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  • Timeless.

    Arthur has stuck to me like glue ever since it came out in 1996, when I was but 5. I watched it then, and I still watch it to this day. Its like I never grew out of it. I still learn when I watch it! Only sometimes though. They have a well rounded cast of characters, and every episode teaches some kind of life lesson. Life lessons that are never too late to be learned. One of my favorite things about Arthur seems to be the theme song. Its so catchy. A ride on the school bus isn't complete until the Arthur theme song has been sang from beginning to end. "Every day when you're walking down the street..." Love this show.
  • Arthur is indeed the best show ever made for children on the entire planet!

    I have been at least watching this show for like 9 years and I still watch it. This show is a guilty pleasure for teenagers to watch. I am a teen and I still watch it! This show is in fact one of the shows that I like to watch. I love this show because it teaches a lesson but not in a boring way that will make you change the channel. I am not even entirely sure what is the age level of this show. All I got to say is that this show is awesome, awesome, awesome! I give this show 2 hitchhiker thumbs up! Does it ever make you wonder why this show is so addictive? Arthur is an A+.
  • Arthur has been in my life for 10 years now and I still love him!

    You may find it strange that a 14 year old likes Arthur but the truth is I dont like Arthur....I love Arthur! He teaches great lessons and is appropriate for all ages. I feel safe when I let my little cousins watch this show with me because I know that they are learning important things they will need in the future without any violence and cuss words. Arthur is probley the greatest childrens show ever. It has plot lines and cute charcters so that a child would ask over and over again "When is Arthur coming on?" Arthur has been around 10 years and I'm hoping for 10 more!
  • the best show on PBS kids!

    arthur is about an aardverk who has problems with his every day life anyone can relate to! this is probably my favorite none anime show so good job PBS kids! arthur has a sister named D.W a dog forgot his name a mom and dad and a best friend named buster who is a rabbit. arthur has another friend named muffy who is rich and spoiled and i think she is a cow,bear,plant thing
  • arthur was my favort show when i was little i went off the wall when it was on.

    arthur is one of the best old cartoons on air right now.when i was little this show would lighten up my day.i use to record the sohw and the magic school bus but thats a differnt storey.this show always has a good meaning at the end.arthur and all of his friends buster,brain,muffy,france and more are all good roll modles, he also has a little sister that bigs him so much.i gave this show a 9.5 beacuse its alittle kidish for a 13 almost 14 year old but i was doing this well i was little i would give it a 11.5
  • When My Sisters Flip Through The Channels and we pass Arthur I always beg them to go back

    I turn on the television everyday at 3:30 at go straight to PBS. You know that I know that You know that Arthur is on! I like that show because it has real life situations unlike stuff found on those silly reality shows. Arthur always has fun times with his friends. I expecially love the episode when Mr. Rodger guest stars as himself! It is amazing how they made him into one of those animal creature cartoons. Arthur teaches kids about the hardships of being a kid because he has a little sister who is evil to him. That I and anyone for that matter can relate to him. The Author of this series obviously had a lot of inspiration!
  • A great show for kids of all ages

    I think Arthur is a great show for little kids. I think its very educational. Its about a bunch of 3rd grader who deal with little kid life. I think its a great example of what an 8 year old would go through in real life

    I can somewhat relate to Arthur. Mr. Ratburn reminds me of my 3rd grade teacher. She was really hard on us but at the same time she had a caring heart

    I dont understand how theyve all been in third grade all these years. You would think they would have graduated high school by now. hehe

    My favorite episode is the one with all the music videos. They are fun to sing along and dance to
  • Why did I watch that? because I was board. But I fell in love with it! Read more...

    I watched it because I was board. But I fell in love with it! I love this show. It is on the childish side of course but it is not to childish for me. Arthur is a boy trying to get through third grade. He has a little annoying sister and her annoying friends real and imaginary. There are (of course) the bullies at school. Also he has his friends to help him get through it. Although sometimes his friends turn on him or they get into a fight. But things always work out in the end. Arthur knows he can count on his friends and family.
  • I still watch the show because it is something about the show that i like. I like all the characters on the show because they each have hobbies.

    I like watching arthur even though it is old now. It is something about the show that makes me keep watching it. I like all the seasons 1-10 but the first five seasons were good. I am like arthur's father i love to cook. I like the brain because he has a smart personality. He is very polite. The show is really funny. I like the dog pal because he seems to be a very smart dog. the show brings me back to memories. I would recommend the show to the younger children because it teaches you a lesson. thats my show
  • Aurther and his family and friends have great adventures and learn lessons at the end of each show.

