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  • Arthur, the amazing show I grew up with is now a bomb.

    I love Arthur. I grew up with the show ever since I was little. This show as so fantastic, how could you not love it? But what I am here to talk about is how disgustingly awful the show has come. I am amazed that this show is canceled despite the newer episodes being so crappy! To me, Arthur ended after Season 11. I think it SHOULD have ended after Season 11! Seasons 1-5 are the best! Seasons 6-8 are great too. Seasons 9 and 10 were okay. Season 11 was disappointing. But when I saw Season 12-15 I just gave up! These new seasons are a joke and insult to the show. I nearly cried I was so bad. Your probably thinking "What a salty fanboy!" I am not trying to sound like one but it is true. Now on to the review.

    Graphics: 0.5/10

    On thing I loved about Arthur was it's artwork and how everything so detailed in the backgrounds. It was like a piece of art. But the graphics in Seasons 12-15 are god awful. Everything is so half-assed and rushed. It's not even funny. Backgrounds look like one solid color. Characters are misproportioned in almost every scene *example* Arthur's head would look too big or he would have chicken legs or even Binky looking skinny in some shots! Shading is very lacking all over. Worst of all, there is so much slowdown whenever they move! The screen just jerks all over the place! It gives me a headache and makes me feel nauseous! Simpsons, Family Guy, Bleach, South Park, Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon, Naruto, and several other cartoons/animes from the 90's or 2000's have gotten better animation. They started out as traditional hand-drawn to digital ink to computer generated animation in HD! So why the hell does Arthur look crapper now? It's no excuse why the animation got crapper. Especially since it's now 2012!

    Sound/Music: 1/10

    Yuck! The music in the new episodes is completely unfitting in the situations. Like playing bluegrass music while showing someone your stuff? Or playing silly music in a serious scene? Not to mention it sounds like awful. The new voices for Arthur, DW, Brain, and several other characters whose voices have been changed are bad acting to the max! The voices do not go with their personality! Arthur sounds like a girl! Even through his previous voice actor was high pitched, at least it sounded like a boy! DW's voice is even more annoying! She screeches alot and sounds like she has a laryngitis. Brain sounds like a girl just like Arthur and he they made him brick stupid too. Tibble Twins voices are the most annoying! Completely awful. Their previous voice actors weren't this high pitched! Oh my god. I can't believe they would allow this bad voicing to be in any show. This makes 4Kids voice acting look like an Oscar award winning actors.

    Storyline: 1/10

    Storylines are unoriginal and have been done before. In fact, they even altered previous events in Arthur! They made all the characters brick stupid and made them all forget everything that ever happen in Arthur! Have they even heard of canon? They sure used canon in all the other seasons of Arthur! Some of the new episode stories are so boring. That I feel like breaking the TV in disgust! All I can say is complete laziness for the story.

    Fun Factor: 0/10

    Arthur was so much fun to watch and entertaining to watch. But these new episodes are so boring and painful to watch that I feel like it is a chore to watch the new episodes. If you see the new episodes from Season 12-15 just avoid it all costs! Bottom line is the show now sucks and it is an insult to my childhood. The End