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  • Would be a 10 if it weren't for Season 16.

    First of all, let me just say that I love Arthur. I grew up watching it, and even though I'm 17 now, and way past its target audience, I continue to watch it.

    This show was golden up until sometime during Season 15. That's when things started going downhill a bit. It seemed like they were running out of ideas for plots and they just weren't trying as hard. But Season 15 wasn't nearly as bad as the season that's running now. The new episodes are just terrible. The half-assed flash animation looks like total sh*t, the plots are as weak as ever, and it's plain obvious that Arthur and DW are being voiced by the same person due to not differentiating the two voices enough. Not to mention that annoying new character Ladonna who was obviously only brought in to have a plot for the season opener (since the writers clearly aren't giving a f*ck anymore).

    I also don't like the way they pair up the new episodes. Usually both episodes will be centered around the same character. It almost seems that Arthur's become a supporting character. I haven't seen any episodes about him lately. They should just rename the show "Arthur's friends who no longer have interesting lives"

    I think this show was at its best from 1996-2004, and 2005-2012 was pretty good too. But late 2012-2013 sucks...

    Update: 9 Story is thankfully no longer doing the animation, so the animation in the most recent episodes (we're in season 20 now, holy isn't quite as bad as it was in Season 16, when I initially wrote the review. Unfortunately, it's still flash though, and is still sub-par in comparison to the hand-drawn episodes. I watched a couple of Season 20 episodes, and they weren't terrible. They're still not as good as the older episodes though. I'm starting to think maybe it's time to let this show die. It just hit its 20th birthday, and it's great that multiple generations of kids got to grow up on this show. But it has become obvious that the creators are running out of ideas. It would be better for people to remember this show as the timeless classic it was, not as a poorly-animated mediocre cartoon that's on life support because it has a title to protect as the 2nd longest running children's show (only behind Sesame Street).