    Everyone says that Aurthur is a little kids TV show, but I have to say I love, love, love it! I\'ve been watching it since I was like four and I still watch it. I mean how can you not like a show that has a bunch of cute animals characters running around playing and having adventures! Besides this show has good morals for little kids, funny voices and of course an awsome theme song! I think it is the best show on channel PBS, and since I have little siblings, you should trust me, because, I\'ve watched them all!
  • This show is a show about an aardvark named Arthur Read and all of his daily adventures and all of his daily conversations with people. This show comes on on PBS kids or whatever your local tv network for little kids is. Well I hope that you enjoy my revi

    This is my favorite show in the world. I watched it all the way from since I was like 5. I never knew that a lot of people that are even older than me like it. I am not really surprised that it is such a good show to everyone all around America because it is a great show that you can sit at home and which with your friends and/or family. I am happy that there are still new episodes for this show because I do not think I am ever going to get tired of it. Well bye.
  • In no way is this a bad show, I just think that the newest episodes are pretty awful.

    Arthur had its bad moments, especially the episodes where Pal and Kate talk, Fernkenstein\\\'s Monster, and a couple of others. But these new episodes in Seasons 9 and 10 are not very good. For one thing, Arthur\\\'s voice is too high, but what can you do? The main problem with these two seasons is how everything is a parody of something that is real (Henry Screaver for Harry Potter, Persimony Glitchet for Lemony Snicket, and so on). I think that the episodes used to be more original than that. Aside form that, there are way too many guest stars. Bringing celebrities onto a cartoon doesn\\\'t make it better.
  • i fell almost sad and creepy but it's a great show

    I have been tuning in to this show every since i know i was watching PBS. This show is almost to smart to be a kids show it's like Arrsted Devlopment for kids it's so self aware and all of the pop culture refrences snuck on in there. With a great voice cast and superb story lines and characters. The show is great and I feel weired but it's a great show in all it's my second favrite show out there.
  • Its Arthur!! HAHA! i loved this show when i was littlier!!

    Its ARTHUR! Arthur has friends!! There is Buster, Francine, Muffy, Alan aka. the brain, Binky (what a funny name! :D) Then there are the other friends that arthur doesnt really do anything with: like Fern and Jenna...
    Then there are the bullies, Rattles, Molly, Binky and another one, but i dont remember his name!
  • One of the greatest kids shows right next to Clifford and Cyberchase.

    When I was young I thought Arthur was a "bear" but as I grew older he is an "aardvark." Great show as long as PBS kids could keep it running. So far my fav show is Francine's bad hair day and my worst show is D.W the Copycat. Although I'm 16 I still watch this show and will remember it as a classic.
  • this show has the BEST theme tune EVER!!

    Well what can i say about Arthur?
    Its just great! Im 18 and I still watch it when I have days of work! I began watching it in its first year, so I was about 8, and I loved it. You just can\'t help but love the show, the titles grab your attenion cause its such a catchy song [which im not ashamed to admit I have on my mp3!! hahaha ok so Im a little ashamed!] and the storylines are perfect for the age group they are aimed at [I would change them slightly but hey im 18 so im ment to find the storylines a tad cheesy!]
    I have to admit that sometimes Arthur gets on my nerves but all in all I love the show :D
  • About an 8 year. old arddavark

    I have watched this for some time and I still do and I'm 18 now I just think it is so cute. Not bad like some shows I know of just some kids trying to be kids and grow up in a strange world. I started watching this when I was like maybe 8 or 9 and I have liked it since. My sis watches it all the time so I just watch it with her. I just love Arthur he is so cool with his big glasses and D.W. her goal to bug Arthur at all odds posibble. Such a classic
  • I've been watching Arthur ever since I was a kid and I loved it. I still enjoy it today!

    I remember when I've seen this show when I was a kid. I really liked it a lot! This show rocks and never gets boring, even though some episodes can be. The episodes are almost always very interesting. My favorite character would have to be Sue Ellen. One of my favorite episodes are Muffy Goes Metropolitan. I also don't think that Postcards from Buster is such a bad show.
  • Great children's show

    I'm 21 years old. I first watched Arthur when I was 14 or 15. Just one episode of Arthur was enough to make it a favorite of mine.

    This show literally shows us what it can be like to a kid, especially when you've got a younger sibling always pestering ya. And I know we have all, even adults, experienced something from all of the episodes.

    Arthur is lovable by not just children, even older people like it. Watch just 1 episode. I guarantee you'll like it.
  • I LOVE IT!!

    I love to watch Arthur evry day.
    All the episodes are so good.
    i've watched arthut a long time ago,
    and i still watch it.
    I hope they make new episodes of Arthur.

    Arthurs mom
    Arthurs dad
    Baby Kate
    and there is more...
    My favorite character is buster and Arthur
    > > > > > > > > > > >
  • A good show, cancelled by (who else) NTV7. Can you see why I absolutely hate them and am personally boycotting them now?

