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  • Animated adaptation of the excellent Marc Brown book series (this show has apparently replaced the books); Shows the adventures of the young inhabitants in Elwood City, particularly that of the Reed family.

    This is one of the top five children's shows EVER. I have watched this from the beginning, when I was 8, and continued to enjoy this highly underacknowledged series, even after my 17th birthday.

    The series appeal is how it relates to its young viewers. The storylines are never too complex but just enough to where teens (who don't tell their friends) can still love it.

    The past few seasons brought stark changes from those in the 90's, touching on current issues such as 9/11, parent fights, and kids with disabilities. Whereas before the creators just did subjects like friendship, or annoying teachers. Personally I enjoyed the previous voice actors more than the current ones (Why does the Brain sound like a girl??).

    This is the best series for any parent to watch with their kid.
  • This is probably the best pbs show ever peroid.

    This show is awesome. it is cool. and i love it. They should make a spinoff of the show where arthur is in sixth grade and dw is in thrird. then kate would be in preschool. i want to see what kind of see what kind of girl she grows into
  • It's a great show but on the path of becoming dull and unoriginal.

    Arthur has been on air for over 9 years and still entertains me. I find it the best pbs kids show because it offers a balance of comedy, drama, and morals. In the earlier seasons, the show nailed it all the time by providing a remake of Marc Brown's stories. Eventually the tv writers built upon his work and created more enjoyable episodes thus making the show a hit for time to come. However, it wasn't long before the show ran into problems. Some episodes I thought were just plain bad. Seasons became progressively worse. Character's personalities were out of place. The show became a tool for educational purposes. No doubt there were a few gems along the way and I still watch new episodes of Arthur in hopes that I could enjoy an occasional masterpiece. But for now I will wait and wonder whether the show will sink any further or jump back up.
  • Arthur the Ardvark, i think thats how you spell it. Well anyways i thik Arthur is the best kids show on PBS Kids you can tell by watching it.It makes you comfortable and cozy while you watch it with your family.I just hope they show new episodes on

    The show is about an ardvark who is going through just normal life situations. Him and his friends go into adventures.The show has lots of varubles.The show is trying to show kids goods things and bad things in life and showing you the way out even if theres bad ones.
  • Everyday when were walking down the street

    Artur rocks
    it is the bomb
    My favourite character is francine because she is just like me
    Artur is so cool he always figures out a way to fix things
    and the episodes nether get boring
    if he was a real boy l would tottaly dig him
    go artur, Go Artur, Go Artur
  • Perfection

    I remember being 10 years old and confessing to my best friend that I still liked and watched Arthur.
    Well, its 7 years later and I\\\'m still watching it! This show is great for kids and adults alike. This show had better last another 15 years or more so my kids can watch it.
    I think Arthur appeals to me so much is because a. It\\\'s still pretty funny and a great show to wake up to, b. There is something to be said for memories of dancing around your room to the theme song (which rocks), and c. those animals are really cute. Arthur taught me a lot of stuff and I never even realized I was learning. I spelled \\\"aardvark\\\" wrong for ages, getting the spelling song wrong, but once I learned the right way I never forgot. Watch this show with your kids, you\\\'ll all have a great time

  • Arthur is a show about an "aardvark" who looks nothing like an aardvark. He looks like a person with hair on his head. Anyway, I'm going to talk about Season 9, the newest season. All of the other seasons are fine, but this one is going downhill fast.

    Season 9 is the newest season in Arthur. I am a big fan of the first 8 seasons, but I don't like this one. First, I don't like the voice change. Arthur sounds like a girl. His voice is so much higher than everyone elses, even his 4 year old sister! The other reason why I don't like Season 9 is beacause now Pal and Kate are talking! What the hell? Babies and dogs cannot talk! This show usually stays within the realm of "realistic fiction", now it's complete "fantasy". I really hope they don't make any new episodes with Pal and Kate talking, because it bugs the hell out of me.
  • 10 year old aardvark named Arthur learns the lessons of life with his friends.

