Arthur - Season 1

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Episode Guide

  • #13001
    "Arthur's First Sleepover"
    Written by Joe Fallon
    Storyboard by Jean Lajeunesse

    Arthur throws a sleepover and invites Brain and Buster. He doesn't invite D.W. so she decides to ruin the sleepover until she gets to come along.#13002
    "Arthur's New Years Eve"
    Written by Joe Fallon
    Storyboard by Darren Brereton

    Arthur plans to stay up through New Years. He feels that he's missed it but Grandma Thora said that as long as you've had good times from the past year there sure to follow up in the new year.

  • 5/26/97
    "My Club Rules!"

    The Strawberry Festival is coming to town and Arthur and his friends all band together and form a club to create the perfect float, but when everyone gets their own ideas on what the float should be they all form their own clubs. In the end D.W. brings them back together and she creates a float that they can all agree on.

    "Stolen Bike"

    Francine gets too old for her bike so her father gets one out of a dumpster and fixes it up for her. When she gets disappointed she hides the bike and says that it was stolen just so her friends won't see her on it.moreless

  • #12801
    "I'm a Poet"
    Written by Joe Fallon
    Storyboard by Kevin Currie

    Fern dares everyone to write a good poem for a contest. If the loser backs out they have to join art club for a year. They all make good poems and loved doing it so much that they wanted to join anyway.

    "The Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club"
    Written by Terence Taylor
    Storyboard by Angus Bungay

    Muffy's dad decides to ban all the Scare-Your-Pants-Off books because Muffy got a nightmare from it so Arthur and the kids band together to put a stop to it.moreless

  • #12701
    "D.W.'s Blankie"

    D.W. loses her blankie and she and Arthur search all over town just to find it.

    "Arthur's Substitute Teacher Trouble"

    When Mr. Ratburn gets sick his sister has to substitute for his class and all the kids think that she's going to be tougher but when she comes they realize that she's an easy teacher. Tired of not being challenged enough the kids want Mr. Ratburn back.moreless

  • 4/21/97
    "My Dad, the Garbage Man"

    Every kid at school's parents has cool jobs except for Francine's dad. He's a garbage man and Francine is embarrassed by it so to make him look cool she tells the kids at school that he's a CIA agent.

    "Poor Muffy"

    Muffy is allergic to the rugs at her house. She has to live with Francine until the rugs get cleared out but she starts to become a pain in the butt. Can Francine deal with her any longer?moreless

  • 3/10/97

    "D.W. Thinks Big"

    D.W. finds Aunt Lucy's wedding ring after her stuck-up cousin Cora causes it to get lost it at Lucy's wedding.

    "Arthur Cleans Up"

    The park is in bad condition and Arthur decides to team up with Francine's dad and clean it up. But can he convince his friends to help as well?

  • 3/3/97
    "Arthur's Tooth"

    Arthur is 8 years old and her hasn't lost all of his baby teeth yet. When Francine and the others find out they tease Arthur. He yet becomes even more determined to lose his tooth and fit in with the others.

    "D.W. Gets Lost"

    D.W.'s friend Emily gets earrings. She says it's because her parents view her as a adult so D.W. tries to act like one but she gets lost in the store and realizes that even adults aren't perfect either and after seeing what happened to Emily's ears she decides not to wear earrings until she is a grown up.moreless

  • 2/24/97
    "Bully For Binky"

    Binky is the toughest kid in school and everyone is afraid of him. He messes with the wrong person: Sue Ellen, and thinks that she is a pushover until he finds out that she is a blackbelt in Tai-Kwan-Do!

    "Mis-fortune Teller"

    Prunella has a 9 1/2 birthday party. She received many presents, but the paper fortune teller from her sister was the best of all. Soon it starts predicting everyone's fortune's and it comes true!moreless

  • 2/17/97

    "D.W.'s Snow Mystery"

    D.W. loses her snowball out the freezer. Her 3 main suspects are Francine, Buster, & Arthur but in the end everyone is innocent. D.W. doesn't find out what happened to her snowball but she still has a feeling it was Arthur.


    "Team Trouble"

    Written by Joe Fallon
    Storyboard by Gerry Capelle

    Arthur, Buster and Francine have been assigned an ancient history project. They find out why it is important to work together in order for the project to be a success.moreless

  • #12101
    "Sue Ellen Moves In"

    Sue Ellen moves into town and everything has a different story about her to tell. Sue Ellen and her family has been all over the world and are normal people, much to Buster's dismay since he thought they were aliens.

