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  • Arthur Read, the spectacular bespectacled aardvark stars in this children's series about growing up.

    Arthur is my most favorited little childhood series. I don't know the reason but Arthur can just make me smile. It's a kind of show that automatically makes you smile even when you are in the darkest of moods. It's a great show! Arthur is very well created and written. At first I thought he was a bear or something. It wasn't long I found out that he was a aardvark. I mean I didn't even know what that was. Arthur is an terrific and amazingly long lasting. It's 2008 and this aired in 1996. I know it's not very long it's just a nice series. Arthur is a 7/10.
  • Old favorite...I still watch!

    Arthur has always been one of my favorite shows...ever. I love all of the characters, each episode has a great plot...everything about it is just amazing. It also teaches so many lessons that kids need to learn, like honesty and compassion and the importance of diversity...a lot of things I know now have come from that show XD. I have only one concern...if the characters are all animals, why do they have pets? More importantly, why does one animal species serve as both a talking character and a pet? I'm talking about dogs: Fern walks on two legs, talks, goes to school just like Arthur and she is a dog. And then there's Pal....XD

    I love this show a whole lot! it's my fifth favorite show. 1. the simpsons
    2. futurama
    3. family guy
    4. spongebob squarepants
    5. Arthur
    and so on and so on. each episode is interesting and long, even though it's a kid show it's still great. I'd even change the simpsons to see the show if I already seen the episode that is on. I wish they would show the show more cause I never see it on t.v anymore. there's also two shorts in every episode except for the two parters, so it's like 294 episodes (minus the two parter's). so whoever is reading this and hates arthur, give it a chance, you might like it a how lot.
  • This show is about a lovable aardvark, arthur, and his friends. It's about growing up and the challenges and decisions we face while doing it. This show always has a moral and helps kids try to decide whats right while entertaining them.

    I absolutely adore this show. I've watched it since I was little and always enjoyed it. I have seen some of the new ones, however, and i must say i am disappointed. The old ones are definitely the best and always kept me entertained. the stories are really cute and show arthur and his friends in real-life situations. It is absolutely a better choice of kids shows compared to some of the shows nowadays, which have disrespectful children or neglectful parents. Arthur always shared a lesson or showed how one of the characters dealt with a certain struggle and showed good morals. Two thumbs up for this excellent kid's show!
  • solved all of my childhood problems!

    A show that I started watching religiously after a while. It is an amazing show that solves problems that children face daily. And they put the problem into a child's perception which makes it easier for children to understand. This show is very entertaining, and no re-run has ever gotten old! Arthur makes you feel like you are part of the Read family, and friends with all of Arthur's friends! It is a show that I watch to relax and have a little entertainment before going to my homework. The show has some hilarous times, and some very sad times. But the show is awesome and something I would never ever change the channel for!
  • This stands out compared to other kids shows.

    This show is about an aardvark and his friends coming across life issues and situations. This show stands out. It's actually like a real show. When you watch it, the charecters learn, that makes you learn also. What's good about this show is that it doesn't matter how old you are, you'll still like it. I've been watching 'Arthur' since it first came on in 1995. I haven't missed a single episode. And I still watch it to this day and so does my 17 year old cousin. It has it's funny moments, and sad moments, but it all comes together at the end. And if you're old and still like it, that's great. A lot of kids in my class still like it and they don't get laughed at.
  • A great childhood memory-

    To admit I am going to be 20 and I still want to watch this series should put me to shame...Should it truly?

    I have to say that, even though some people disliked this series, it was one of those series we could relate when we were a child or simply contemplating on our past younger years. The first few seasons were simply entertaining and as the years flew by,the newer episodes showed a bit more maturity.

    To say that one of my teacher in Illustration DESIGNED D.W., it has been an honor to even know the man. I loved how the creators of this show were able to make the viewers hate or dislike certain personalities in the shows' cast.

    How we hate when D.W. just screams, yells or even her voice can annoy us. The fact that Muffy is so spoiled that she is your typical person everyone admires and hates at the same time, heck everyone probably KNEW a person exactly like her probably when they were in grade school.

    I also appreciated how the show dealt with serious issues as well, not preachingly, but more like how life's situations can be. First crush, COOTIES, best friend lying, loneliness, moving away and more.

    Definitely must buy for anyone who wants their kids not brought up in ignorance.
  • cute, interesting and good!

    this show isn't like other shows that are designed for younger kids, it appeals to older adiences to! There are stuff on it that kind of attracts me, I'm not sure though. arthur is a show about an 8 year old who go's through situations like having a tough teacher, being bullied and even sibilings that are hard to deal with. My favorite character is D.W., I know shr is quite a brat sometimes, but she is quite smart for her age and I just like her for that. I sort of seems odd that they make like 10 episodes and show the all at one time and make another 10 episodes and show them all at one time next year and just to the same cycle over and over again. So what I'm saying is, it is a great younger kid show that appeals to older people.
  • Iss a good show.

