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  • Ah…a classic show that I've loved since I was a little girl.

    Wow, Arthur sure has been running for a long time-over a decade-and I've been going with it since its premiere date. Yes, I was only two, but I've watched Arthur ever since the first episode. I loved it when I was a little kid, and I watch the old episodes mainly for the memories. Arthur has many realistic scenarios that are made in an entertaining way so that it's relatable, but fun to watch. To me, the show has just the right amount of humor and originality to make this show enjoyable. Usually, I find these kinds of things boring, but for some reason, Arthur isn't. I'm glad that each of the characters has their own personality, and the producers aren't dependent on stereotypes to create their characters. I think I'm mostly like Fern because she and I are both quiet, and love reading and writing, but I think my favorite character is Binky because he's the funniest one. The show is never repetitive and most of the episodes are completely original. But, even then, I feel this show has gone slightly downhill. I hate their new voices, especially Arthur's, Sue Ellen's, and the Brain's voices. Muffy's, Buster's, Francine's, and Binky's voices haven't changed-yet-thank God. Plus, there's something about the older episodes that are more enjoyable. I don't know if it's because it brings back more memories, but, to me, the new ones are missing something. Still, there have been a lot of new episodes I like: Prunella's special edition, When George met Carl, the Great McGrady, World Girls, Spoiled Rotten, and a few more. But some of them-especially "On this Spot," which is my least favorite episode-have been boring. Even then, Arthur will be another show that I will watch from its start until its end.