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  • My favorite show and I know it!

    This is awesome for kids. I think you can come watch this show on PBS immediately. People think it is their fan. 10 star shows carry big humor.
  • Hi, Anybody have Arthur episode Binky Barnes Art Expert Taped ?

    Hi, I loooved Arthur episode Binky Barnes Art Expert . I need as a favor a copy of it for my class ? write
  • Timeless and Fun!

    I started watching this when I was quite young. I'll admit that I was *too* young to understand the show, and yet I watched it. Maybe for the excellent art and animation. This show absolutely spawned my love of reading and adoration of books, which is why I have my own mini-home-library.

    The characters in Arthur, with the exceptions of D.W. and Muffy, are lovable, relatable, and have realistic and endearing personalities. The colors are excellent, the animation is smooth, and although Arthur's voice actor had to change often as the people voicing him grew up, I never could tell the difference as a kid, and only now do I notice any change - slight as it is. This show has always been a comfort to me, and I watch it quite often even now, at the age of 21. As I say on most of the episodes to eleven-year-olds who claim they "still watch it!", if you were really mature, you'd be able to watch it without your age mattering. Arthur is one of those shows that true fans will never tire of. The characters and situations are mostly believable, and most are likable, too. The music is fun, as well.

    My only issue with this show is that D.W. and Muffy both came off as spoiled, selfish, and relentlessly unpunished, even when they did something wrong.

    On the whole, though, Arthur is most definitely worth watching - each episode features a lesson in giving, sharing, and basic morals, and some go beyond and teach about right and wrong even in the toughest of situations, facing fears, and growing up. Plus, being animated and colorful, it's just fun!
  • One of the best shows for children!

    Arthur deals with a lot as a geek who loves to read books. He goes on daily adventures with his friends, his sister is an annoying yet compelling brat to watch, and his parents are warm and friendly characters. A real classic for cartoons for kids, Arthur will never die!
  • One of my all-time faves!!

    This show was so much fun to watch when I was little, and it still is today! About a boy named Arthur who goes on daily adventures with his friends and family, and they learn things at the same time. Very original, and very funny, this show is one of the survivors of Pbs Kids, ever since some new shows started rolling in. I hope they make more episodes! Even my dad likes this!! And I still have some of the old episodes on tape. Great show! It Deserves a 10/10! And I would write little, but it has to be at least 100 words! 10/10
  • One of the best kids shows of all time.


    A greattransition from book to T.V. The show itself isabout an aardvark with glasses named Arthur, and his pals, as they discover things about friends and growing up. I say,very littleother kid shows blended great morals and lessons with great writing and even witty hilarioushumor. Even adults will find this show fun. There is very little that bring down it's near perfect status. Maybe some stuff in the later seasons, but it's small enough for me to still give this show a 10.

  • Definitely on my favorite cartoons list.

    Arthur stars a kid named, well Arthur, who is an Aardvark, and he goes to school with his friends Buster Baxter, who is a rabbit. There are also other characters like Arthur's tough but still cool 3rd grade teacher, Mr. Ratburn. Also, there are some girls Arthur sometimes hangs around with, and their names are Francine and Muffy. I think this show is great and has nice and lovable characters. Arthur is one cool kid, he also lives with a nice family, he has a little sister that goes by the name of Dora Winnifred, but everybody just calls her D.W. for short. So again this show will always be on my most favorite shows list, as its a very entertaining and classic cartoon show, I used to watch this all the time when I was a kid, and back then I remember some of those episodes, I loved them very much and they, of course, were golden episodes with excellent plots fomr the 1990's. I recommend watching this show to learn some good lessons, as it is a very informative kids show. Its also good to watch for good enjoyment, and to see good plots and characters. I thought Binky was a very funny character to the show. This show is a great animated children's show from the 1990's, its definitely worth watching when you have the time, I believe this show is on the PBS Kids tv station.
  • Ah...a show that I loved when I was a kid, and still love today!

