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  • Ah...a show that I loved when I was a kid, and still love today!

    Boy, Arthur has been running for quite sometime, but I'm not surprised it's gone on for so long. Arthur's a really cool, clever, realistic, and funny show. It isn't really exciting and it's not as funny as a lot of the other shows I watch, but there's something I love about this show. I think probably because I can relate to so much. It also brings back so many great memories from when I was a child, and I try to watch Arthur as much as I can. There's only been really 1 or 2 episodes from this show I haven't liked, but I don't hate any episodes. Arthur is also a very funny show sometimes, and can really make me life. It also deals with some problems that regular children face, such as sharing a room with their sister, (that goes mostly for me, lol) having a pet who's sick, loosing something or someone you love in death, and numerous other stuff that I've dealt with before. A lot of my friends who watch Athur describe me as a mixture of Francine-because I'm a tomboy-Fern-because I like to write books and read and can be on the shy side-and also Buster because I can be lazy and love to eat. I think my favorite character would have to be Binky, because he can be a bully sometimes, but he can also be really nice, and most of the time he makes really funny jokes. Arthur is truly one of those shows that I don't think I'll ever grow out of, no matter how old I am. I would recommend this show to everyone, cause I think it's a really great series. Grade: 100/100!