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  • Arthur, the amazing show I grew up with is now a bomb.

    I love Arthur. I grew up with the show ever since I was little. This show as so fantastic, how could you not love it? But what I am here to talk about is how disgustingly awful the show has come. I am amazed that this show is canceled despite the newer episodes being so crappy! To me, Arthur ended after Season 11. I think it SHOULD have ended after Season 11! Seasons 1-5 are the best! Seasons 6-8 are great too. Seasons 9 and 10 were okay. Season 11 was disappointing. But when I saw Season 12-15 I just gave up! These new seasons are a joke and insult to the show. I nearly cried I was so bad. Your probably thinking "What a salty fanboy!" I am not trying to sound like one but it is true. Now on to the review.

    Graphics: 0.5/10

    On thing I loved about Arthur was it's artwork and how everything so detailed in the backgrounds. It was like a piece of art. But the graphics in Seasons 12-15 are god awful. Everything is so half-assed and rushed. It's not even funny. Backgrounds look like one solid color. Characters are misproportioned in almost every scene *example* Arthur's head would look too big or he would have chicken legs or even Binky looking skinny in some shots! Shading is very lacking all over. Worst of all, there is so much slowdown whenever they move! The screen just jerks all over the place! It gives me a headache and makes me feel nauseous! Simpsons, Family Guy, Bleach, South Park, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Naruto, and several other cartoons/animes from the 90's or 2000's have gotten better animation. They started out as traditional hand-drawn to digital ink to computer generated animation in HD! So why the hell does Arthur look crapper now? It's no excuse why the animation got crapper. Especially since it's now 2012!

    Sound/Music: 1/10

    Yuck! The music in the new episodes is completely unfitting in the situations. Like playing bluegrass music while showing someone your stuff? Or playing silly music in a serious scene? Not to mention it sounds like awful. The new voices for Arthur, DW, Brain, and several other characters whose voices have been changed are bad acting to the max! The voices do not go with their personality! Arthur sounds like a girl! Even through his previous voice actor was high pitched, at least it sounded like a boy! DW's voice is even more annoying! She screeches alot and sounds like she has a laryngitis. Brain sounds like a girl just like Arthur and he they made him brick stupid too. Tibble Twins voices are the most annoying! Completely awful. Their previous voice actors weren't this high pitched! Oh my god. I can't believe they would allow this bad voicing to be in any show. This makes 4Kids voice acting look like an Oscar award winning actors.

    Storyline: 1/10

    Storylines are unoriginal and have been done before. In fact, they even altered previous events in Arthur! They made all the characters brick stupid and made them all forget everything that ever happen in Arthur! Have they even heard of canon? They sure used canon in all the other seasons of Arthur! Some of the new episode stories are so boring. That I feel like breaking the TV in disgust! All I can say is complete laziness for the story.

    Fun Factor: 0/10

    Arthur was so much fun to watch and entertaining to watch. But these new episodes are so boring and painful to watch that I feel like it is a chore to watch the new episodes. If you see the new episodes from Season 12-15 just avoid it all costs! Bottom line is the show now sucks and it is an insult to my childhood. The End
  • this is so stupid

    I didn't even want to even a little bit like this but this as far it will go everyone who watches this must be under 5
  • bring back the old voice actors or writers!

    i love the old series of arthur however i dispies the new ones!! Its unbearable i cant sit through and watch the new ones.. why did they replace arthur's new voice with something so squeeky and girly?? Hes the main character you'd think they'd take it into consideration.. idk im very disappointed in the new casting for the character's voices.. arthur, dw sounds horrid, brain, sue ellen, fern and so fourth.. im not sure if they changed muffy's voice but she sounds more high pitched.. glad buster francine binky and the rat burn still have theyre voices though.. and what is up with the whole talking cat, dog (pal) and kate thing? We dont need a rip off of rugrats here.. anyway.. loved the old arthur.. hate the new ones.
  • This show is NOT for people over the age of 10! DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW UNLESS YOU'RE AGE 10 OR UNDER!!