    Boy, Arthur has been running for quite sometime, but I'm not surprised it's gone on for so long. Arthur's a really cool, clever, realistic, and funny show. It isn't really exciting and it's not as funny as a lot of the other shows I watch, but there's something I love about this show. I think probably because I can relate to so much. It also brings back so many great memories from when I was a child, and I try to watch Arthur as much as I can. There's only been really 1 or 2 episodes from this show I haven't liked, but I don't hate any episodes. Arthur is also a very funny show sometimes, and can really make me life. It also deals with some problems that regular children face, such as sharing a room with their sister, (that goes mostly for me, lol) having a pet who's sick, loosing something or someone you love in death, and numerous other stuff that I've dealt with before. A lot of my friends who watch Athur describe me as a mixture of Francine-because I'm a tomboy-Fern-because I like to write books and read and can be on the shy side-and also Buster because I can be lazy and love to eat. I think my favorite character would have to be Binky, because he can be a bully sometimes, but he can also be really nice, and most of the time he makes really funny jokes. Arthur is truly one of those shows that I don't think I'll ever grow out of, no matter how old I am. I would recommend this show to everyone, cause I think it's a really great series. Grade: 100/100!
  • Arthur is one of the few kid's shows that I still find brilliant.

    Great, great show. I was hooked ever since I was little and "Arthur's Eyes" came out. Great episodes, with lots of emotion, humour, and aliens (well, the first two anyway). The characters in Arthur are both easy to relate to and easy to enjoy watching: We all knew a person in our lives who believed in aliens (Buster), was a big fish in a small pond (Brain), was a tough teacher on the outside but a kind person on the inside (Nigel Ratburn), and of course, there's that dad that everyone wants to have (Oliver Frensky). I can't comprehend who wouldn't love this show. It's brilliant in so many ways, and I plan on watching it till I'm 85, at least.
  • This is one of the best classic 90's cartoons eva!

    Arthur! This was one of the best shows ever that was so much like real life and I miss this show so bad. *Cries* Okay I'm done now! Sorry just some drama, I mean, I really do miss this show on PBS Kids. Arthur and his friends families being shown made this a great family show that I think anyone at any age can enjoy. (The reason I said PBS Kids was that I don't think I have that channel/station anymore.) Please don't tell me this show just ended... I see that the last episode was November 3rd so... I hope they have some new episodes soon if this show wasn't canceled.
    So many great episodes and Arthur survivng a hard 3rd grade year, a perfect blend of school settings and home settings (and settings at other places like outside at parks or something) was what made this a show a pure gold one from the olden days of the last decade. Long live Arthur! I love the characters and the parents, In fact, this show is so popular that it made hit computer games! Nice to see that this show made it well over ten years at least! This was a very popular show, but if it ended now, then this same fate could happen to SpongeBob where it can only make it twelve years without it being canceled. The same fate already happened I know to Garfield and Friends. Its a shame all these great olden days shows from the last decade are being canceled because the producers ran out of ideas. Darn, I guess that means no show can last forever, but hey amazing shows like this should at least show fabulous reruns at a lot of times a day for A LOT more time to come!
  • Arthur is a children's show, but don't let that label stand in the way. In my opinion, it can be enjoyed by all age groups because Arthur is packed with clever and funny satirical parodies of pop culture, giving something for older views to enjoy.

    For me, "Arthur" has been a show that I have watched since I was a little girl. Some may say that this is their "guilty pleasure"; well, I am not guilty about watching this at all, no matter what age, haha. "Arthur" is a well-done show that not only provides an educational aspect, but is one that is extremely clever, funny, and loveable. "Arthur" promotes good values, all while being very entertaining, and relateable. As well, "Arthur" includes hilarious satirical parodies of some of the most famous shows in pop culture, including: South Park, The Sopranos, Beavis and Butt-head, the Indiana Jones adventures, the James Bond series of films, and Oprah- and plays off of other children's shows like "The Magic School Bus". "Arthur" has even hosted some famous people on the show; Art Garfunkel, Fred Rogers, Michelle Kwan, Joshua Redman, Koko Taylor, The Backstreet Boys, Yo-Yo Ma, Johnny Damon, Alex Trebek, Matt Damon and Frank Gehry. I don't know about you, but I don't mind admitting that I watch this show almost every day when I come home. Quality TV.
  • arthur is about an ardvaark boy named arthur who goes through life as a kid.the show focuses on a lot of subjects,such as bullies,moving to a new place,sibling rivalry,and much more.i really recommend this show!!you watch it over and over again!!