    I like Arthur. Its a good show. So what if im not little. Arthur is for everyone, well, In my opinion it is. I dont care what people have to say about me watching this show, so what if it's kiddy, I love it! This is probably the best show on PBS Kids! Arthur is such a great show. Iss about dis kid named arthur, hence the name, and he is in the third grade. He learns more about being a kid and the goods and bads of it. He learns lessons and sometimes, he is the one teaching them. Artur is a really good show!
  • i have been watching since i was 4 im 14 now

    i still love the shows ! even if i am fourteen lol . the shows are great they teach an important leason in each one . i watch them monday thur friday not wedsday or sunday there not on at 4:30 . i have probally watch all the old episonds and watching the new ones they sound diffrent but i still love them just as much . the whole gang is still on the show aurther , dw , buster , francen , muffy , alan aka the brain , the tommy , timmy , baby kate, mom , dad , grandma thora , sue ellan , binkey , mr. ratbur, mr,hanny, and pal! i encoarage little and big kids to watch this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Arthur Is The Story Of A Aardvark, Who Embarks On The Journey Of Growing Up, Common Everyday Problems Are Dealt With In A Informative And Funny Way.

    I Like Arthur, He's Clever, Funny And He Has Buster As His Best Mate, What More Could You Wish For?
    Everyday, Arthur Faces A New Problem, Whether Its His Little Sister D.W. Or School Or His Friends, He Always Manages To Sort It Out. I've Watched Arthur For Years And I Still Love It! It's A Funny Show With Entertaining Characters Such As: Arthur,D.W.,Kate (Arthur Has 2 Little Sisters), Francine, Muffy, Buster, Binky, George The Moose, Mr Ratburn, Arthur's Mum And Dad, Grandma Thora And Many More, A Great Show, Makes Me Laugh!
    Although Some People May Find It A Bit Childish, It's Still Great!
  • Going down hill.

    I used to love this show but now........
    For example, the voices are way different. The different charecter voices are The brain, Arthur, D.W, George, and Francine. And the plot lines are BBBOOORRRIIINNNGGG! I mean come on. And the episode where they adopt a baby from China sounds like a rip off of Kim Possible.
    And alot of episode ideas are rip offs.
    When Buster is afraid of germs is stolen from a Hey Arnold episode. I hate the episodes when Kate and Pal talk. Pal sounds British. If they want Kate to talk, then have her say her first word. Duh!
    This show will likely be canceled.
    I just miss the old episodes.
  • I love this show watch i

    its good for everyone if your real or not

    Everyone must watch this great show ots good

    I reember Everything never let this go
    give it
    a chance you might like it
    try watching it
    Please anyone who liked clifford the big red dog or reading rainbow
    or kids songs or the big coffie coah will like this

    its good for your kids its good for young teens

    its good for just about anyone
    in the whole world
    so Please watch it after a while your gonna like
    maybe love it or some type of good feelings like them about the show
    watch it watch it watch it watchit thank you very
  • absolutely perfect for any audience, wether its kids coming home from school or, or their parents who wont get bored while sitting and watching with their kids...or a bored teenager who secretly knows that they still hasnt grown out of watching the show

    absolutely perfect for any audience, wether its kids coming home from school or, or their parents who wont get bored while sitting and watching with their kids...or a bored teenager who secretly knows that they still hasnt grown out of watching the show

    absolutely perfect for any audience, wether its kids coming home from school or, or their parents who wont get bored while sitting and watching with their kids...or a bored teenager who secretly knows that they still hasnt grown out of watching the show

    absolutely perfect for any audience, wether its kids coming home from school or, or their parents who wont get bored while sitting and watching with their kids...or a bored teenager who secretly knows that they still hasnt grown out of watching the show
  • It's got good morals, but mixes in a bit of humor at the same time.

    I watched this show when I was younger, and I loved it. It tackled everyday situations, yet mixed in some humor. After awhile, it seemed to get kinda repetitive with all the reruns. I occasionally watch it, but I've noticed how Arthur's voice changed into more of a feminine tone... (*cough*) If you look at the spin-off 'Postcards from Buster', you'll notice how it kinda went downhill. I'm gonna be sad when the show ends September 7th, but I hope I'll still be able to watch some NEW reruns instead of the same overused ones. Overall, good show for kids 1st grade through 3rd.
  • This is one of the all time greats

    I've watched it since i was six best show ever!!!
    Arthur is a great show for everyone I've watched it ever since its been on and every time I see an episod it makes my laugh at the same stuff even after I"ve seen it tons of times. The reason I watch this show is becuase of D.W she is the best character she's loud, bossy, and always is saying funny things. Thats why gave this show a ten becuase of D.W if it didn't have D.W on it then it wouldn't be worth watching. P.S
    This is my first post whoo hoo me. ! ! ! ! ! !
  • Arthur the aardvark just deals with daily life and problems with school, friends and family.

