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  • this is so stupid

    I didn't even want to even a little bit like this but this as far it will go everyone who watches this must be under 5
  • This show is NOT for people over the age of 10! DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW UNLESS YOU'RE AGE 10 OR UNDER!!


    I stopped watching this show even before I was 13! It's not even a suitable show for my future children to watch! Why? Well, for one thing, the music is dumb...Or WAS dumb way back when I used to watch it. And regretfully I did watch a few episodes of this show. But back then, I did not know what a good show was. For another thing, the plots have a tendency to be very much on the dumb side, even for a kids show! They don't really teach kids anything except maybe manners, if they're lucky. Anyway, I remember one episode when the mother recently had a baby and it was one of the worst (if not THE worst) episode of this show I ever saw! Finally, to wrap this up, the acting on the show can be...You guessed it...Downright dumb! Stupid is more like it. And don't even bother watching this show with closed captioning! They have ridiculous phrases in the captions to describe certain things (Such as chuckling stupidly). Really, how does a person 'chuckle stupidly'? Terrible! Just terrible! And even more harrowing is the fact that I know someone who is in their early 20's and they watch this show!

    Gah! I cannot imagine how they can sit through even 1 minute of this show, let alone an entire episode! Now, if you want to teach your children proper manners or anything of the sort, teach them yourself instead of making them sit through this pointlessness they (PBS) calls a 'TV show'. The End.

  • Im to old now.

    This was my favorite show when I was like 5. I dont watch this show anymore because im waaaaaay to old now. I doubt if anyone my age watches this show. The last time I watched this show was a loooooong time ago. I do though recomend younger viewrs to watch this show.
  • Perfect for elementry school kids

    Ideal idea of a young peoples show. All I am saying.
  • Children like it, but it depends for adults.

    We all have shows we like and shows we don't. This one I have outgrown but it still entertains. The music is decent and not as annoying as most children's shows, so why won't you show your kids Arthur right now? Everyone has their opinion. We just want to make you feel better.
  • What a Wonderful Kind of Show!

    Arthur is probably one of the classic shows anyone can remember! Great cast, great characters, great life lessons! It's amazing!
  • My favorite show and I know it!

    This is awesome for kids. I think you can come watch this show on PBS immediately. People think it is their fan. 10 star shows carry big humor.
  • The Backstreet Boys!!!

    I loved this episode so much especially because my favorite boy band The Backstreet Boys were in the episode.Nick was so hot in the episode.Muffy on the other hand likes the same person.It was a little boring to watch through the part where they argue about what to do for the band.It was also kind of funny to watch through it.I loved the music in the show.I had no idea Fern could sing.This episode also thaugh me teamwork and how to work as a team.I think both Francine and Fern both learned a valuable lesson from all this.Muffy also got what she wanted and that is meeting the Backstreet Boys especially Nick Carter which is my most favorite Backstreet Boy.I am also glad they learned to get along.
  • Arthur and his friends.

    Arthur Read is an ordinary 8 year old kid with most problems kids his age will face. At school, Arthur and his friends get lots of homework and his teacher is Mr. Ratburn. Arthur lives in Elwood City. Arthur's friends are Buster, a pig, Francine, a tom-boy, and Muffy, an airhead. Arthur's parents won't let him see PG-13 movies. Arthur has a little sister, D.W., who has a friends named Nadine. Arthur is an aardvark. I recommend Arthur to audiences aged 5-10, but it's also appropriate for all ages.
  • It's a great show but on the path of becoming dull and unoriginal.

    Arthur has been on air for over 9 years and still entertains me. I find it the best pbs kids show because it offers a balance of comedy, drama, and morals. In the earlier seasons, the show nailed it all the time by providing a remake of Marc Brown's stories. Eventually the tv writers built upon his work and created more enjoyable episodes thus making the show a hit for time to come. However, it wasn't long before the show ran into problems. Some episodes I thought were just plain bad. Seasons became progressively worse. Character's personalities were out of place. The show became a tool for educational purposes. No doubt there were a few gems along the way and I still watch new episodes of Arthur in hopes that I could enjoy an occasional masterpiece. But for now I will wait and wonder whether the show will sink any further or jump back up.
  • Best children show

    Even when i stop watch little kiddy shows I was still watching arthur

    I just didn't feel that vibe that comes out of other pbs programs (the "God this for babies" Vibe) It's Funnier and has much higher tolerance level than other pbs programs and I'll even say it's more mature, it still a children show but people of much higher ages can relate to the plots of basically every episode

    I Don't watch the show anymore(Last time i saw an episode was Q1 of this year) but I still recommed
    for kids as high as the age of 10-12 unlike other pbs shows that I'll recommend for no higher than 7

  • So Arthur is one of my favorite shows and let me tell you about Arthur. He is a very good prospective for the show and I like it when D.w and Arthur get into a argument and I'm always routing for Arthur,D.w I do not like at all she doesn't make scence.

