Season 12 Episode 2

Room to Ride / The Frensky Family Fiasco

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Oct 13, 2008 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • Postcards from You: This episode's postcard comes for the kids at the Dorchester Youth Collaborative (DYC) in Boston, Massachusetts. Tristan, Sheldon, Janovi, Wallace and Otto talk about why they like biking, show off their bikes and do some bike tricks.

    • Muffy reads the title cards for both stories. The one for "Room to Ride" is the one with Arthur being passed up by his friends in a race before hopping on the back of D.W.'s tricycle. The one for "The Frensky Family Fiasco" is the family photo of the Read family.

    • "Room to Ride" features Lance Armstrong voicing himself. A character like Lance Armstrong was featured in the tenth season story "Binky vs. Binky," however, that character was referred to as Vince Legstrong.

  • Quotes

    • Francine: If you're wondering if this is an official family night, it isn't. We don't have one anymore. It was a good idea, but it just wasn't for us.
      Mrs. Frensky: Hey, we're not getting any younger out here. Go already.
      Francine: Now, we just bowl.

    • Catherine: (as she and Francine cook a pizza together) It smells amazing. You know, I hate to admit it, but cooking together is actually kind of fun.

    • Francine: This family is falling apart. We never spend any time together. Even baboons are closer than we are.

    • Arthur: On this show, we're one, big happy family.
      Francine: Ugh, can't there be a single episode where we don't mention aliens?
      Arthur: But sometimes even families have trouble agreeing on the simplest things.

    • Muffy: If you want people to vote for something, you have to make them feel like they're at a big party. What's your budget?
      Binky: 53 cents.

    • Buster: I scream, you scream, we all scream for bike lanes.
      Arthur: Buster, that doesn't even rhyme.
      Buster: You're right. How about this? I scream, you scream, we all scream for submarines. That kinda rhymes.

    • Binky: I expect you to convince ten grown-ups to vote for our cause. Now, who are we?
      Arthur, Buster and Brain: The Bike-Lane Brigade.
      Binky: What do we want?
      Arthur, Buster and Brain: Bike lanes.
      Binky: Why do we want 'em?
      Arthur, Buster and Brain: Because Binky wants 'em.

    • Binky: An election? What's that got to do with bike lanes?
      Mr. Frensky: People are going to vote on whether the town should build more of them.
      Binky: That seems like a no-brainer.
      Mr. Frensky: You'd think so. But a lot of people don't care about bike lanes.
      Binky: They don't?
      Mr. Frensky: And some people who say they do care don't vote.
      Binky: Well, then I'll just make them care and make everyone vote.

    • Binky: (spewing snacks on Muffy's floor) Go, Lance, go!
      Muffy: When I said you could watch your DVD on my 70 inch plasma TV with 629 channels, I did not say you could use my room as a trash can!

    • (Arthur characters imagine what they'd do with the power of a magic voting booth...)

      Buster: Woo hoo!
      D.W.: Jetpacks for everyone? Is that the best you can do? There! We now officially live in Cowtopia. All hail Queen Mary!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Catherine: Megalopolis? That was already old when I was 8.
      Mr. Frensky: This is Francine's family night, Catherine. She's the boss.
      Francine: And I get to be banker. ... (Later, the family is playing the game...) Oh, not again.
      Catherine: Palomino Place. I own it. And with four condos and a skyscraper on it, you owe me... $675.

      The Frensky family is clearly playing the Elwood City version of Monopoly, in which players purchase properties and build on them as best possible in an attempt to bankrupt their opponents. In the real Monopoly game, the square that Francine lands is known as "Park Place" and contestants place houses and hotels instead of condos and skyscrapers.

    • Buster: Let's call it Buster and give me an alien sidekick!
      Francine: You be quiet! You already have your own show.

      During the opening of "The Frensky Family Fiasco," characters other than Arthur speculate on what the show would be like if it were theirs. At this point, Francine makes a reference to Postcards from Buster, Buster's spin-off show.