    Well, this one's a little complicated. It all started back in 1997, after NTV7 has cancelled Rugrats. I started looking for a replacement show to like, and someone pointed me in the direction of Arthur and dispite the totally different format, I decided to give it a shot. And so, when NTV7 bringed in Arthur in 1998, I decided to take a sample in it, and what follows could practically be called love at first sight. I started following the show relegiously, and actually grew to like D.W. Then, the inevitable came. NTV7 cancelled Arthur. They only aired season 1. Then, the next year, I caught a season 2 episode in Singapore. Of course, I kept telling myself that NTV7 would one day bring it back, but then, totally lost it when they cancelled Caillou as well. I wrote in, and they replied me in a snobbish tone that they won't. Fumed, I started what would be an ongoing boycott against the channel.

    NTV7 eventually brought in episodes up to Season 4, but by then Disney Asia has already aired up to Season 5. Disney ceased airing Arthur in 2003, and when I recently wrote in to them, they did not reply, apparently they're not interested in doing so.

    *Sigh* I'd do anything just to be able to watch Arthur again. Singapore recently aired Season 9 according to one of my correspondents, but as usual I could expect to not get to watch it.
  • Great show

    This is one of the best shows on PBS Kids! I hope that it continues to be a great show!!!!! I am in highschool in my sophmore year and I still really enjoy this. Even my parents whatch it and enjoy it. My favorite one is when "Busters Breathless" because I allso have asthma and I can totally relate to the whole show.
  • a show about 3rd grade kids and their wild adventures with arthur D.W. and buster as main characters. This show is educational and sets a good example for young kids. it is also funny the idea of this show came from Marc brown also the author of the Arthu

    well what i can say is that this show is well thought out. It's seems kids can understand it. the idea is very clever and uniqe. what's uniqe about it is that it's kids who are animals now you don't see that every day?

    The idea and plot of the show I gave a thumbs up because it just plain good, and not all kids shows as good as this one are educational.
    Perfect show.
  • Great Cartoon.

    I loved this show ever since it first aired on my birthday in 1996. I used to watch this show since I was back in kindergarten. I still enjoy watching it sometimes on my free time. I like the newer seasons of this T.V. series because I never get bored of watching them over and over again.
  • A Good show

    I love Arthur it is my faviorte show on PBSKids. I been watching it since when I was little. This show is much better than these babyish Nick Jr shows like Dora the Explorer, Go Dieago Go, Blue Clues, Little Bill, Oswald, Rubbadubbers, Miss Spider, Lazytown, The Backyardigains, etc. It also better than watching Barney, Teletubbies & Boohbah. This show revoles around a Arrbark named Arthur who has to deal with problems in school & at home & also have to deal with his little sister D.W. Arthur friends are Buster Baxter, Binky, Francine, Muffy, & The Brain. Man, I love this show It rules. I give it a 10.0
  • This show is today's version of happy ending stories but animated. Marc Brown's best work.

    Ever since I played the PC game of arthur and discovering this show, I've really liked this show. What I love about this series is the different animal charater's based on people and sometimes a few celebritie's or well known charaters e.g. It showed one of the peanut's gang(charlie brown) as an animal at christmas(forget what he was). What I also love about this show is the theme tune that is really catchy. It's like bob marley has come back from the grave to sing this great song. overal a true classic that could go on for years to come as it's almost been 10 years since it first came on television.
  • An original childrens series I have watched since I was five. It was a great show!

    Arthur is a show about of group of friends that have to survive their teacher, Mr. Ratburn who they first expect to be a very villainous teacher.


    Arthur è un'esposizione circa del gruppo degli amici che devono
    sopravvivere il loro insegnante, il sig. Ratburn che in primo luogo
    invitare ad essere un insegnante molto villainous.

  • A show about a 8-9 year old in the third grade. What makes this interesting is that the characters are all animals!

    I\'ve been watching this show for about 10 years! Its addictive because of its information and life lessons. I\'m sure this can\'t be classified as a toddler show because of the character Brain and the vocabulary the characters are using. And seeing how long its been going on, I don\'t think its going downhill. I give this show 2 thumbs up!
  • I love this show.

    This show rocks. I've watched for ages & haven't gotten tired of it. This is what a kids show should be like. Teletubbies & Boohbah are corrupting the children everywhere. Arthur & Thomas & Friends are two better shows than those other two. If your child is watching Teletubbies or Boohbah, then make them stop watching them right now before their lives are ruined from mindless dribble. Arthur is better choice.
  • Fantastic kids show

    You can't help but love Arthur and the gang!

    There are a lot of boring kids shows tha try a lot harder than Arthur with more outrage stories and special effects. But this show keeps it simple and its more entertaining than most kids shows.

    I sometimes completely forget the fact that they are all animals. They could have so easily been people but it just seems more fun and interesting that they are all different kinds of animals.

    Amongst a lot of junk this is a great show for the kiddies!!!
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