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  • A true treasure in the midst of a lot of junk that is on PBS Kids today.

    When I first watched this show, I was four years old. I immediately took a liking to it then and "Arthur" became one of my favorite cartoons. However, a few years later, it became a distant memory to me, as new shows at the time like "Digimon" and "Sailor Moon" took its place. I am now thirteen years old, nine years after I was first exposed to Arthur. So when my six-year-old younger sister came home one day with a DVD of six episodes of the show from Blockbuster, I was expecting the worst. As I was babysitting, I decided to endure watching it, automatically assuming that simply because I had grown older, that the show would be an absolute pain to watch and that I would wonder why I had ever liked it in the first place. But after watching the episodes on the DVD, I found that my assumption was quite wrong! "Arthur" is a show that anyone of any age can like if you think that a show about an eight-year-old aardvark dealing with life in the city sounds interesting.

    Yes, the show is based on the books originally written by Marc Brown, but it can stand quite well on its own, and I've often found that the episodes that are not based on one of the books are the ones that I enjoy the most. Be forewarned that if you are looking for an extensive plot, this is NOT the show for you--Arthur likes to keep things simple by mostly keeping to a different story (and sometimes even a different point of view) every episode. Rarely will you see an event from one episode mentioned in another.

    The only downside that I can really find in this show is the music. The same background music has been used since the beginning of the show; you would think that there would be room for at least a little new music every now and then. The theme song is okay, but most songs that are found in the actual episodes will make older viewers cringe.

    Overall, if you are looking for a good show for a toddler or preschooler to watch, Arthur is definetly a must. The overall morals and themes of the story will definetly win over a young child, and perhaps even you yourself!
  • Who the heck thought of an aardvark?

    When I was little I didn't know what Arthur was, I asked my mother but hillariously enough, she didn't know either. For the longest time I thought he was a cat. The point I'm Trying to make is I think an aardvark is just to confusing for little kids. It's not exactly an animal reapeated over and over in school.
  • Arthur is the best show ever!

    I love Arthur! I watch it everytime it airs on C N! This show is perfect for anyone! You don't have to be old or young to like this show! I just hope it lsts another 5 years! It's awesome and deserves it ! Since every show is getting cancelled!
  • Arthur is an okay show. But on Mr. Ratburn's chalkboard there are so many numbers and problems. It scared me and my cousins about 3rd grade.

    Arthur is an okay show. But on Mr. Ratburn's chalkboard there are so many numbers and problems. It scared me and my cousins about 3rd grade. When it first came on I was almost two so I didn't know much about the show. I understood almost every word on there.
    As I got older I would watch it after daycare and school.
    When I entered kindergarden it came on at 5 so I would get to watch it.
    But now I don't really watch it anymore
  • Arthur

    This show is awesome I enjoy every episode of it. I used to watch it whenever I have a day off from school. Some people think it is for babys but I don't. This show is real funny and I don't see anything wrong with watching this show I am not ashamed to admit that I watch this show. This show is cool.
  • I loooooooooooove Arthur. It\'s a show all kids should watch. My personal favorite.

    Arthur is a loved one in my house. It\'s theme song is one of the best. I\'ve been watching this show since I was a little kid. It\'s issuse are true and gives goods ways for young viewers to solve them. Plus, I love the section when they go to kids classrooms. They never came to my school though!
  • I love this show so much! DW, Muffy, Francine, and Binky are my favorites

    Arthur is such a great show. All of the characters have their very on unique and funny personalities. Its so cool because his imagination is exactly how I remember mine being. Although I must say that Arthur and his friends seem much older than they really are. I guess that makes for a better show.
  • the only good show on PBS kids!

