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  • This was one of my favorite shows growing up,now it's just like what they did to Cyberchase.


    I loved educational shows as a kid,and now most of them suck. However,it's sad to say that one of my favorite educational shows growing up,is now stupid. A.K.A Arthur. The show is based on a set of books by Marc Brown. Now,turning books into shows end up in a terrible result,but this actually wasn't bad. The show is about a young aardvark named Arthur,who goes on adventures with his friends and family. Now,this was actually educational. Unlike Dora or Barney,this had morals that weren't forced on us,or no stupid "Ask the audience" thing. This show had lessons like tell the truth,or care about others. The characters were all great,(well not all),but they were funny. There's Arthur,the young typical main character,Buster,his friend who he hangs out with,Franchine,a sports star who wants to be the best,Brain,a smart kid who did a book report on magnets,and Binky,a kid who acts tough in real life,but just like Harold from Hey Arnold,He's a mama's boy. Now,the show was good,until Cookie JarTv took it over,and ruined it. Now,the voice acting sounds horrible. Arthur sounds like he's lost his puberty. Carl is just a useless character. I mean,of course he's got aspergers syndrome,but seriously,was he really needed. But the old seasons had problems too. And those two problems were D.W and Muffy. Muffy is just a generic rich girl who is such a snob (And said haunakah was less important than christmas,and she called Franchine rude for hanging up),while on the other hand,D.W is just a complete spoiled rotter selfish brat who I would never have as a sister. She thinks she's perfect and all that,but she's always throwing tantrums,treats her friends like garbage,and gets away with all the trouble she has caused. For example,in one episode,she learned to swear,and didn't get in trouble because she didn't know what she was saying,and yet her classmates starting cussing. In another episode,she played a CD a thousand times,and when Arthur threatened to break it,he got grounded and they thought he took D.W's cd. And then in the christmas episode,DW through a tantrum because she didn't get what she wanted,but the parents didn't do anything at all. And then,there was the infamous episode where Arthur punches DW because she broke his model airplane that he told her not to touch,and yet he gets grounded,and DW gets a lecture. The dad even told Arthur that when Binky punched him,he said that "Well,that's how DW felt when you hit her". What is with these parents? They can't decline a spoiled 5 year old who doesn't even know what H20 stands for. What idiots. It's just like Megan getting away with pranking Drake and Josh. Overall,with those problems,I used to like this show,now it sucks. Just watch the original episodes

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