    arthur is about an ardvaark boy named arthur who goes through life as a kid.the show focuses on a loot of subjects,such as bullies,moving to a new place,sibling rivalry,and much more!!arthur is about an ardvaark boy named arthur who goes through life as a kid.the show focuses on a loot of subjects,such as bullies,moving to a new place,sibling rivalry,and mucharthur is about an ardvaark boy named arthur who goes through life as a kid.the show focuses on a loot of subjects,such as bullies,moving to a new place,sibling rivalry,and much more. more.arthur is about an ardvaark boy named arthur who goes through life as a kid.the show focuses on a loot of subjects,such as bullies,moving to a new place,sibling rivalry,and much more.
  • It's a good show then...

    ...and a good show now! I mean, yeah, their about a regular kid in regular situations, but they are ANIMALS! Even if they DO suck, it's still intresting! But, it does not suck! The characters are unique in a sence, the storilines actually make me go back to the past. This was, possibly, one of the ONLY shows I would watch if I didn't have cable. This is the truth! Oh, and the voice acting, thought not Tara Strong material, or James Taylor awsome, was pretty original and has made my earaches heal. It's that good!
    The only two problems were
    1) The theme song. God, I really hate Jamacian Music! (except for enchanted)
    2) They don't make new episodes.

    I really don't wanna lose my cable, but I don't want this off PBS. This. Is. Wicked! Well, not wicked, but it's intresting in my eyes.
  • Arthur is a 3rd grader who has many reliable friends and deals with real-life situations and learns lessons from them. he lives in Elwood city and often hangs out at the Sugar Bowl for ice cream. Arthur constantly puts up with his with sister, D.W.

    This was my favorite tv show on kpbs as a kid. Especially when i was a 3rd grader myself; i used to watch this all the time and still do because it gives a feel-good feeling inside and sometimes makes you wish you were there with Arthur. The first several seasons were just awesome as well as the movies and holiday specials. Arthur is one of the few shows that i actually bought books for because reading them is like watching the show, except inside your head which is cool to think about. I hope Arthur is released season dvds because i will definitely buy them.
  • great show, loved it when I was little.

    Ah, Arthur, Arthur, Arthur. I remember running back from school to get there just in time to see you. I loved the Christmas specials, the books were great, once again one of the shows that has influenced me greatley to become an animator, cartoonist, director, voice artist, and writer, nd every now and again when ever I need to do comic, web episode, or movie scene that's greatly written and has a moral, I might go to Arthur and watch an episode or two. Any way this show is great, it's what 10? 11 seasons old? Wow, a very good show.
  • Old favorite...I still watch!

    Arthur has always been one of my favorite shows...ever. I love all of the characters, each episode has a great plot...everything about it is just amazing. It also teaches so many lessons that kids need to learn, like honesty and compassion and the importance of diversity...a lot of things I know now have come from that show XD. I have only one concern...if the characters are all animals, why do they have pets? More importantly, why does one animal species serve as both a talking character and a pet? I'm talking about dogs: Fern walks on two legs, talks, goes to school just like Arthur and she is a dog. And then there's Pal....XD

    I love this show a whole lot! it's my fifth favorite show. 1. the simpsons
    2. futurama
    3. family guy
    4. spongebob squarepants
    5. Arthur
    and so on and so on. each episode is interesting and long, even though it's a kid show it's still great. I'd even change the simpsons to see the show if I already seen the episode that is on. I wish they would show the show more cause I never see it on t.v anymore. there's also two shorts in every episode except for the two parters, so it's like 294 episodes (minus the two parter's). so whoever is reading this and hates arthur, give it a chance, you might like it a how lot.
  • solved all of my childhood problems!