    Arthur is probably the best children's show around. It doesn't ask you "what shape is this?" or help you learn to count, but it deals with the real life problems that children and even adults face. I've watched this ever since I was a little kid, and now that I think about it, I've probably used a lot of their advice in my real life. Example: there was an episode where Buster held a grudge against Binky for telling his joke. It taught me that holding grudges forever will just make your life miserable. You have to learn to forgive and forget. I love this show, and I think I'll still be watching this in 10 years.
  • Definitely one of my favorite children shows.

    Arthur is a wonderful kids show. Like I said in the summary, it's definitely one of the best kids shows ever made. The main character is Arthur (duh!) and his best friend is named Buster Baxter. I still remember what my favorite episode was from when I first saw this show. Arthur's Lost Library Book. I used to be scared of it, but now it's my favorite episode. This show is developed from Marc Brown's books called Arthur. I have a lot of them and my little brothers love them. I used to love them too. I still have some of the VHS's from a long time ago.
  • a great kids show for adults and older kids too, it tackles the most common topics of elementary AND teenage life and shows some great ways to figure out issues: Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide for elementary school.

    I've grown up with this amazing show and now at age 16 i still watch it because it is so great! one of my favorite things is that its not strictly for kids, the writers always seem to put some hilarious things in that only older kids and adults would know, and thats what keeps me coming back. even though they are only in third grad Arthur and his friends come across more difficulties and important life issues than a regular kid goes through in their entire school career. with topics like allergies, cell phone use, parties, homework, stealing, family members, pets,vacations, politics, jobs, money, teachers, to name a few they accomplish their goal to prepare children for upcoming school life and things they might come across in their own life. i for one cant wait for the next episodes to come out and i love all of the characters because they share the common traits of what each grade has. Mary Alice crosswire : the rich popular girl(i know exactly who that is in my grade) Francine: the tom girl athlete, Arthur: the regular kid, Brain: smart kid and so on each character is unique and they have their own complexities and they bring in almost every demographic its an amazing show.
  • Just great and one the best kid shows out there.

    I think this show is crazy awesome.Marc Brown could have gone any further then he did with Arthur.It about a boy who goes through whole bunch of stuff or issue and is faced with them.He has his best friend there Buster.Who is crazy about Alien and food.Arthur has an understanding mom and dad.That shows kids a lot.That your parents are there to help you.Just as much as your friends as well.He has own pet by name of PAL.And has "annoying" little sister named D.W.This show is great show to watch at any age because it that of great show.I can tell you for a fact after every episode you can learn something new.Great for YOU to watch with family or friends.
  • Soooooooo cute

    Arthur rocks. Period, End of Sentence. I don't care if I get teased but I used to watch this when I was 5 and I still do and it's so cute. It teaches people respect and courtesy. I love this show and it comes on every day at 3:30 pm. I like the one when Arthur loses his library book and he's having nightmares! I also like the one when Francine wants a new hair do, but her temptation for playing kickball makes her new hair get all dirty. I sound like such a little kid but I don't care.
  • The fun of small town life for a group of friends.

    I might be considered an "adult", but I've liked this cartoon since its debut in ’96. Being on PBS it’s a very educational show, while still being very entertaining. You can really relate to the issues the kids deal with, and are brought back to your own childhood as you remember what life was like for you when you were dealing with those same issues. Some issues are comical like life with a new baby to wanting to grow up faster, while others are more serious like the consequences of stealing something to aging grandparents. Arthur lives with his parents and his 4 year old sister D.W. (short for Dora Winnefred), baby sister Kate, and puppy Pal. He and his friends are all 8/9, and most are in Mr. Ratburn’s 3’d grade class at Lakewood Elementary. His friends all come from different backgrounds and family situations, and they share a great tree house where they like to hang out a lot. They’ve had a lot of adventures over the last 10 years, and to my knowledge, it’s still going strong.
  • Arthur Read, the spectacular aardvark stars in this children's series about growing up. Typical childhood problems such as bratty siblings, schoolyard bullies and classroom cliques are addressed by this popular program.

    I can't believe I'm still watching this show, but I love it!! The only time I really watch it is in the mornings before I go to school, and sometimes after school. It's really a cute show. It has great characters,plots, and teaches great little lessons especially for kids. I love all the espisodes and stories. This show is funny, and very happy. It's got adventure, and anything else you'd like. I really like the new episodes that are on, because I have seen all of the old ones. I wish the voices were still the same though. So yeah that's what I have to say about the show Arthur.Arthur returns for an eleventh season with new episodes beginning on June 25, 2007. Five episodes are scheduled for that week.
  • I can't believe i still like this show.