    I stopped watching this show even before I was 13! It's not even a suitable show for my future children to watch! Why? Well, for one thing, the music is dumb...Or WAS dumb way back when I used to watch it. And regretfully I did watch a few episodes of this show. But back then, I did not know what a good show was. For another thing, the plots have a tendency to be very much on the dumb side, even for a kids show! They don't really teach kids anything except maybe manners, if they're lucky. Anyway, I remember one episode when the mother recently had a baby and it was one of the worst (if not THE worst) episode of this show I ever saw! Finally, to wrap this up, the acting on the show can be...You guessed it...Downright dumb! Stupid is more like it. And don't even bother watching this show with closed captioning! They have ridiculous phrases in the captions to describe certain things (Such as chuckling stupidly). Really, how does a person 'chuckle stupidly'? Terrible! Just terrible! And even more harrowing is the fact that I know someone who is in their early 20's and they watch this show!

    Gah! I cannot imagine how they can sit through even 1 minute of this show, let alone an entire episode! Now, if you want to teach your children proper manners or anything of the sort, teach them yourself instead of making them sit through this pointlessness they (PBS) calls a 'TV show'. The End.

  • Im to old now.

    This was my favorite show when I was like 5. I dont watch this show anymore because im waaaaaay to old now. I doubt if anyone my age watches this show. The last time I watched this show was a loooooong time ago. I do though recomend younger viewrs to watch this show.
  • The new animators suck!

    I just watched an episode from season 16 and I had to turn it off. Distance shots looked okay, but close up shots made the characters look computer animated, and they moved in an unrealistic way that is completely unlike the old animation studio. I could take the constantly changing, poorly-cast voices, but this is the last straw for me. The animation looks like the new show Daniel Tiger which destroys the wonderful legacy of Mr. Rogers neighborhood with poor animation.
  • Arthur is a show about an "aardvark" who looks nothing like an aardvark. He looks like a person with hair on his head. Anyway, I'm going to talk about Season 9, the newest season. All of the other seasons are fine, but this one is going downhill fast.

    Season 9 is the newest season in Arthur. I am a big fan of the first 8 seasons, but I don't like this one. First, I don't like the voice change. Arthur sounds like a girl. His voice is so much higher than everyone elses, even his 4 year old sister! The other reason why I don't like Season 9 is beacause now Pal and Kate are talking! What the hell? Babies and dogs cannot talk! This show usually stays within the realm of "realistic fiction", now it's complete "fantasy". I really hope they don't make any new episodes with Pal and Kate talking, because it bugs the hell out of me.
  • A decent cartoon for ages 5-10

    Arthur is a decent cartoon. It used to be better, and now its okay. I think that it's a great show for 5-10 year olds, but it used to be a great show for all ages. It needs to get some new episodes in, but overall it is pretty good for a cartoon.
  • Going down hill.

    I used to love this show but now........
    For example, the voices are way different. The different charecter voices are The brain, Arthur, D.W, George, and Francine. And the plot lines are BBBOOORRRIIINNNGGG! I mean come on. And the episode where they adopt a baby from China sounds like a rip off of Kim Possible.
    And alot of episode ideas are rip offs.
    When Buster is afraid of germs is stolen from a Hey Arnold episode. I hate the episodes when Kate and Pal talk. Pal sounds British. If they want Kate to talk, then have her say her first word. Duh!
    This show will likely be canceled.
    I just miss the old episodes.
  • Would be a 10 if it weren't for Season 16.

    First of all, let me just say that I love Arthur. I grew up watching it, and even though I'm 13 now, and way past its target audience, I continue to watch it.