    So let me tell you about Brain he is my favorite character because he's smart and acknowledgeable and funny. Let me tell you about the show. The show Arthur is some times boring but most of the time it is entertaining and funny. Now who likes Arthur? I know I do.
  • Arthur is a 3rd grader who has many reliable friends and deals with real-life situations and learns lessons from them. he lives in Elwood city and often hangs out at the Sugar Bowl for ice cream. Arthur constantly puts up with his with sister, D.W.

    This was my favorite tv show on kpbs as a kid. Especially when i was a 3rd grader myself; i used to watch this all the time and still do because it gives a feel-good feeling inside and sometimes makes you wish you were there with Arthur. The first several seasons were just awesome as well as the movies and holiday specials. Arthur is one of the few shows that i actually bought books for because reading them is like watching the show, except inside your head which is cool to think about. I hope Arthur is released season dvds because i will definitely buy them.
  • Pretty good cartoon.

    It maybe on PBS but it sure does contain stuff preschoolers would not understand the only thing which annoys me is DW's stupid character i hate that groan she is always doing what a spoiled brat would do other than that this was a good show about an aardvark named Arthur and his best friend Buster yet the show went terribly downhill in it's new season and that disappointed me and i liked this show so much anyways everybody should watch this show and no this show is not for babies even if it is on PBS.
  • bring back the old voice actors or writers!

    i love the old series of arthur however i dispies the new ones!! Its unbearable i cant sit through and watch the new ones.. why did they replace arthur's new voice with something so squeeky and girly?? Hes the main character you'd think they'd take it into consideration.. idk im very disappointed in the new casting for the character's voices.. arthur, dw sounds horrid, brain, sue ellen, fern and so fourth.. im not sure if they changed muffy's voice but she sounds more high pitched.. glad buster francine binky and the rat burn still have theyre voices though.. and what is up with the whole talking cat, dog (pal) and kate thing? We dont need a rip off of rugrats here.. anyway.. loved the old arthur.. hate the new ones.
  • Going down hill.

    I used to love this show but now........
    For example, the voices are way different. The different charecter voices are The brain, Arthur, D.W, George, and Francine. And the plot lines are BBBOOORRRIIINNNGGG! I mean come on. And the episode where they adopt a baby from China sounds like a rip off of Kim Possible.
    And alot of episode ideas are rip offs.
    When Buster is afraid of germs is stolen from a Hey Arnold episode. I hate the episodes when Kate and Pal talk. Pal sounds British. If they want Kate to talk, then have her say her first word. Duh!
    This show will likely be canceled.
    I just miss the old episodes.
  • Just my thoughts

    It jas always been an ok show with few superb episodes. Episodes with baby Kate being the star are always well done. My favorite episode is binky's allergy. As that's how a 9 yr old feels about such and I think it was cite toich adding in 8 yr old Jenna into story way they did. Some good episdes to watch are Prunella and Marina episodes. The one where Arthur scrapes his knee and one where Brain sprains his knee. But biggest problem Arthur has is not allowing the kids to age. And having have both a 4th and 5th birthday means Arthur and his friends need to age.
  • This is an okay show.;)

    This show is a very decent show that I watch with my little sister. I can name some of the characters: Arthur, D.W., Mom, Dad, Buster, George, Francine, Muffy, George, Fern, Sue Ellen, and Mr. Ratburn. I knew about this show since I was five and still watch it to this day.
  • marc brown

    for children in grades from k-5 This show is very nice. it's pleasant and always seems to teach a lesson in every episode. the books are very great too. the show is on pbs in the morning and sometimes i ever watch it. marc brown has created a cute story line that i know all children really seem to enjoy. i like d. w and the brain and buster and all of the other friends that author has.i like how they have holiday shows that go along with the books. christmas halloween and easter and more. kids like that
  • Very good in my opinion.

    When i was younger i would always sit down to watch this brilliant show, and i still do. The only thing that i don't like about the show is DW, she is totally annoying. Overall this show is brilliant. Buster is funny. You can just sit down and watch the tv, it will keep you quiet for around 20 mins. There's not really much to say apart from it's a good show. So if you haven't seen, go watch it. And if you have kids then show it to them. I'm sure they#ll like it too. Anyways it's a good show.
  • Arthur Read, the spectacular bespectacled aardvark stars in this children's series about growing up.