    "The Perfect Brother"
    Written by Joe Fallon
    Storyboard by Stefanie Gignac

    Brain spends the weekend over Arthur's house and turns into the perfect guest. He fixes Mom's computer, Dad's cooking problem and gets Kate to say her first word-"Brain". Arthur is happy to see Brain leave only to see how he lives at home.moreless

  • #12001
    "Arthur's Almost Boring Day"

    Arthur is supposed to write a report about what he did over the weekend. He planned to write about a day at the park but it rained. Bored both he and D.W. were forced to go to Grandma Thora's where Arthur discovered something great for his report!

    "The Half-Baked Sale"

    Grandma Thora can't cook. Her food is terrible but Arthur and D.W. always pretend to like it to spare her feelings. She plans to have a bake sale but things get so bad that Arthur and D.W. decide to save the people from her food.moreless

  • #11901
    "D.W. Rides Again"

    D.W. wants to ride in a bike-a-thon, just like her big brother Arthur, but she's still riding with training wheels. She has Mr. and Mrs. Read remove them, but finds that learning to ride without them is slow-going. She resolves to learn how, no matter how painful it is, or how long it takes.

    "Arthur Makes the Team"

    Arthur stinks at baseball on his team and makes them lose games so Francine tries to make him a better player.moreless

  • 1/20/97
    "Arthur's Chicken Pox"

    When Arthur starts acting oddly at school, he's sent to the nurse who finds he has a fever and sends him home. The next morning, he wakes up with chicken pox and is worried he won't be able to attend the circus that's coming to town. D.W. is delighted at an opportunity to torture him, but soon becomes jealous at all the attention he's getting.

    "Sick as a Dog"

    Despite his parents' warnings, Arthur has been letting Pal eat a lot of things he shouldn't --- everything from stale gummi worms from a Halloween possibly long past to a hot dog snatched directly from D.W.'s bun. Pal then starts looking ill and making a weird noise and ends up having to go to the vet and stay the night. Arthur is very worried, as Pal's never been away from him that long before. Worried about what's going to happen to Pal, he tries to shift the blame to D.W., convinced that she's done something after her statement that she would "teach that dog a lesson he'll never forget."moreless

  • #11701
    "Meek for a Week"

    Everyone knows that Francine is rather bossy and somewhat independent, but when she insults Muffy on her street hockey playing skills, it would seem she's gone to far. After a bit of crying, Muffy decides to make a bet with Francine --- she'll give Francine the Princess Peach watch that she's always adored if Francine can be nice for an entire week. Francine takes the bet seriously and pretty soon, her behavior is barely recognizable to her friends. Worried that she may be bottling her anger, Arthur and the rest of the group try to get Francine to let off some steam, before she ends up doing something really rash.

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    "Arthur, World's Greatest Gleeper"

    Before Arthur knows it, he's dragged into the Tough Customers after Buster brags about him being the "world's greatest gleeper." He and Buster didn't even know that "gleep" is a slang term for stealing, but they didn't want Arthur to look stupid in front of this tough group. Pretty soon, gossip gets around the entire school about Arthur being a thief, causing him some newfound popularity, but also to lose some friends. Then, he faces a trial that could change things for him forever, or restore what he lost.

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  • #11601
    "Arthur and the Crunch Cereal Contest"

    Arthur enters a contest to find the perfect jingle for a Crunch Cereal commercial. So far he's come up with nothing but is struck with an idea as D.W. hums a melody.

    "D.W. Flips"

    D.W. decides that she wants to be a gymnast so her mom puts her in a class.moreless

  • #11501
    "Arthur's Family Vacation"

    Arthur will do anything to get out of going on a family vacation and go to camp, until the prospect of one-upping D.W. convinces him to give it a shot. Everyone has all sorts of exciting dream plans --- Dad's lobster dinner, fun at the beach and an exciting stay at the hotel's Family Fun Suite. From the beginning, though, things go wrong, with the plans plagued by storms, traffic, unplanned pit stops and other assorted hassles. By the time everyone's in the hotel, they're thoroughly soured on the idea of vacation. Arthur, though, comes up with an idea that may just save their plans for a fun trip.