    This show was golden up until sometime during Season 15. That's when things started going downhill a bit. It seemed like they were running out of ideas for plots and they just weren't trying as hard. But Season 15 wasn't nearly as bad as the season that's running now. The new episodes are just terrible. The half-assed flash animation looks like total sh*t, the plots are as weak as ever, and it's plain obvious that Arthur and DW are being voiced by the same person due to not differentiating the two voices enough. Not to mention that annoying new character Ladonna who was obviously only brought in to have a plot for the season opener (since the writers clearly aren't giving a f*ck anymore).

    I also don't like the way they pair up the new episodes. Usually both episodes will be centered around the same character. It almost seems that Arthur's become a supporting character. I haven't seen any episodes about him lately. They should just rename the show "Arthur's friends who no longer have interesting lives"

    I think this show was at its best from 2001-2004. 1997-2000 was great, and 2005-2012 was pretty good. But late 2012-2013 sucks...

  • I Had To Change The Title Of This Review Because Of Season 16

    Arthur was one of the greatest educational shows on the planet, but because of the abysmal computer animation in season 16 I have to lower its score. I also noticed in the later episodes the plots started to get weaker and it wasn't as funny. Maybe one day it can be just as good as it was back in its earlier runs and they get rid of the horrible computer animation. (By the way PBS and other animation studios, just because you make your shows and characters colorful and modern doesn't mean that your shows are automatically good)

  • Well it used to ones suck

    This show was great when it first started it had relatable storylines, funny characters, and it was one of the only little kid shows my parents could actually stand to watch with me. But now the whole story focuses on one character usually a minor one and the problem is some lame thing every kids show deals with. The new voices are also terrible Arthurs is like a 2 year old girl, I have no idea why they thought it was a good replacement its not even close to what it used to be same with Sue Ellen her voice causes me great agony it's like a screw driver in the ear.
  • The Backstreet Boys!!!

    I loved this episode so much especially because my favorite boy band The Backstreet Boys were in the episode.Nick was so hot in the episode.Muffy on the other hand likes the same person.It was a little boring to watch through the part where they argue about what to do for the band.It was also kind of funny to watch through it.I loved the music in the show.I had no idea Fern could sing.This episode also thaugh me teamwork and how to work as a team.I think both Francine and Fern both learned a valuable lesson from all this.Muffy also got what she wanted and that is meeting the Backstreet Boys especially Nick Carter which is my most favorite Backstreet Boy.I am also glad they learned to get along.
  • Arthur use to be good, but now needs a good fix..

    The first three seasons of Arthur were execellent in quality of storytelling, animation, and voice-acting. However, the last five seasons(expect for a few episodes in Season Seven) have been poor on all levels. One problem is stuffing a charcter in an ackward situation, instead of basing the storyline from what we knew about the character. For example, "Arthur Weighs In" should have been "Buster Weighs In" because we know Buster is an overeater and it would be more likely for him to gain weight, even if Arthur likes cake, but then again, who doesn't? Also, I've noticed the show it recycling plots over again. Don't be surprised if next season has an episode of the Crosswire's losing their money and are forced to live "plain" for like a split-second.

    I wish Joe Fallon would come back. Hirsch made be a veteran but his storylines are pale compared to Fallon!
  • Alright from what I recall

    Various ep (96-02)
  • Hell will freeze over before I let the mortician pry this show from my cold, dead, wrinkly hands! He can have season 16-present, though.

    This show dominates my hard drive now (nearly 40 gigs for this gem) as I have every episode apart from "Arthur's Missing Pal" and season 16-present's recycled-plot flash trash eyesores, of which I've written a separate thorough review of. I also have the special episodes, too. Season 16 is the only gripe I have against this show as of now and the ONLY one I GENUINELY HATE with a passion on all fronts, not just the animation, and the new seasons after it can go to hell as well (and don't give me that "be glad it's still on" dodge like a blind lemming fanboy, either, while you watch season after season decline with cognitive dissonance!). It has some good episodes here and there like Last Tough Customer, Read and Flumbergast, and Night of the Tibble, but that bad animation is hard to come to terms with and ruins their potential by not giving life to the story (which is animation's whole purpose in any cartoon unless you like soundtracks or reading books, which are NOT the only two things I would want to watch a cartoon for). It's the PUBLIC'S money PBS receives and that's the reality, and that crappy animation and all the other issues we are having with the new episodes is a waste of that money, no matter how much or little they spent, folks. It's also a crying shame they ruined Artie's character and turned him into a total douche in the later episodes. I'll pass on season 16-present's episodes,

    With that aside...

