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  • Its great, but just for kids.

    This show may be for kids and this show is way below my age level but it is reasonable for me to say that kids would enjoy to watch this show toady. Too bad people these days don't know how to make a good kids show like the people did in the 90's.....
    I mean shows like Dora are way to fictional and will get kids to believe that all of this stuff can happen and they'll end up being upset because it doesn't really like talking maps and backpacks. Aurthor is a show that a kid would find in an everyday life except for a few things. And the characters are or look very like animals.
  • I used to watch it since I was only 3, that was 1997 and I stoped watching it like 4 years ago. But I loved it.

    Arthur great show. Funny, Nice looking, great characters, nice plot, used to entertain me all the time. These are examples of some of the better shows out there. Any little kid would love this show. I recoomend it to everybody. A show that you will always remember. It is the best kids show out there.
  • this is the best show on pbs now.

    i saw this when i was barley 9 and its still good.i saw this when i was barley 9 and its still good.i saw this when i was barley 9 and its still good.i saw this when i was barley 9 and its still good.i saw this when i was barley 9 and its still good.i saw this when i was barley 9 and its still good.i saw this when i was barley 9 and its still good.i saw this when i was barley 9 and its still good.
  • this is show is the best

    i love this show since it first air and i still watch and yeah i am 21 now and i still watch it. i rent the video and watch them and wake up and watch it like how i use to when i was little kid. bring more new espisode please.
  • Still good.

    Arthur is a great show. The characters Arthur, Francine, Fern, Muffy, Buster, and some others each have their own personality. I don't really get bored of the episodes and I have seen many old ones over again. I like the new episodes and they should continue to make more. You can learn lessons from these shows and some of them can be quite unpredictable. One show I like was a parody on "Law and Order," it was great and something new that the cast cooked up. This show doesn't get old that quickly and is great when there are marathons of it on PBS.
  • this show is about a young ardvak ( i don't know if i've spelt that right ) that goes around as a typical person with typical problems happening.

    this is a delightful show for people of many different ages old and young. Although it is a cartoon it is a brillant show which is very popular to this day. I am quite old and i still enjoy to waich this show. Arthur, Brain, Buster, Francie, DW abd many more are just some of the charactors that bring this show to life. It is a good show to watch if you bored or even if you just need a break from something. The show teaches you lessons and has a very catchy theme tune at the beginning which i sing along to every time it is on. Arthur is a fantastic show.
  • Very Great Show

    Excellent show I love it so much! I think the graphics are real detailed. I'm very surprised that Arthur is not having as much episodes in the last sesaon asthe first one. This show is very funny (great for parents to it makes my dad laugh. Arthur goes to school at Lakewood Elementary School in Elmwood City. He's in Mr.Ratburn's 3rd grade class. My favorite chariter is Allen a.k.a The Brain hes very smart and for some reason it seems as if his parents allways interups im when he claims to be on the verge of "discovering something". Over all this show is awsome for the whole family and I recamond this show for anyone.
  • So Arthur is one of my favorite shows and let me tell you about Arthur. He is a very good prospective for the show and I like it when D.w and Arthur get into a argument and I'm always routing for Arthur,D.w I do not like at all she doesn't make scence.

    So let me tell you about Brain he is my favorite character because he's smart and acknowledgeable and funny. Let me tell you about the show. The show Arthur is some times boring but most of the time it is entertaining and funny. Now who likes Arthur? I know I do.
  • :( omg this show is so .........

    AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great show for the whole family.

    I have been watching this show since the beginning, and needless to say, I've never been embarrassed about watching it. Dream sequences and original stories for the kids, cultural spoofs and hilarous quotes for the adults.
    ---------------------------------------------------------- Here's one of these great quotes: [Arthur's mother calls him to dinner minutes before] Arthur's sister D.W.: Arthur, Mom called you for dinner TWO HOURS ago!
    ---------------------------------------------------------- Anyway, with references and spoofs of shows like "Power Rangers", "Rugrats", and "Taxi", it definitely should be a staple of your TV time, even if Bionic Bunny and Mary Moo-Cow was there first. Please don't mind the voice actor changes.
  • ahh i loved this since i was a lil tacca and never stopped lol.. child hood memoriess

    arthur arthur arthur. i used to wake up every morning and watch it.. and mum would tape it too. I seriously loved this show. what ever happened to it? i never see it anymore. =( i love all the characters and i dont know wat it is about this show but it always made me feel better if i was upset or sick, i ofund it real comforting, a real easy, funny thing to watch. I love the animation and could probly never get sick of this show. if it was still on abc, sadly i do admitt.. i would probly watch it =)
  • A kid's show that sucks in the Adults!