    A show that I started watching religiously after a while. It is an amazing show that solves problems that children face daily. And they put the problem into a child's perception which makes it easier for children to understand. This show is very entertaining, and no re-run has ever gotten old! Arthur makes you feel like you are part of the Read family, and friends with all of Arthur's friends! It is a show that I watch to relax and have a little entertainment before going to my homework. The show has some hilarous times, and some very sad times. But the show is awesome and something I would never ever change the channel for!
  • Iss a good show.

    I like Arthur. Its a good show. So what if im not little. Arthur is for everyone, well, In my opinion it is. I dont care what people have to say about me watching this show, so what if it's kiddy, I love it! This is probably the best show on PBS Kids! Arthur is such a great show. Iss about dis kid named arthur, hence the name, and he is in the third grade. He learns more about being a kid and the goods and bads of it. He learns lessons and sometimes, he is the one teaching them. Artur is a really good show!
  • i have been watching since i was 4 im 14 now

    i still love the shows ! even if i am fourteen lol . the shows are great they teach an important leason in each one . i watch them monday thur friday not wedsday or sunday there not on at 4:30 . i have probally watch all the old episonds and watching the new ones they sound diffrent but i still love them just as much . the whole gang is still on the show aurther , dw , buster , francen , muffy , alan aka the brain , the tommy , timmy , baby kate, mom , dad , grandma thora , sue ellan , binkey , mr. ratbur, mr,hanny, and pal! i encoarage little and big kids to watch this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Arthur Is The Story Of A Aardvark, Who Embarks On The Journey Of Growing Up, Common Everyday Problems Are Dealt With In A Informative And Funny Way.

    I Like Arthur, He's Clever, Funny And He Has Buster As His Best Mate, What More Could You Wish For?
    Everyday, Arthur Faces A New Problem, Whether Its His Little Sister D.W. Or School Or His Friends, He Always Manages To Sort It Out. I've Watched Arthur For Years And I Still Love It! It's A Funny Show With Entertaining Characters Such As: Arthur,D.W.,Kate (Arthur Has 2 Little Sisters), Francine, Muffy, Buster, Binky, George The Moose, Mr Ratburn, Arthur's Mum And Dad, Grandma Thora And Many More, A Great Show, Makes Me Laugh!
    Although Some People May Find It A Bit Childish, It's Still Great!
  • absolutely perfect for any audience, wether its kids coming home from school or, or their parents who wont get bored while sitting and watching with their kids...or a bored teenager who secretly knows that they still hasnt grown out of watching the show

    absolutely perfect for any audience, wether its kids coming home from school or, or their parents who wont get bored while sitting and watching with their kids...or a bored teenager who secretly knows that they still hasnt grown out of watching the show

    absolutely perfect for any audience, wether its kids coming home from school or, or their parents who wont get bored while sitting and watching with their kids...or a bored teenager who secretly knows that they still hasnt grown out of watching the show

    absolutely perfect for any audience, wether its kids coming home from school or, or their parents who wont get bored while sitting and watching with their kids...or a bored teenager who secretly knows that they still hasnt grown out of watching the show
  • This is one of the all time greats

    I've watched it since i was six best show ever!!!
    Arthur is a great show for everyone I've watched it ever since its been on and every time I see an episod it makes my laugh at the same stuff even after I"ve seen it tons of times. The reason I watch this show is becuase of D.W she is the best character she's loud, bossy, and always is saying funny things. Thats why gave this show a ten becuase of D.W if it didn't have D.W on it then it wouldn't be worth watching. P.S
    This is my first post whoo hoo me. ! ! ! ! ! !
  • Just great and one the best kid shows out there.

    I think this show is crazy awesome.Marc Brown could have gone any further then he did with Arthur.It about a boy who goes through whole bunch of stuff or issue and is faced with them.He has his best friend there Buster.Who is crazy about Alien and food.Arthur has an understanding mom and dad.That shows kids a lot.That your parents are there to help you.Just as much as your friends as well.He has own pet by name of PAL.And has "annoying" little sister named D.W.This show is great show to watch at any age because it that of great show.I can tell you for a fact after every episode you can learn something new.Great for YOU to watch with family or friends.
  • Arthur Read, the spectacular aardvark stars in this children's series about growing up. Typical childhood problems such as bratty siblings, schoolyard bullies and classroom cliques are addressed by this popular program.