    I LOVED The Busy World of Richard Scarry before this when I had cable TV, and still love that animation and beautiful story-filled masterpiece (NOT that "Hooray for Huckle" or "Busytown Mysteries" garbage that came later, either! I'd rather read Richard Scarry's books instead of watching that).

    I was a migrant worker who picked the orchards growing up and I moved to areas I couldn't get cable and had weak reception thanks to the mountains blocking the signals. Luckily, the strongest station was a PBS station and Artie was the next best thing to Richard Scarry and Franklin (and I couldn't have made a better choice). As I got older, I've come to cherish these gems even more along with Arthur (now that more of them have been cancelled or butchered with inappropriately used flash trash and CGI animation).

    There's something for the whole family, not just for the kids (and since when was it ever just a "kid's" show, people?), and that's what sets it apart from other "kid's" shows! You know you have a GREAT "kids" show when kids can watch it and it doesn't drive older siblings and parents nuts. You know you have a GREAT "kid's" show when you catch older siblings and some adults sneak peaking it ;-) If I had kids of my own or had to babysit them, I wouldn't feel in any way shape or form like I'm watching this gem because "I'm stuck with the kids", and will be passing the season 15 down episodes to my kids from my hard drive and from my DVD collection.

    LOL, I'd be asking THEM to play it and would be more than honored to watch it with them.

    Adults MAKE "kid's" shows, adults ACT in them, adults PRODUCE them, ADULTS are the biggest SUPPORTERS of them BAR-NONE.

    WHY is it an unpardonable sin for adults to ENJOY them??? Why the stigma??

    To all those "old" biddies out there who tell us to "grow up", who think we are "abnormal" or "mentally ill" or some other pejorative like that and are dismissive: EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT and get cancer!! You have sucked on one too many of life's lemons and have become sour (and bitter if you also include the peel). You're too "mature" for your own good and just plain snobbish and stuck up.

    That's all...
  • good show for young kids

    Arthur is a great show for younger kids. The show is about a young boy (aardvark) named Arthur who goes to elementary school, being taught by Mr.Ratburn, the strict but caring teacher. His home life is some what chaotic due to his younger sister DW. The show is mostly about Arthur, his best friend Buster, and his other friends from elementary school learning helpful life lessons. I would recommend this show to parents looking for something for their younger children to watch. I used to watch the show, and even read some of the books about Arthur, when i was younger.
  • Arthur and his friends.

    Arthur Read is an ordinary 8 year old kid with most problems kids his age will face. At school, Arthur and his friends get lots of homework and his teacher is Mr. Ratburn. Arthur lives in Elwood City. Arthur's friends are Buster, a pig, Francine, a tom-boy, and Muffy, an airhead. Arthur's parents won't let him see PG-13 movies. Arthur has a little sister, D.W., who has a friends named Nadine. Arthur is an aardvark. I recommend Arthur to audiences aged 5-10, but it's also appropriate for all ages.
  • This is an okay show.;)

    This show is a very decent show that I watch with my little sister. I can name some of the characters: Arthur, D.W., Mom, Dad, Buster, George, Francine, Muffy, George, Fern, Sue Ellen, and Mr. Ratburn. I knew about this show since I was five and still watch it to this day.
  • marc brown

    for children in grades from k-5 This show is very nice. it's pleasant and always seems to teach a lesson in every episode. the books are very great too. the show is on pbs in the morning and sometimes i ever watch it. marc brown has created a cute story line that i know all children really seem to enjoy. i like d. w and the brain and buster and all of the other friends that author has.i like how they have holiday shows that go along with the books. christmas halloween and easter and more. kids like that
  • Very good in my opinion.