    Arthur is a great show for every generation. Doesnt matter how old you are, you can either learn a lesson, or just have fun with the characters. Even if you know the lessons that Marc Brown, creator of Arthur, throws on the table, one can relearn things that they are essential to everyday life. Arthur is a classic.
  • This is an okay show.;)

    This show is a very decent show that I watch with my little sister. I can name some of the characters: Arthur, D.W., Mom, Dad, Buster, George, Francine, Muffy, George, Fern, Sue Ellen, and Mr. Ratburn. I knew about this show since I was five and still watch it to this day.
  • Arthur use to be good, but now needs a good fix..

    The first three seasons of Arthur were execellent in quality of storytelling, animation, and voice-acting. However, the last five seasons(expect for a few episodes in Season Seven) have been poor on all levels. One problem is stuffing a charcter in an ackward situation, instead of basing the storyline from what we knew about the character. For example, "Arthur Weighs In" should have been "Buster Weighs In" because we know Buster is an overeater and it would be more likely for him to gain weight, even if Arthur likes cake, but then again, who doesn't? Also, I've noticed the show it recycling plots over again. Don't be surprised if next season has an episode of the Crosswire's losing their money and are forced to live "plain" for like a split-second.

    I wish Joe Fallon would come back. Hirsch made be a veteran but his storylines are pale compared to Fallon!
  • Good, but losing its luster.

    "Arthur" is one of the few TV shows which I make an effort to watch. Its topics from episode to episode range from serious to realistic to downright hilarious. One of the things that attracted me most were the characters, and the relationships between each one. However, the writing in the newer episodes doesn't have the same oomph as it used to. The plots have become silly to completely impossible, new regular characters kept getting introduced each season-- keep with the characters we know and love from the books! Also, the attitudes of the existing characters have become too cheerful-- one thing I liked about them was the realism of their occasional mean-spiritedness, and it kept the show from being too saccharine and happy-scrappy, like "Barney" or "Dragon Tales", but I fear this show's on its way to becoming just that.
  • Arthur is a great show, it's about this third grader, taking on challenges in his life, with the help of his friends. But...what is going on? The show completely changed, its not really about Arthur anymore,its more his friends and they're making more cha

    I love Arthur!!! I am 13 and still watch it, so do my friends and my math teacher's changing, its really annoying how the editors and writers are changing the series it less about Arthur but more about his friends and his new ones (friends). I love it anyway!
  • A great show...

    I like this show because it's simple. Based around animals that act like humans, this show is about a typical kid's life. It's all about the problems that children face, and also it's about true friends. Arthur is a funny show that I recommend you give a try. I give it 9/10.
  • A decent cartoon for ages 5-10

    Arthur is a decent cartoon. It used to be better, and now its okay. I think that it's a great show for 5-10 year olds, but it used to be a great show for all ages. It needs to get some new episodes in, but overall it is pretty good for a cartoon.
  • PBS gets a show that kids will love to enjoy. Instead of basing their programming on 4 year olds they took a step up the ladder and made their programming for older children.

    I used to read this book so I was happy in 1996 when they decided to make Arthur the television program. I hadn't heard of it, till I saw one episode and thought that it was a great show.
    I like the early episodes. The voice of Arthur keeps changing which I don't like. Like for example the previous Arthur's voice was great but the one currently sounds like he's in 1st grade. I mean could they just stick with the same voice. I don't like the Baby Kate and Pal episodes, they aren't that great. The early episodes were awesome because they were based on the book and I think people liked it when they were based on the book rather then Marc Brown totally creating a new episode field. As for the show, I do enjoy most of the episodes. I actually like this show alot for a PBS Show, It's probably one of the best PBS shows. The theme song is addictive and I think this show should get more Daytime Emmy awards, instead of stupid cartoons nobody has heard of. This goes to show you that PBS can come up with shows for adolecent teenagers. However the episodes in the New one's aren't that great.
  • An oustanding adaption of the book series; fantastic kids' show

    At 14 years old, I still enjoy this show. I'm not quite sure, but I have a few theories.

