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  • What used to be a fun educational show is now a big mess

    I started disliking this show since it's fourth season and it's already starting it's eighteenth season. Okay, seasons 4-8 were alright but they'll never beat the classics. I TRULY started disliking the series with season 9 when it switched studios to the Cookie Jar Group. I continued disliking it throughout seasons 9 through 15, with my dislike getting stronger every season.

    But what REALLY made me downright HATE the show was season 16 and it's awful flash animation. That's what made me mad enough to write this review. Seasons 16 to present are absolutely terrible. The animation looks horrid. Arthur sounds like a girl. His voice sounded best in seasons 1-3 because the person who voice acted him in those seasons sounds his age.

    Let's very briefly run down the seasons.

    Seasons 1-3: 9/10 (The best seasons. Very recommended classics)

    Seasons 4-8: 5/10 (Eh, they're alright. Feel free to watch them but you'll be bored mostly)

    Seasons 9-11: 4/10 (Nah, don't watch. You'll fall asleep halfway through one episode)

    Seasons 12-15: 3.5/10 (No. Just don't. They're extremely boring. Change the channel if you see it on)

    Seasons 16-present: 0/10 (NEVER WATCH THESE ABOMINATIONS. PERIOD)

    So as you can see, the show slowly degraded in quality for me. First it was good, then mediocre, then poor, then bad, and now it sucks. The characters are so annoying now. They're just trying to reference memes from the internet kids won't get. If you want good, check out Seasons 1-3. As well as a few rare shining episodes in seasons 4-8, but ignore everything else. I hope this review helped. Now for me to find something else to rip into.
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