    "Grandpa Dave's Old Country Farm"

    D.W. and Arthur enjoy visiting Grandpa Dave's farm, but when they get there, they find it in a far different state than they remember. The farm has gone to rack and ruin --- chickens are being kept in the bedroom and things are falling apart all over the place. Grandpa Dave is an independent country type and doesn't want any help, but he's in no condition to fix up the farm on his own. D.W. and Arthur decide that they have to find some way to help Grandpa Dave because, among other things, they want to sleep in separate beds, something they can't do as long as there's chickens in one of the bedrooms.

  • #11401
    "Arthur the Wrecker"

    Arthur is hooked on a brand-new computer game called Deep Dark Sea which he borrowed from the Brain. He's so excited about it that he just has to show it to Buster --- even if it means playing it when his Mom specifically said not to use the computer. When the two have a tussle, the computer appears to be broken, leading to a huge scramble as Arthur tries to hide the truth.

    "Arthur and the True Francine"

    A game of Truth or Dare brings up scenes from Muffy's past, back to when she first came to Lakewood Elementary. She and Muffy quickly became friends, but Muffy plays fast-and-loose with the truth, even going so far as to claim they she taught math at her old school. Then, she cheats off of Francine's math test, putting Francine in detention and threatening to ruin the bond that had been built between the two.moreless

  • 12/2/96
    "So Long, Spanky"

    D.W. is devastated when her pet parakeet, Spanky, dies. She has a funeral for him and doesn't want to replace him with any other pet. Naturally, she's terribly annoyed when a slimy, warty toad starts following her around and getting into Spanky's stuff. She tries to get it to leave for good, but it seems to have other ideas.

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    "Buster's New Friend"

    Arthur is very surprised when Buster doesn't show up to watch Bionic Bunny with him and even more surprised when it turns out that Buster's hanging out with some new friend named Mike. Buster makes Mike sound plenty cool, but Arthur really needs Buster's help with their science project. What's worse is that Arthur keeps asking just who Mike is, but it seems like Buster can only gush about who Mike is, rather than give a straight answer. Arthur begins wonder if Buster isn't his friend anymore.

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  • #11201
    "Arthur Writes a Story"

    Mr. Ratburn gives the class an assignment --- to write a story about anything they want. It seems like a simple assignment and it doesn't even have to be bound and sent to a publisher as Muffy suggests. Arthur, however, finds it a hard task when he starts trying to write to please everyone's tastes. He starts out with the simple story of how he got his dog Pal, but after following the advice of each of his friends, it morphs into a bizarre country tune about baby elephants being born in outer space.

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    "Arthur's Lost Dog"

    It's Downtown Day in Elwood City, with all sorts of fun games and activities. Arthur, D.W., their parents, Baby Kate and Pal are all out enjoying the activities when suddenly Baby Kate starts crying. The noise seems to upset Pal and he ends up with D.W., then breaks away and runs off. As Arthur and his friends chase after the apparently lost dog, Pal seems to be on a mission the entire time.

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  • 11/18/96
    "Arthur's Baby"

    Viewers are taken back, as Arthur and D.W. recollect what happened when Baby Kate was first-born. D.W. is excited with anticipation, but Arthur is very worried. His worries are only made worse when his friends tell him about all the awful stuff that's going to happen when the baby comes. Still, Arthur, is determined to be a good big brother, but ends up thinking that the baby hates him!

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    "D.W.'s Baby"

    D.W. was excited to have a new little sister, but when she doesn't get to help much and the baby moves into her room, things don't seem so great. Kate stinks and makes a lot of noise. D.W. hatches a plan to get rid of her, but finds that maybe being a big sister isn't so bad after all.

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  • #11001
    "Arthur's Birthday"

    Arthur is excited about his birthday. After shopping for party supplies, he makes invitations and passes them out at school. He then finds out that Muffy is having her party on the same day, at the same time. This starts a huge battle between the boys and the girls in the Ratburn Fortunately, Francine and Arthur devise a great solution to the problem.

    "Francine Frensky, Superstar"

    Francine has always gotten the worst roles in school plays, so everyone in the Ratburn asks Mr. Ratburn to give her a good part in the next one. The play is about Thomas Edison, and Francine is given the role of Edison himself. She takes her role very seriously, to the point where she starts to trying to run everything her way and insults her friends. After the hurt and the anger, they set out to show her that she can't just forget their needs.