    Arthur is my most favorited little childhood series. I don't know the reason but Arthur can just make me smile. It's a kind of show that automatically makes you smile even when you are in the darkest of moods. It's a great show! Arthur is very well created and written. At first I thought he was a bear or something. It wasn't long I found out that he was a aardvark. I mean I didn't even know what that was. Arthur is an terrific and amazingly long lasting. It's 2008 and this aired in 1996. I know it's not very long it's just a nice series. Arthur is a 7/10.
  • Guilty pleasure not in a bad way but because I'm way above the age group.

    I like this show truthfully ever since I was a little kid. We all have a child inside us and can't help to not let go of our childhood favourites unless they were really stupid. Most little kids love tv shows with animals in them especially if they are talking ones. I did. If this was on for years and years and years I would still watch it with my children if ever I had any. I think this show is a good one and not a bad influence on young children because it has good morals at the end of the show.
  • This Show is so Good I have watched it for 8 Yars and I still love it!!!!

    This Show is good.

    It is My Favorite Childeren Comedy. I am 13 years old and still watch it (Not as Much as I used to But still do).

    Buster Is Hilarious and so is Francine and Muffy.

    Although,It would be good to see Arthur Get out of 3rd Grade and It would Be great to Have a new Spinoff show called "Arthur Grows Up)

    Mabye It could Be about Arthur in Junior High and Everything and Have new charecters That would be great But it is still good the way it is.

    An Awesome show and I watch it Fairly Often.

    It Is A Good Show!!
  • Its Arthur!! HAHA! i loved this show when i was littlier!!

    Its ARTHUR! Arthur has friends!! There is Buster, Francine, Muffy, Alan aka. the brain, Binky (what a funny name! :D) Then there are the other friends that arthur doesnt really do anything with: like Fern and Jenna...
    Then there are the bullies, Rattles, Molly, Binky and another one, but i dont remember his name!
  • Arthur shows the life of an aardvark and his friends as the go through the trials and tribulations of the third grade.

    Arthur is probably the best thing educational television came up with since the Magic School Bus. Arthur depicts the basic life of a third-grader through the eyes of Arthur, as well as his other friends.

    As the series moved on, Arthur began to get deep into the skin of its audience as the series added on to their list of colorful characters by giving them some conditions that certain people can relate to such as Buster being asthmatic and Binky being allergic to peanuts.

    In a nutshell, Arthur was and still is the only PBS cartoon show that you can watch comfertably with the family, as well as the only show to get away with the word "edutainment."
  • Arthur getting annoyed by D.W.

    This is a good show, It Teaches Kids not to tease, Not to blame others for something they did not do, Not To Steal, Not To Pull the fire alarm at school, What To do incase of a fire, not to be a Dare Devil, Not to Fight, Not To Fight In The Class Room when the teacher is not present, If You Like arthur a lot, Get Arthurs first movie called "Arthurs Missing pal".
  • One of my Childhood favorites.

    This show is absolutley awesome! I love the plot, the characters, the animation, the everything! Did I mention this show was awesome? Anyways, Arthur and Buster are some of my favorite characters. Buster's pretty funny, which is one of my favorite feature's of the show. Arthur's also pretty smart, and is, well, smart!
  • When My Sisters Flip Through The Channels and we pass Arthur I always beg them to go back

    I turn on the television everyday at 3:30 at go straight to PBS. You know that I know that You know that Arthur is on! I like that show because it has real life situations unlike stuff found on those silly reality shows. Arthur always has fun times with his friends. I expecially love the episode when Mr. Rodger guest stars as himself! It is amazing how they made him into one of those animal creature cartoons. Arthur teaches kids about the hardships of being a kid because he has a little sister who is evil to him. That I and anyone for that matter can relate to him. The Author of this series obviously had a lot of inspiration!
  • A great show for kids of all ages

    I think Arthur is a great show for little kids. I think its very educational. Its about a bunch of 3rd grader who deal with little kid life. I think its a great example of what an 8 year old would go through in real life

    I can somewhat relate to Arthur. Mr. Ratburn reminds me of my 3rd grade teacher. She was really hard on us but at the same time she had a caring heart

    I dont understand how theyve all been in third grade all these years. You would think they would have graduated high school by now. hehe

    My favorite episode is the one with all the music videos. They are fun to sing along and dance to
  • this show has the BEST theme tune EVER!!

    Well what can i say about Arthur?
    Its just great! Im 18 and I still watch it when I have days of work! I began watching it in its first year, so I was about 8, and I loved it. You just can\'t help but love the show, the titles grab your attenion cause its such a catchy song [which im not ashamed to admit I have on my mp3!! hahaha ok so Im a little ashamed!] and the storylines are perfect for the age group they are aimed at [I would change them slightly but hey im 18 so im ment to find the storylines a tad cheesy!]
    I have to admit that sometimes Arthur gets on my nerves but all in all I love the show :D
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