    1. The show is aimed at kids, without alienating older viewers. Sure, the morals are sometimes too evident, but the stories are frequently unique and cover a lot of unusual territory for a kids show. There are also frequent in-jokes that only older viewers may get.

    2. The characters are all loveable and likeable to some extent - even DW! The cast are all fleshed out, and the voice artists are generally very talented.

    3. The humour in the stories is very good. Admittedly the jokes are generally clearly aimed at kids, but they're still funny, and at times the show is as funny as Spongebob Squarepants and Fairly Oddparents, two other 'kid' shows that have considerable adult followings.

    So, whichever of the above makes this show appeal to me, one thing's for sure: it remains a personal favourite to this day.
  • I'm 18 and I still love Arthur

    Arthur is defently a guilty pleasure for me. I was one of few high school kids who liked the show. I started watching Arthur when I was 9 and in the fourth grade and now, almost 9 years later, I still tune in. This is a show that people of all ages can enjoy. I really hope they have DVD releases very soon.
  • Arthur once again!

    I like Arthur it's a good cartoon. I used to watch it when I was younger, now that I am older it is not entertaining to me like it used to. Obviously age matters when watching this type of shows. It is incredible it has excellent plots and characters. My favorite is Arthur he is very cool, I like the situations he gets involved with. The bunny is pretty cool too. I have many favorite episodes from this show and it must be because they are of high quality! I let the children I take care of watch it because it never dissapoints them!
  • Childish, yet strangely appealing...

    This show used to be one of my personal favorites when I was younger. Now I couldn't call it one of my favorite shows, but it is still a great and wonderful show to behold. Whenever I tune into Arthur, I have typically had a bad day. However, once I watch the show, I feel slightly cheerier after seeing Arthur's latest miseries. Evin though the show is supposedly a wonderful and cheery show, Arthur typically is forced to deal with much more stress than the average Joe.
    Although Arthur may always have to deal with lots of misery, he still has great friends (and some not so great ones) to help him through his traumas. One example of his state of mind would probably have to be the time he was deathly afraid of his pants.
    Arthur is, and probably always will be, one of the best and funniest tv shows for children (and adults and teens of course).
  • This is such a cute show! You may denie it but you can never grow out of it.

    This is a cute show! It is so great for those kiddies but it also has a lot of adult humor too. You can never forget those characters! Mom, Dad, Baby Kate, Grandma Thora, and specially that DW! Growing up with her is like having her in your own family.
  • Alright show.

    I like the Arthur show alot but I think the old episodes are a little better than the new episodes. On the old episodes I thought the characters were better and the voices were better also. I still think that they should make new episodes though. Overall Arthur is still a good show to watch and I think it should stay on the air.
  • Arthur shows the life of an aardvark and his friends as the go through the trials and tribulations of the third grade.

    Arthur is probably the best thing educational television came up with since the Magic School Bus. Arthur depicts the basic life of a third-grader through the eyes of Arthur, as well as his other friends.

    As the series moved on, Arthur began to get deep into the skin of its audience as the series added on to their list of colorful characters by giving them some conditions that certain people can relate to such as Buster being asthmatic and Binky being allergic to peanuts.

    In a nutshell, Arthur was and still is the only PBS cartoon show that you can watch comfertably with the family, as well as the only show to get away with the word "edutainment."
  • A children's series with a difference

    Arthur is a great show for any age. I've liked it for a few years now, and I still enjoy watching it. Many episodes deal with real life situations in an entertaining manner. For example, Binky's nut allergy, the spread of head lice, and Prunella's blind friend Marina.