    Okay this show is about an boy who deals with kinda dumb stuff but its entertaining. DW is my favorite character because shes a little brat but shes so fun with it though. But if she was in my family she would get out of acting like that real quick. I wish she would do some of the things she did to arthur because i would beat her up i really would and enjoy every minute of it. The parents were way to easy i can't believe there even worthy of that title. The grandma was pretty cool to me.
  • Arthur and his friends.

    Arthur Read is an ordinary 8 year old kid with most problems kids his age will face. At school, Arthur and his friends get lots of homework and his teacher is Mr. Ratburn. Arthur lives in Elwood City. Arthur's friends are Buster, a pig, Francine, a tom-boy, and Muffy, an airhead. Arthur's parents won't let him see PG-13 movies. Arthur has a little sister, D.W., who has a friends named Nadine. Arthur is an aardvark. I recommend Arthur to audiences aged 5-10, but it's also appropriate for all ages.
  • It is definitely my favorite show on PBS. And I'm 20...going on downhill.

    It's ingenious, I must say, and every new stories are fun as every other one. A lot of memorable episodes, and I still have that particular song "Jeckle Jeckle Hyde, Jeckle Hyde Hyde Jeckle" that the Brain sang. And I also learned that Jewish people like Francine go to the movies on Christmas (and it's become a tradition of mine to go see a movie on Christmas night)

    D.W. is possibly the funniest and best annoying little sister on television.

    When I watch this series, I don't watch it as a kid's show on PBS. I actually watch it as a legitimate primetime show like the Simpsons or Family Guy. Heck, this show is more consistently fun to watch than the Simpsons or Family Guy. I hope this show never goes off the air. The characters are all too fun, the writing is superb, and it's a breezy joy to watch.
  • I watched this show because it deals with a typical 8 years old boy and how his life is and the conflicts he has to face.

    I watched this show for so many years. Even though I'm 14, I sometime watch this show when I have time. The most time I watched this show is in the summer. When I go to school, I rarely have time to watch it. I hope Arthur will keep having new seasons. The show is very interesting and funny. My favorite characters are Arthur and Buster. Arthur is a show that deals with an 8-year-old boy who goes to school, faces bullies, and fights with his sister. Anyway, I can't wait until the new season starts which is in June. Keep the episodes coming!
  • Is entertaining for children and their parents.

    I have to admit, Arthur is a new age in children’s programming. I am fourteen and a freshman in High School, and I still love to watch the show regularly. I enjoy the humor and pop culture references, as well as the fact that the stuff that Arthur and his friends go through I remember going through too when I was his age. I really enjoy the humor and the characters. I especially liked the reference to The Sopranos in the episode “*Bleep*”. Another episode I enjoyed is the one where he and his friends fall for a band that turns out to be holograms, which in case you don’t know, is a parody of the Milli Vanilli scandal. The episode with Mr. Ratburn’s sister just killed me, especially when The Brain imagined his brain turning to mush. Pretty much, Arthur is a great program which kids can relate to, and parents can watch too and be as entertained as the kid is. I loved the series as a kid, and now that I am older, re watching the series I catch a lot of older oriented humor I missed. In fact, some of Arthur’s situations can somewhat relate to High School life, such as them having their “meeting spot”, the Sugar bowl, and the visible cliques in the characters. Mr. Ratburn, Arthur’s tough cake loving teacher, also reminds me of that certain teacher we all hated, the type that would take that note we were writing, or give us homework on Homecoming weekend. All in all, Arthur is a very entertaining show that never fails to be enjoyable to watch, and this coming from a High School freshman. And if a High School freshman can be made a fan of the show, I can’t even imagine the effect it will have on its target audience. While I think too many children’s programs are dumb, sobering, and overdone, Arthur is just what we need to see more of.
  • This show tells the tale of a town of different animals including Arthur, the main character. He is an aardvark who has many animal friends including rabbits, mooses, and other strange uninteligible animals. Super show that tells about his adventures.

    Awesome show even though I am 13 years old. Its crazy how I still love this show even as a teenager but it is a great show with a lot of funny and cool episodes. My favorite episode is the one where they have this song that every body loves that goes like a-wee-a-wee-a-wee-a and the song keeps repeating this. For some crazy reason I love that song! Great show that I hope will never go off of TV.
  • wow i watched this show when i was little still cant belive its still on tv........

    ya this show about a boy named author and he goes throw life being a 4th grader and there no poeple in the world just aminal poeple and he learns lessons thats really what the shows about its great for little kids i used to watch it every day when i was little but its based on a good little kids book so mabey that why everyone loves this show but to tell you the truth i am happy its still on tv i hope they have anthor season for the little poeple well over all this show is great for little kids lol
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