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  • This show is NOT for people over the age of 10! DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW UNLESS YOU'RE AGE 10 OR UNDER!!


    I stopped watching this show even before I was 13! It's not even a suitable show for my future children to watch! Why? Well, for one thing, the music is dumb...Or WAS dumb way back when I used to watch it. And regretfully I did watch a few episodes of this show. But back then, I did not know what a good show was. For another thing, the plots have a tendency to be very much on the dumb side, even for a kids show! They don't really teach kids anything except maybe manners, if they're lucky. Anyway, I remember one episode when the mother recently had a baby and it was one of the worst (if not THE worst) episode of this show I ever saw! Finally, to wrap this up, the acting on the show can be...You guessed it...Downright dumb! Stupid is more like it. And don't even bother watching this show with closed captioning! They have ridiculous phrases in the captions to describe certain things (Such as chuckling stupidly). Really, how does a person 'chuckle stupidly'? Terrible! Just terrible! And even more harrowing is the fact that I know someone who is in their early 20's and they watch this show!

    Gah! I cannot imagine how they can sit through even 1 minute of this show, let alone an entire episode! Now, if you want to teach your children proper manners or anything of the sort, teach them yourself instead of making them sit through this pointlessness they (PBS) calls a 'TV show'. The End.

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