  • #10901
    "Arthur Babysits"

    Arthur has plenty of gripes about his past babysitters, but soon finds himself trying his hand at some babysitting of his own. He ends up having the Tibble Twins' Grandma ask him to babysit the infamous Tibble Twins and he agrees to the job. Despite the warnings from both his friends and D.W., he takes on the task and quickly finds himself overwhelmed. After some quick thinking, and a willingness to keep at things, he comes up with a plan.

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    "Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe"

    The Read Family is having a big reunion, with aardvark relatives from all over coming. Arthur normally enjoys the festivities, such as sack-racing and swapping stories, but finds himself hiding because he's worried that his cousin Mo has a big practical joke planned for him. He remembers her being awful to him in the past and is sure that she has something big planned. However, his worries might just be unfounded.

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  • #10801
    "Arthur's New Puppy"

    Arthur gets exactly what he's been wanting - a new puppy! The only problem is that his new dog Pal destroys everything in sight. Can Arthur teach him to behave, or will he have to send Pal away?p>#10802
    "Arthur Bounces Back"

    Arthur's dream is to have Moon Boots, but he doesn't have the ten dollars to get them. He begins doing chores to earn money, but gets too desperate and does something he will later regret.moreless

  • #10701
    "Arthur Goes to Camp"

    Arthur and his friends go to summer camp and Binky brings up the issue that it's boys vs. girls. The other team participating always won because of this problem, so now the kids of Elwood must work together to defeat them this year.

    "Buster Makes the Grade"

    Buster's grades aren't as good as his jokes, and now he is on the verge of repeating his third grade year. If he does not receive at least a B on his next test, he fails...

  • #10601
    "Locked in the Library"

    After Arthur calls Francine a marshmallow, Francine and her friends get really mad, and it looks like she and Arthur are going to fight. But when they both get locked inside the Elwood City Library they either have to make up or prepare for a long and scary weekend, because the library closes until Monday!

    "Arthur Accused!"

    Arthur is assigned to collect coins for Mrs. McGrady, who is raising money for a new dog for the Elwood City firemen. He leaves the bag of quarters where Mrs. McGrady had been working, but she says she never received them. Meanwhile, Buster opens his detective agency, though he has no idea his first job will involve Arthur. Now, it's up to Buster to solve this mystery! Is Arthur the real thief?moreless

  • #10501
    "Arthur's Pet Business"

    When Arthur desperately wants a dog, he starts a pet business. When he gets too many he decides to just take care of one pet.

    "D.W. the Copycat"

    When D.W. gets told she doesn't like any interesting stuff, she decides to copy Arthur.

  • #10401
    "D.W.'s Imaginary Friend"
    Storyboard by Sylvain Proteau
    Written by Ken Scarborough

    D.W. has an imaginary friend, Nadine, says she has to come everywhere, but Arthur is sick of it.

    "Arthur's Lost Library Book"

    When Arthur checks out a library book and loses it a week later; he thinks he is banned from the library. So he and Binky team up to find it.moreless

  • 9/16/96
    "D.W. All Wet"
    Storyboard by Sylvain Proteau
    Written by Kathy Waugh

    Whew, boy is it HOT today. The Reads decide to head to the beach in order to cool off, but D.W. refuses to go along (she thinks there is an octopus in the water).

    "Buster's Dino Dilemma"
    Storyboard by Raymond Lebrun
    Written by Matt Steinglass

    When the class goes on a field trip to a dinosaur museum, Buster finds a fossil on the ground - and wants to keep it for himself.moreless

  • #10201
    "Arthur and the Real Mr. Ratburn"

    Arthur and Buster fear that their new teacher, Mr. Ratburn, is some kind of evil maniac who collects children's heads - until they discover the truth about him, of course.

    "Arthur's Spelling Trubble"

    Arthur does some heavy-duty studying, in order to compete in the school's upcoming spelling bee.

  • Arthur's Eyes
    Arthur's Eyes
    Episode 1

    Arthur's Eyes: We flash back to when Arthur was having vision problems and thus needed glasses, resulting in him being made fun of initially. Arthur tries to hide from others, do away with his glasses, etc., but this leads to even more problems...

    Francine's Bad Hair Day: Muffy wants the typically not-so-well-groomed Francine to look her best for school picture day. The problem? There's a kickball game before the photos are taken, and Francine is not permitted to play since it will mess up her new hairdo and dress for the picture!