    I maybe 13 but I think this show is wonderful!it's great for everyone! this show is sooo cool! i wish I'd have the time to watch it! it's really good! I can't believe I dumped this show it's better than ever! so when I get the time I watch this show. cuz it's the only good show on PBS kids.
  • It is the life a boy/aardvark named Arthur. It teaches how is like to deal with problems when we were young. These problems don't just happen to Arthur. It happen to be his friends or his family's problems too. It all started with Arthur having get glasse

    Arthur may be a kid show, but I absolutely love it. It really show the true characteristics of real problems such as "bad hair day" and "Allergic to Peanuts" or even "the nightlight". The show Arthur is such an ispiring story in a way that can help kids deal with their own lives.
  • Arthur is a kid's show with lessons and fun characters. The best TV show on PBS.

    This show follows Arthur, an aardvark in grade three in Mr. Ratburn's class. It has been almost ten years that Arthur has been on the air, and it shows no signs of slowing down! It's a great kid show teaching good morals to children while adding a certain sense of humour that older children might enjoy. I am dissapointed that after a long time, the voice of Arthur has changed. I am sad because they replaced him twice now, and are doing voiceovers of old episodes with this new voice. Over the years, Arthur has gotten better and better and I wish it well next season.
  • A-A-R-D-V-A-R-K

    Arthur is most definitely one of the best childrens' television shows out there. The characters are both vivid and hilarious. The lessons are poignant yet simple. As a lover of the Arthur book series, I have to admit that I like the television show even more than the books! Arthur is such an endearing underdog that it is impossible to not root for him. Francine is antagonistic, but it is still fun to watch her and Arthur's friendship overcome obstacles. It is also always fun to watch Muffy learn lessons about not being able to buy her way out of every situation, see Binky in his softer moments, and get annoyed with D.W. alongside our protagonist, Arthur.
  • Was good the first few seasons, but it came downhill fast.

    Arthur premiered when I was just seven years old. Now I'm sixteen and I still watch it! But here's the problem, it's getting worse and worse. And it's not just because I'm getting older. It's because the people who create this series are desperately running out of ideas. Every episode nowadays seem to focus on a real life problem that kids seem to have. For example, Buster having asthma, George being dyslexic, Francine not having much money, Jenna being a bed wetter, and so on. The episodes from the first two or three seasons were great! But around 199, things quickly started to change and have only gotten worse. If you're a newcomer to this show, I reccommend that you watch the first few seasons before anything else.
  • Arthur Is a lovable 8 year old that everybody loves to watch. The person who thought of this Cartoon must be a really lovable and friendly person.

    I absolutely adore watchig Arthur. All the characters are intentionally funny. Everyone i know adores this show. The show is made for kids, but i do believe that most of the adults catch some spare time to watch this funny Cartoon.

    My favourite character is DW. She always throws tantrums, even in public. She loves to annoy Arthur. She is an absolute adorable little brat.

    There is one episode that really confuses me. It's the one where someone steals DW's Snowball. In some episodes, DW still continues to complain about her stolen Snowball. I really have no idea who stole it.

    I'd like to say a big Thankyou to the creator of this wonderful Cartoon.
  • This show is extremely funny at times and very true because you can relate to the problems arthur and his friends are going through. Although i am 14 years of age, I still religously watch this show and I hope for many more seasons.

    The world of arthur is filled with friendly betrayal at times, and intriguing for people at all ages. There is not one show that I look at and think that it was silly or stupid. Although the voice changes that took place about 2 seasons ago do not sound like the characters original voices I still watch the show every day and relate arthur to myself. The show's music is fun and motivating to any child watching the show. I would be disappointed if the show would cancel and I am always waiting for new seasons to come.

  • I've been watching this show since day 1!

    This show is the perfect kid show or should i say also teen show because i also still watch this show myself. My favorite character who i have to say is D.W.! D.W. is so evl, so cry babbyish and so funny! And no matter what Arthur says she's always the one who's right
  • PBS Kids' Best Show Of All-Time!

    Arthur is an animated series that airs daily on PBS Kids. Aimed at viewers between the ages of four and eight, Arthur's goal is to help foster an interest in reading and writing, and to encourage positive social skills.

    Based on the children's books by Marc Brown, Arthur premiered in 1996 as one of the first ongoing animated programs based on a book series. The show chronicles the adventures of Arthur (an eight-year-old aardvark) through engaging, emotional stories that explore issues faced by real kids. It is a comedy that tells these stories from a kid's point of view without moralizing or talking down. Situations on Arthur develop in realistic ways, and don't always turn out as we -- or Arthur and his friends -- might expect.