    I can't believe I'm still watching this show, but I love it!! The only time I really watch it is in the mornings before I go to school, and sometimes after school. It's really a cute show. It has great characters,plots, and teaches great little lessons especially for kids. I love all the espisodes and stories. This show is funny, and very happy. It's got adventure, and anything else you'd like. I really like the new episodes that are on, because I have seen all of the old ones. I wish the voices were still the same though. So yeah that's what I have to say about the show Arthur.Arthur returns for an eleventh season with new episodes beginning on June 25, 2007. Five episodes are scheduled for that week.
  • I can't believe i still like this show.

    Okay this show is about an boy who deals with kinda dumb stuff but its entertaining. DW is my favorite character because shes a little brat but shes so fun with it though. But if she was in my family she would get out of acting like that real quick. I wish she would do some of the things she did to arthur because i would beat her up i really would and enjoy every minute of it. The parents were way to easy i can't believe there even worthy of that title. The grandma was pretty cool to me.
  • Is entertaining for children and their parents.

    I have to admit, Arthur is a new age in children’s programming. I am fourteen and a freshman in High School, and I still love to watch the show regularly. I enjoy the humor and pop culture references, as well as the fact that the stuff that Arthur and his friends go through I remember going through too when I was his age. I really enjoy the humor and the characters. I especially liked the reference to The Sopranos in the episode “*Bleep*”. Another episode I enjoyed is the one where he and his friends fall for a band that turns out to be holograms, which in case you don’t know, is a parody of the Milli Vanilli scandal. The episode with Mr. Ratburn’s sister just killed me, especially when The Brain imagined his brain turning to mush. Pretty much, Arthur is a great program which kids can relate to, and parents can watch too and be as entertained as the kid is. I loved the series as a kid, and now that I am older, re watching the series I catch a lot of older oriented humor I missed. In fact, some of Arthur’s situations can somewhat relate to High School life, such as them having their “meeting spot”, the Sugar bowl, and the visible cliques in the characters. Mr. Ratburn, Arthur’s tough cake loving teacher, also reminds me of that certain teacher we all hated, the type that would take that note we were writing, or give us homework on Homecoming weekend. All in all, Arthur is a very entertaining show that never fails to be enjoyable to watch, and this coming from a High School freshman. And if a High School freshman can be made a fan of the show, I can’t even imagine the effect it will have on its target audience. While I think too many children’s programs are dumb, sobering, and overdone, Arthur is just what we need to see more of.
  • This show tells the tale of a town of different animals including Arthur, the main character. He is an aardvark who has many animal friends including rabbits, mooses, and other strange uninteligible animals. Super show that tells about his adventures.

    Awesome show even though I am 13 years old. Its crazy how I still love this show even as a teenager but it is a great show with a lot of funny and cool episodes. My favorite episode is the one where they have this song that every body loves that goes like a-wee-a-wee-a-wee-a and the song keeps repeating this. For some crazy reason I love that song! Great show that I hope will never go off of TV.
  • I used to watch it since I was only 3, that was 1997 and I stoped watching it like 4 years ago. But I loved it.

    Arthur great show. Funny, Nice looking, great characters, nice plot, used to entertain me all the time. These are examples of some of the better shows out there. Any little kid would love this show. I recoomend it to everybody. A show that you will always remember. It is the best kids show out there.
  • this is the best show on pbs now.

    i saw this when i was barley 9 and its still good.i saw this when i was barley 9 and its still good.i saw this when i was barley 9 and its still good.i saw this when i was barley 9 and its still good.i saw this when i was barley 9 and its still good.i saw this when i was barley 9 and its still good.i saw this when i was barley 9 and its still good.i saw this when i was barley 9 and its still good.
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