Arthur - Season 14

Daily 4:00 PM on PBS Premiered Sep 02, 1996 In Season




Episode Guide

  • 10/11/10
    Brain learns how to play basketball while in a wheelchair from a girl named Lydia. George decides to write a report on someone he respects, that person is Buster.
  • Buster, decides to build a model rocket ship. Chaos ensues. George decides to walk from Crown City to Elwood City to raise money for autism research. Alberto's "El Boomerang" soccer ball, is returned to Alberto on his birthday.

  • Annoyed by gender stereotypes in the media, Francine, Muffy and Molly make their own little animated movie with girls as the main characters. D.W. watches a reality show's wedding and decides that she wants to have one too. Her ideal husband turns out to be James!
  • Brain gives everyone nicknames, but Arthur doesn't like his nickname. Muffy gets a new cellphone and helps the Tough Customers start an amusement park on the playground.
  • 10/25/10

    Falafelosophy: Sue Ellen writes a graphic novel about circles and triangles. However her friends think it's unusual. The Great Lint Rush: Pal and Amigo need to buy back socks from Mr. Toad. who has brought all of the socks.

  • Arthur, Buster and Fern buy one Grotesquely Grim Bunny comic after the local comic store goes under new management. Arthur is afraid to admit the new comics scare him. Arthur and Buster make videos about Pal, while Francine and Muffy make videos about Nemo. However Pal and Nemo don't like the results.moreless
  • Follow the Bouncing Ball: When Alberto and Francine accidentally exchange soccer balls in the park, Alberto's ball travels with Francine throughout Elwood City and, eventually, the world. Buster Baxter and the Letter from the Sea: Buster discovers a message in a bottle and believes it to be a from the people of the lost City of Atlantis.

  • Around the World in 11 Minutes: In an attempt to discover just how big the world is, Pal, Kate, Mei-Lin, and Amigo take an imaginary trip around the world. Muffy and the Big Bad Blog: A feud erupts after Francine suggests to an obsessed Muffy that she spends too much time blogging.

  • 4/26/11

    Arthur Unravels: Arthur's Grandmother teaches him how to knit. However, embarrassed by his new skill, he tries to hide it from everyone else. All the Rage: Inspired by fashion icon Capri, Muffy tries her hand at making accessories. She comes up with edible scarves, ankle purses, and soft "armings." All of which fail to gain popularity.

  • D.W. Queen of Comeback: When D.W. gets her hair cut too short by a clown barber, the Tibbles begin to tease her about it, prompting her to seek advice on comebacks. In My Africa: When Brain's cousin Cheikh moves to Elwood City from Senegal, D.W. is embarrassed that she knows nothing about the continent. With the help of Brain, she makes a song to re-memorize all the names of African countries.

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