    I've been watching Arthur since it first started. I may not watch it religiously anymore (being an adult- not that that's stopped me before :)) but I still watch the odd episode with my little sister. Arthur has only gotten better with age. His show is still as informative as ever, still teaches kids good values and still makes me laugh. The storylines teach kids acceptable social behaviour and good morals without the child noticing. They also add in funny things that only an older viewer can appreciate, such as in one episode Arthur and Buster are watching 'Children of the Beans' which is an obvious spoof of the movie 'Children of the Corn'. It also has AWESOME music!
  • Arthur getting annoyed by D.W.

    This is a good show, It Teaches Kids not to tease, Not to blame others for something they did not do, Not To Steal, Not To Pull the fire alarm at school, What To do incase of a fire, not to be a Dare Devil, Not to Fight, Not To Fight In The Class Room when the teacher is not present, If You Like arthur a lot, Get Arthurs first movie called "Arthurs Missing pal".
  • Seriously, is Arthur and Buster Gay o.O

    Anyways... Arthur is such a guilty pleasure. Me and my friend have watched this since grade school, and I continue to today... now, i think that is a problem... but it's such a good program for kids to learn lessons, and to be honest, I am really tired of DW and her screaming, and that god darn Crazy Bus.

    They only need to make more episodes, because they are constantly playing old episodes and making it so predictable, making me want to watch CNN, *which for the record I usually do*. So, all I want from them, is to keep making new episodes, and I will be happy!
  • Even though i's intended fan base is for kids. I like it!

    Arthur is a very good show, which I enjoy viewing. I can't remember when I started watching it but it was a long time a ago. I remember the episode when there was a fire in the the school and everyone was sad. Except Buster because he came to school late and missed everything. I also remember the episode where Arthur family went camping and only DW caught fish. It's these kinds of shows that need to be on more for kids instead of horrible crap like Dora The Explorer! I am also a fan of the books of the series and enjoyed reading them when I was younger.
  • One of the best!

    I don't know about some of you, but Arthur is one of the best shows for kids! The chracters, the lessons, the topics all new and refreshing! They talk about things that some shows would or could never talk about. My only problems are that DW needs a good spank every once and a while, the voice changes and, even though this is a kids show, Arthur and Francine need to get together (and you know it)! Just a great show overall.
  • This show is timeless and really for anybody; it suits all ages, young and old.

    Love this show!!

    I'm doing an experiment here. I really DO love this show; however, I was trying to comment on a show I really HATE, and surprisingly enough, it doesn't take my review, no matter what I do. Something tells me that since I gave this show a "10," which I really would anyway, that it will take THIS review!! Hmmmmm. Could that be why you have to put your score in before you continue with the rest of your review? In the event you give it a low score, your computer magically has a hiccup and your review doesn't "take." Hmmmm...we'll see. I'm over the minimum words now.

    My other review with a score of "10," which I would have given to it, too, anyway, was for "Scrubs." That review "took" right away and posted with NO PROBLEM. Hmmmm.
  • marc brown

    for children in grades from k-5 This show is very nice. it's pleasant and always seems to teach a lesson in every episode. the books are very great too. the show is on pbs in the morning and sometimes i ever watch it. marc brown has created a cute story line that i know all children really seem to enjoy. i like d. w and the brain and buster and all of the other friends that author has.i like how they have holiday shows that go along with the books. christmas halloween and easter and more. kids like that
  • Arthur Read, a 9 year old 4th grader living in Elwood city, shares experiences with his freinds. The show teaches life-long lessons and is entertaining. The storylines are great and are perfect to watch for all ages.

    I have been watching Arthur since the first season. watch nearly every day. The reason why I am so attached to this show is because the storylines are much more unique compared to the general children's animated show. The episodes are perfectly vital to a person's life and feature Arthur and his friends. The special bonds Arthur shares with his friends come into coincidence with the real life. The reason why I gave Arthur a 9 is because it is enjoable regardless of age difference.
  • Very good in my opinion.

    When i was younger i would always sit down to watch this brilliant show, and i still do. The only thing that i don't like about the show is DW, she is totally annoying. Overall this show is brilliant. Buster is funny. You can just sit down and watch the tv, it will keep you quiet for around 20 mins. There's not really much to say apart from it's a good show. So if you haven't seen, go watch it. And if you have kids then show it to them. I'm sure they#ll like it too. Anyways it's a good show.
  • Very good show.