    When i was younger i would always sit down to watch this brilliant show, and i still do. The only thing that i don't like about the show is DW, she is totally annoying. Overall this show is brilliant. Buster is funny. You can just sit down and watch the tv, it will keep you quiet for around 20 mins. There's not really much to say apart from it's a good show. So if you haven't seen, go watch it. And if you have kids then show it to them. I'm sure they#ll like it too. Anyways it's a good show.
  • Arthur Read, the spectacular bespectacled aardvark stars in this children's series about growing up.

    Arthur is my most favorited little childhood series. I don't know the reason but Arthur can just make me smile. It's a kind of show that automatically makes you smile even when you are in the darkest of moods. It's a great show! Arthur is very well created and written. At first I thought he was a bear or something. It wasn't long I found out that he was a aardvark. I mean I didn't even know what that was. Arthur is an terrific and amazingly long lasting. It's 2008 and this aired in 1996. I know it's not very long it's just a nice series. Arthur is a 7/10.
  • PBS Kids' Best Show Of All-Time!

    Arthur is an animated series that airs daily on PBS Kids. Aimed at viewers between the ages of four and eight, Arthur's goal is to help foster an interest in reading and writing, and to encourage positive social skills.

    Based on the children's books by Marc Brown, Arthur premiered in 1996 as one of the first ongoing animated programs based on a book series. The show chronicles the adventures of Arthur (an eight-year-old aardvark) through engaging, emotional stories that explore issues faced by real kids. It is a comedy that tells these stories from a kid's point of view without moralizing or talking down. Situations on Arthur develop in realistic ways, and don't always turn out as we -- or Arthur and his friends -- might expect.

    The series is supported by a substantial educational outreach campaign that develops relevant materials (including resources, lesson plans, and activities), and distributes them to librarians, teachers, community centers, and families. The series is also supported by a popular Web site that features entertaining and educational activities for use at and away from the computer.

    Since its premiere, the series has been accessible through closed-captioning to viewers who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. In addition, Arthur made history in 1997 when the series became the first daily program to be described for viewers who are blind or visually impaired.

    The Arthur series has been honored with numerous awards over the years, including the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award and three Daytime Emmy's for Outstanding Children's Animated Program. In 2002, TV Guide ranked Arthur #26 on its list of the "50 Greatest Cartoon Characters of All Time."

    Arthur is incredible, I still watch this show and I'm a teenager. Whenever I watch the show it brings back old memories from when I was a very young.
  • A pretty good show.

    This show is kind of a one that I pretty much like.But it needs to not stick to the parody things it has.It needs improvment and it should had been a one where the kids get some help from this show.Of course that it should do better at getting real attention and it's pretty good at being those childish shows.I will say that this show has to do better at grabbing attention and it is pretty much the best childish show ever made.I kind of like this show and I give it a B because it did good and best.
  • Was good the first few seasons, but it came downhill fast.

    Arthur premiered when I was just seven years old. Now I'm sixteen and I still watch it! But here's the problem, it's getting worse and worse. And it's not just because I'm getting older. It's because the people who create this series are desperately running out of ideas. Every episode nowadays seem to focus on a real life problem that kids seem to have. For example, Buster having asthma, George being dyslexic, Francine not having much money, Jenna being a bed wetter, and so on. The episodes from the first two or three seasons were great! But around 199, things quickly started to change and have only gotten worse. If you're a newcomer to this show, I reccommend that you watch the first few seasons before anything else.
  • In no way is this a bad show, I just think that the newest episodes are pretty awful.