    The series is supported by a substantial educational outreach campaign that develops relevant materials (including resources, lesson plans, and activities), and distributes them to librarians, teachers, community centers, and families. The series is also supported by a popular Web site that features entertaining and educational activities for use at and away from the computer.

    Since its premiere, the series has been accessible through closed-captioning to viewers who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. In addition, Arthur made history in 1997 when the series became the first daily program to be described for viewers who are blind or visually impaired.

    The Arthur series has been honored with numerous awards over the years, including the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award and three Daytime Emmy's for Outstanding Children's Animated Program. In 2002, TV Guide ranked Arthur #26 on its list of the "50 Greatest Cartoon Characters of All Time."

    Arthur is incredible, I still watch this show and I'm a teenager. Whenever I watch the show it brings back old memories from when I was a very young.
  • Arthur is really good.

    The tvshow Arthur is a really good tvshow for kids and older people who r still kids at heart. I'm 14 and I still watch this show with my little sister and I really like it. I can't wait for the next season to start . Go Arthur you r cool.
  • Great for kids, not too bad to have to watch with your kids..

    "Arthur" is a cute cartoon and it teaches kids lessons and values.. This is a cartoon that I actually can sit down with my kids and watch without falling asleep or gritting my teeth. My daughter watched it when she was around 2 and she still watches it in the mornings and she will be 8 soon. My son now shows interest though he watches anything colorful. Anyhow the stories are always good ones and the characters are likeable. Perfect if you don't like the nature of "Fairly Odd Parents" or maybe "Spongebob Squarepants".. I like those shows but "Arthur" can hold it's own. Also good because it isn't as cheesey as let's say "Dora the Explorer" or "Jo Jo's Circus". I'd give it a try if you have young ones.
  • Overall history of the show to a little lesson about voice actors.

    Marc Brown's classic Arthur stories have been brought to life in an animated series that airs on PBS. The show will be starting its 10th season and is still a child's favorite. Perhaps the over all appeal to children from this show is talking animals or catchy music. Speaking of catchy music the second you hear, "Everyday when you walkin' down the street.." you will be captivated by this highly popular show. Arthur episodes have delt with everything from death to first crushes. Not one topic has not been the plot for each episode and yet every season the brilliant writers over at Cooking Jar (Formally Cinar) keep coming up with more and more classic episodes. This season alone in Arthur the show covered many traits from accepting others even if they are not in your "click" to food allergies. Throughout the years the show has been able to keep up with modern times and technologic advances such as a cordless phone or caller I.D. However, the animators seemlingsly insert these things without the viewer noticing. Due to the shows age and that some characters are voiced by kids parodically new actors are needed to supply the voice for a character because the former (mainly boys) voices have changed. The voice directors try to keep the actors sounding as close as possible as to the originals. An example was the Platinum Edition release of Disney's The Lion King and the new scene "Morning Report" which the original voice actor for Simba had become to old and voice had become to deep to voice the character so the studio looked for a new actor for Simba. The same goes for Arthur. In the 9th season, however there was a big change in the voice of Arthur with the new character. To most the voice was to high and squeaky and was not true to the original Arthur. Throughout the series' run it has earned numerous awards and continues to this day. At the rate the show is going I see no end to it any time soon.:)
  • I don't know what it is about this show...

    ...but I could easily watch it for ages!! It's bizarre, but I find it really relaxing after a hard day. D.W. does grate, but I guess she reminds me of how much I annoyed (or is it annoy?) my own brothers! It's just a really cute cartoon which just reminds me of primary school AND I appreciate the moral tangles that the kids get into.
    Arthur is just a bit of fun- all the charcaters remind me of someone I know- Brain, Francine, Buster, Binky and Muffy...Don't we ALL know these guys in the real world?! I guess that's what makes it work for me...
    Now if only someone could explain why Arthur's doesn't look like an Aardvark...?
  • Arthus is the average eight year old with the average problems. His teacher gives out lots of homework, his sister bugs him, he occasionally gets teased, and bullied.

