or movie scene that's greatly written and has a moral, I might go to Arthur and watch an episode or two. Any way this show is great, it's what 10? 11 seasons old? Wow, a very good show.
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