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  • Please do yourselves and your kids a favor: download the older seasons and pass them on instead of watching it on PBS' whim. The new seasons achieve NOTHING!!

    As stated by others, personal collections on our hard drives, tablets, DVDs, and the like do this show more justice than TV and PBS can keep their nonsense that only serves to make money for marketers and mediocre studios who want top dollar for crap quality. If I found a boxed set of all the original older seasons prior to season 16 (not remakes!), I would be more than happy to buy it out of respect for this show, put it on the tablets of my nephews, nieces, or my kids (if I have kids in the future), and encourage others to do the same. It's sadly becoming harder to find these gems on TV, and all studios want to do is milk this show for every dime (As seen time and again in long running shows - I'm not surprised). Even though it is blatantly obvious this show has jumped the shark, there are still stupid brain dead lemmings out there who refuse to accept that, CONTINUALLY make lame excuses for this show despite the fact it's obviously dying, paint those who state the obvious as the bad guys, or think it's "just a kid's show" and demonize older viewers (ENOUGH WITH THAT AGE COP-OUT ALREADY!).

    If producers want to ignore older viewers, they can go right ahead, but they need to remember one thing: THOSE VIEWERS ARE NOT GOING AWAY, and the task of passing this show onto THEIR children, if they have any, DOES NOT HAVE TO INCLUDE THE PRODUCERS, PBS, or other snobs of their ilk!

    The new episodes don't achieve anything that has not already been covered (better) on the older episodes plot-wise and everything else, plain and simple.

    Until then, here's a link for the first ten seasons:

    https://thepiratebay (DOT) org/torrent/5181352/TV__Arthur_(Marc_Brown)_PBS_Kids_[Season_01_-_10]_FULL_EPISODES

    Here are seasons 11-13:

    http://thepiratebay (dot) org/torrent/5628787/

    14-15 are on youtube,