    When I was younger, I read the numerous books by Marc Brown, but the artwork in the books wasn't as crisp as it is on TV, although it was interesting to see it played out on screen

    To those who haven't seen Arthur before, I encourage you to at least give it a try.
  • Best children show

    Even when i stop watch little kiddy shows I was still watching arthur

    I just didn't feel that vibe that comes out of other pbs programs (the "God this for babies" Vibe) It's Funnier and has much higher tolerance level than other pbs programs and I'll even say it's more mature, it still a children show but people of much higher ages can relate to the plots of basically every episode

    I Don't watch the show anymore(Last time i saw an episode was Q1 of this year) but I still recommed
    for kids as high as the age of 10-12 unlike other pbs shows that I'll recommend for no higher than 7

  • Good show.

    I think that Arthur is a good show, even though I think that it was better before they switched the characters voices. I still watch the show whenever I'm bored with my sister and we both enjoy the show. I just think that it was better when the old actors did the voices, but it's stiil good.
  • I love this show.

    I've been watching this show since i was about 7 and I loved it now im 16 and i still love it. I watch it all the time Keep it up!! That show was awesome.

    No matter what happens i'll always love this show I'm Arthur Fanfiction member and i write them.
  • A show us older kids aren't ashamed to admit that we watched when we were younger and even now.

    I remember all the time when I used to watch Arthur, I just thought he was the greatest! And at that age, we could relate to some of the things that he would be growing through. I loved his dog Pal, he was so adorable! But still, it's an awesome show that can be quite the lesson.
  • Arthus is the average eight year old with the average problems. His teacher gives out lots of homework, his sister bugs him, he occasionally gets teased, and bullied.

    I love this show, even if I'm way too old for it. But I know tons of people who are in their late teens who still watch this show. Arthur is so funny sometimes, and the innocence of the children is so cute. It's funny, it's a cartoon, and it's educational, what could be better?
  • I don't know what it is about this show...

    ...but I could easily watch it for ages!! It's bizarre, but I find it really relaxing after a hard day. D.W. does grate, but I guess she reminds me of how much I annoyed (or is it annoy?) my own brothers! It's just a really cute cartoon which just reminds me of primary school AND I appreciate the moral tangles that the kids get into.
    Arthur is just a bit of fun- all the charcaters remind me of someone I know- Brain, Francine, Buster, Binky and Muffy...Don't we ALL know these guys in the real world?! I guess that's what makes it work for me...
    Now if only someone could explain why Arthur's doesn't look like an Aardvark...?
  • Overall history of the show to a little lesson about voice actors.

    Marc Brown's classic Arthur stories have been brought to life in an animated series that airs on PBS. The show will be starting its 10th season and is still a child's favorite. Perhaps the over all appeal to children from this show is talking animals or catchy music. Speaking of catchy music the second you hear, "Everyday when you walkin' down the street.." you will be captivated by this highly popular show. Arthur episodes have delt with everything from death to first crushes. Not one topic has not been the plot for each episode and yet every season the brilliant writers over at Cooking Jar (Formally Cinar) keep coming up with more and more classic episodes. This season alone in Arthur the show covered many traits from accepting others even if they are not in your "click" to food allergies. Throughout the years the show has been able to keep up with modern times and technologic advances such as a cordless phone or caller I.D. However, the animators seemlingsly insert these things without the viewer noticing. Due to the shows age and that some characters are voiced by kids parodically new actors are needed to supply the voice for a character because the former (mainly boys) voices have changed. The voice directors try to keep the actors sounding as close as possible as to the originals. An example was the Platinum Edition release of Disney's The Lion King and the new scene "Morning Report" which the original voice actor for Simba had become to old and voice had become to deep to voice the character so the studio looked for a new actor for Simba. The same goes for Arthur. In the 9th season, however there was a big change in the voice of Arthur with the new character. To most the voice was to high and squeaky and was not true to the original Arthur. Throughout the series' run it has earned numerous awards and continues to this day. At the rate the show is going I see no end to it any time soon.:)
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