    Arthur had its bad moments, especially the episodes where Pal and Kate talk, Fernkenstein\\\'s Monster, and a couple of others. But these new episodes in Seasons 9 and 10 are not very good. For one thing, Arthur\\\'s voice is too high, but what can you do? The main problem with these two seasons is how everything is a parody of something that is real (Henry Screaver for Harry Potter, Persimony Glitchet for Lemony Snicket, and so on). I think that the episodes used to be more original than that. Aside form that, there are way too many guest stars. Bringing celebrities onto a cartoon doesn\\\'t make it better.
  • Guilty pleasure not in a bad way but because I'm way above the age group.

    I like this show truthfully ever since I was a little kid. We all have a child inside us and can't help to not let go of our childhood favourites unless they were really stupid. Most little kids love tv shows with animals in them especially if they are talking ones. I did. If this was on for years and years and years I would still watch it with my children if ever I had any. I think this show is a good one and not a bad influence on young children because it has good morals at the end of the show.
  • I loved this show

    This show had good values, was funny, and educational. This show isn't just for kids, adults can watch it too. It went downhill starting with Season 15 and Season 16 is unwatchable now. The animation is awful and the plots are lazy written. This would get a 10 if it wasn't for Seasons 15 and 16.
  • The hit American educational TV series based on the books. Arthur is a winner.

    Arthur is the cult animted hit about Arthur; a young, Aardvark who lives in the town of Elwood City enhabited by human - like animals, each episode is split into two, 11 minute stories and a lot of them deal with modern day issues and how to overcome them but overall they deal with Arthur's daily interactions with his peers and family.

    As i watch this, i can't help but think of the book "Animal Farm" where a civilization is ruled by intelligent animals and it's shown that they're just like humans. This allegorical approach of Arthur is very effective and amusing and you'll find a paradox where there're actual animals in the Arthur's animal world which can often get confusing. The issues that are tackled in this series range from small things like exclusion, getting used to new things and peer pressure and also huge topics like saying "goodbye", divorce and pregnancy. There's also been depictions of medical conditions like broken legs, asthma and perhaps more seriously blindness. These issues are reminiscent of the way Sesame Street would make them easy for kids to understand so they can overcome it themselves but unlike Sesame Street it's not given such a dramatic portrayal rather the concerns are handled more lightly as if to tell kids that it's not as bad as it seems. Although Arthur is directed primarily toward a child audience, over the years it has gained a substantial cult following among older viewers. The show regularly incorporates satirical parodies of adult-oriented topics and references to pop culture, including parodies of South Park, The Sopranos, Beavis and Butt-head, Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, The Jerry Springer Show, Oprah and Law & Order. Although it doesn't go out of its way to please both demographics. Although Arthur is the key player in the series, at this point there have been 6 episodes in which he doesn't appear and many others where the plot revolves around someone else and he gets just a cameo. Thanks to this; we're given a chance to see all the characters develop and grow but after 10 or so years, we've yet to see any of them become actual adults.

    The drawing on this show is OK; the backgrounds are very detailed but because of this the frame rate is often chuggy and the characters look a little sketchy. There've been many voice artists come and go as many characters but it's hard to tell the difference (Except with the changes of voice actor on Arthur and Brain where it's pretty clear) and they put their heart in it.

    Arthur is an excellent TV series that has perfected the education and entertainment of children.
  • This Show is so Good I have watched it for 8 Yars and I still love it!!!!

    This Show is good.

    It is My Favorite Childeren Comedy. I am 13 years old and still watch it (Not as Much as I used to But still do).

    Buster Is Hilarious and so is Francine and Muffy.

    Although,It would be good to see Arthur Get out of 3rd Grade and It would Be great to Have a new Spinoff show called "Arthur Grows Up)

    Mabye It could Be about Arthur in Junior High and Everything and Have new charecters That would be great But it is still good the way it is.

    An Awesome show and I watch it Fairly Often.

    It Is A Good Show!!
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