    I love this show, even if I'm way too old for it. But I know tons of people who are in their late teens who still watch this show. Arthur is so funny sometimes, and the innocence of the children is so cute. It's funny, it's a cartoon, and it's educational, what could be better?
  • A show us older kids aren't ashamed to admit that we watched when we were younger and even now.

    I remember all the time when I used to watch Arthur, I just thought he was the greatest! And at that age, we could relate to some of the things that he would be growing through. I loved his dog Pal, he was so adorable! But still, it's an awesome show that can be quite the lesson.
  • I love this show.

    I've been watching this show since i was about 7 and I loved it now im 16 and i still love it. I watch it all the time Keep it up!! That show was awesome.

    No matter what happens i'll always love this show I'm Arthur Fanfiction member and i write them.
  • Good show.

    I think that Arthur is a good show, even though I think that it was better before they switched the characters voices. I still watch the show whenever I'm bored with my sister and we both enjoy the show. I just think that it was better when the old actors did the voices, but it's stiil good.
  • Best children show

    Even when i stop watch little kiddy shows I was still watching arthur

    I just didn't feel that vibe that comes out of other pbs programs (the "God this for babies" Vibe) It's Funnier and has much higher tolerance level than other pbs programs and I'll even say it's more mature, it still a children show but people of much higher ages can relate to the plots of basically every episode

    I Don't watch the show anymore(Last time i saw an episode was Q1 of this year) but I still recommed
    for kids as high as the age of 10-12 unlike other pbs shows that I'll recommend for no higher than 7

  • A children's series with a difference

    Arthur is a great show for any age. I've liked it for a few years now, and I still enjoy watching it. Many episodes deal with real life situations in an entertaining manner. For example, Binky's nut allergy, the spread of head lice, and Prunella's blind friend Marina.

    When I was younger, I read the numerous books by Marc Brown, but the artwork in the books wasn't as crisp as it is on TV, although it was interesting to see it played out on screen

    To those who haven't seen Arthur before, I encourage you to at least give it a try.
  • Arthur shows the life of an aardvark and his friends as the go through the trials and tribulations of the third grade.

    Arthur is probably the best thing educational television came up with since the Magic School Bus. Arthur depicts the basic life of a third-grader through the eyes of Arthur, as well as his other friends.

    As the series moved on, Arthur began to get deep into the skin of its audience as the series added on to their list of colorful characters by giving them some conditions that certain people can relate to such as Buster being asthmatic and Binky being allergic to peanuts.

    In a nutshell, Arthur was and still is the only PBS cartoon show that you can watch comfertably with the family, as well as the only show to get away with the word "edutainment."
  • Alright show.

    I like the Arthur show alot but I think the old episodes are a little better than the new episodes. On the old episodes I thought the characters were better and the voices were better also. I still think that they should make new episodes though. Overall Arthur is still a good show to watch and I think it should stay on the air.
  • This is such a cute show! You may denie it but you can never grow out of it.

    This is a cute show! It is so great for those kiddies but it also has a lot of adult humor too. You can never forget those characters! Mom, Dad, Baby Kate, Grandma Thora, and specially that DW! Growing up with her is like having her in your own family.
  • Childish, yet strangely appealing...

    This show used to be one of my personal favorites when I was younger. Now I couldn't call it one of my favorite shows, but it is still a great and wonderful show to behold. Whenever I tune into Arthur, I have typically had a bad day. However, once I watch the show, I feel slightly cheerier after seeing Arthur's latest miseries. Evin though the show is supposedly a wonderful and cheery show, Arthur typically is forced to deal with much more stress than the average Joe.
    Although Arthur may always have to deal with lots of misery, he still has great friends (and some not so great ones) to help him through his traumas. One example of his state of mind would probably have to be the time he was deathly afraid of his pants.
    Arthur is, and probably always will be, one of the best and funniest tv shows for children (and adults and teens of course).
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