    Arthur is a show where it is mixed up . I find this show very good . However you may may hate this show at times . Arthur's friends are Muffy , Fern , Buster , Francine , Sue Ellen , Prunella , Pal , and the Brain . This show is one of the shows I like as one of my old time favorites . This is an educational show . Yes this show is both liked and loved by children and adults . You might like it . I think this show is good for people . I gave this show a 9.3 .
  • Pretty good cartoon.

    It maybe on PBS but it sure does contain stuff preschoolers would not understand the only thing which annoys me is DW's stupid character i hate that groan she is always doing what a spoiled brat would do other than that this was a good show about an aardvark named Arthur and his best friend Buster yet the show went terribly downhill in it's new season and that disappointed me and i liked this show so much anyways everybody should watch this show and no this show is not for babies even if it is on PBS.
  • I've watched it since i was six best show ever!!!

    Arthur is a great show for everyone I've watched it ever since its been on and every time I see an episod it makes my laugh at the same stuff even after I"ve seen it tons of times. The reason I watch this show is becuase of D.W she is the best character she's loud, bossy, and always is saying funny things. Thats why gave this show a ten becuase of D.W if it didn't have D.W on it then it wouldn't be worth watching. P.S
    This is my first post whoo hoo me. ! ! ! ! ! !
  • Wholesome entertainment for kids and adults too

    Arthur the Anteater was my favorite children's series growing up. And with good reason. Arthur is an honest, yet entertaining/refreshing portrayal of a family, friends and how people SHOULD treat one another. The characters are loveable and true to life-and yet they never cross the line. I started watching the animated series as a lark, and continued to watch with my family and friends because it's a really cute show.
  • Arthur Read is the best role model for kids.

    I am 35 years old and get a kick out of watching Arthur. I work at a library. And a little while back this woman in her sixties had to check out all the Arthur books we had because she had been watching the show. At first she didn't want to fess-up that she watched the show but after I told her I watched it most every night, she started telling me all her favorite parts. In my area, it comes on the same time as the nightly news and I have to say I find Arthur way more entertaining.
  • Arthur is the only best kid's show to be on television.

    This is one of the great child TV shows they've shown on air right now and yet still running. They teach children the moral values and lessons in life. This would be my first favorite child TV show. I've watched it when I was young, and I still love to watch it in my present days right now. They're animals, but in a reality warped TV show. It's great for a Pre-schooler, Kindergarten, and growing children, and the present adults. They have no hitting, swears, violence, nudity, and any other bad humor they would show on a TV show rated PG, TV-14, MA, or a A rated show.
  • One of my Childhood favorites.

    This show is absolutley awesome! I love the plot, the characters, the animation, the everything! Did I mention this show was awesome? Anyways, Arthur and Buster are some of my favorite characters. Buster's pretty funny, which is one of my favorite feature's of the show. Arthur's also pretty smart, and is, well, smart!
  • This Show is so Good I have watched it for 8 Yars and I still love it!!!!

    This Show is good.

    It is My Favorite Childeren Comedy. I am 13 years old and still watch it (Not as Much as I used to But still do).

    Buster Is Hilarious and so is Francine and Muffy.

    Although,It would be good to see Arthur Get out of 3rd Grade and It would Be great to Have a new Spinoff show called "Arthur Grows Up)

    Mabye It could Be about Arthur in Junior High and Everything and Have new charecters That would be great But it is still good the way it is.

    An Awesome show and I watch it Fairly Often.

    It Is A Good Show!!
  • It's a pretty good show.

    I like Arthur a lot. My favorite character is Francine because she's good at sports & knows how to be a team player. I also like Muffy. I also like Sue Ellen. I also like Buster. He's Arthur's best friend. I also like Fern. She is quiet. I also like Brain. He is smart.
  • Man, how can you not like Arthur? It was my personal favorite when I was a little kid (During and after my Barney stage), and I couldn't get enough of it! I didn't really like Buster though. LOL. :)

    If you're a doofus and don't know what Arthur is, I'm going to tell you: Everyone on this kids show is an animal. Arthur is an aardvark, and Buster is a bunny, and so on. Buster is Arthur's BFF, and they hang out alot and get into situations. Sometimes Francine and Muffy are in the subplot, and I don't know what kind of animal they are, but they're gals LOL. Anyways, I'm glad this show is still out there. :) Even if I've grown out of it... Or have I... *EVIL MANIAC LAUGH* AH HAH AHHAH HAHHH AAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAA HAAAA
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