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  • Definitely on my favorite cartoons list.

    Arthur stars a kid named, well Arthur, who is an Aardvark, and he goes to school with his friends Buster Baxter, who is a rabbit. There are also other characters like Arthur's tough but still cool 3rd grade teacher, Mr. Ratburn. Also, there are some girls Arthur sometimes hangs around with, and their names are Francine and Muffy. I think this show is great and has nice and lovable characters. Arthur is one cool kid, he also lives with a nice family, he has a little sister that goes by the name of Dora Winnifred, but everybody just calls her D.W. for short. So again this show will always be on my most favorite shows list, as its a very entertaining and classic cartoon show, I used to watch this all the time when I was a kid, and back then I remember some of those episodes, I loved them very much and they, of course, were golden episodes with excellent plots fomr the 1990's. I recommend watching this show to learn some good lessons, as it is a very informative kids show. Its also good to watch for good enjoyment, and to see good plots and characters. I thought Binky was a very funny character to the show. This show is a great animated children's show from the 1990's, its definitely worth watching when you have the time, I believe this show is on the PBS Kids tv station.
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