Arthur - Season 2

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Episode Guide

  • How the Cookie Crumbles / Sue Ellen's Little Sister
    "How the Cookie Crumbles"

    Muffy won last year's Strawberry baking contest in The Strawberry Festival because her father was the judge but this year when her friends help her bake strawberry cookies she takes the credit and wins the contest. Soon the cookies become so good that Muffy decides to run a business and sell them but not before she lets Arthur and friends get their share.

    "Sue Ellen's Little Sister"

    Sue Ellen is an only child and she envies her friends and their siblings, so the next day she goes out on a mission to find a little brother or sister. When Binky, Brain, and Prunella all fail she decides that D.W. is the perfect choice but one day with D.W. has changed her mind but when she goes home her parents have announced that they've adopted a little boy named Tenzin how is her new little brother.moreless

  • 5/18/98
    "D.W.'s Name Game"D.W. introduces this story by telling viewers about all of the mean things that Arthur does. She wants to get him back, but she's really not sure how. D.W. has a discussion with the Tibbles, but their far-out ideas (either waiting until Arthur becomes a famous piano player and ruining his concert or hypnotizing him) just aren't practical. After D.W. bests them in name-calling, they suggest that she use her skills on Arthur. Arthur, however, knows more words, but D.W. gets help from baby-sitter Katherine's thesaurus. When Arthur comes up with the ultimate insult, D.W. is sent to bed and has an enlightening dream.#21902
    "Finders Key-pers"Binky, Brain, and Arthur all find a lost key and they all use their imaginations that tells them that it belongs to important stuff. They decide to split it 50/50/50, but when they find out that Mr. Morris is missing the keys to the sprinkler system they discover who it belongs to.moreless
  • #21801
    "Arthur vs. The Very Mean Crossing Guard"
    Written by Ken Scarborough
    Storyboard by Gerry Capelle and M. Gagnon

    On the way home from school, Arthur and the Brain meet a crossing guard who wants $10.00 from them to cross the street. Is he for real or not?

    "D.W.'s Very Bad Mood"

    D.W. has been acting very badly in the Read household, and Arthur doesn't know why. Can Arthur and Francine find out before she keeps the whole family awake?moreless

  • #21701
    "Francine Redecorates"

    When Francine and Katherine get sick of each other Katherine moves out and haves her own room in the living room. While Francine tries to decorate her room it just won't work the way she plans. They soon want each other back and Katherine and Francine decide to both decorate the room by combining their ideas.

    "Arthur The Loser"
    Written by Joe Fallon
    Storyboard by Brian Anderson

    Arthur loses at every game at anytime but when he gets a "No Guessing" game he becomes the biggest winner (cheater) in school.moreless

  • #21601
    "Love Notes for Muffy"

    When Muffy annoys Francine and Brain they decide to get even with her by sending her fake love notes for an anonymous person to make her look goofy.

    "D.W. Blows the Whistle"

    When D.W. is given a whistle from a man who taught her preschool class about safety, she becomes obsessed with safety. Pretty soon, she's blowing the whistle at any potential unsafe situation and annoying everyone. Arthur and his friends begin to wonder just what they're going to do about her obsessive behavior.moreless

  • #21501
    "Grandma Thora Appreciation Day"Arthur and D.W. sleepover at Grandma Thora's house and find out that she gets lonely when they're not there, so Arthur and D.W. throw her a party to help her get out of the blues.#21502
    "Fern's Slumber Party"Fern is not the most popular girl at school and she likes it that way but her mother doesn't so she throws a slumber party and tells all the kids to come. Eventually everything turns out great and she ends up getting the reputation as a detective.moreless
  • #21401
    "Sue Ellen's Lost Diary"

    When Sue Ellen drops her diary at the library, she is worried that someone has found it and is going to read it. She gets the gang to find the diary.

    "Arthur's Knee"
    Written by Shelarae Carpentier Lou
    Storyboard by M. Gagnon and M. Cuadrado

    Arthur and the Brain are doing a report, and one of the wheels breaks off. Arthur and D.W. go to the dump, where they are forbidden to go, and Arthur cuts his knee. How can Arthur tell his mom?moreless

  • #21301
    "Water And The Brain"
    Written by Peter K. Hirsch
    Storyboard by Robert Yap

    Arthur and his friends are all invited by Muffy to go to Waterworld, but the Brain doesn't want to go. He and Binky spy on Brain and find out that he's afraid of water. They desperately try to cure this fear so they can all go to Waterworld together.

    "Arthur The Unfunny"

    Muffy has planned an after school carnival to take place at her house. She lets all her friends become clowns and goons except for Arthur because Arthur is not funny. He tries hard but no matter what he does it's just not funny until he finds a funny way to play the piano.moreless

  • #21201
    "Arthur's Faraway Friend"
    Written by Joe Fallon
    Storyboard by Brian Anderson

    Arthur and Buster are on the urge of finishing their story for the sequel of Robin Hood. Everything is well until Arthur discovers that Buster has decided to go on a long trip to bond with his dad. Arthur fears that it's the end of their story and their friendship!

    "Arthur And The Square Dance"

    Francine and Arthur always are partners at Ms. MacGrady's square dance and soon Binky and Muffy start to wonder if Arthur and Francine are in love? Things get complicated and Arthur writes a letter to Buster (he's on a trip with his dad) for help. Does Buster have the solution?moreless

  • #21101
    "D.W.'s Deer Friend"

    It's the 2nd family trip and D.W. gets to choose. She chooses camping and D.W. gets attached to a deer she met and wants to bring home.

    "Buster Hits The Books"
    Written by Joe Fallon
    Storyboard by Jeremy O'Neil and J. Tankusev

    Buster doesn't do a book report for Mr. Ratburn and the others react and think that he can't read. The truth is Buster only reads books that interest him, so when he picks up Robin Hood he decides to do his report on that. At the end Arthur and Buster start writing a sequel to Robin Hood.moreless

  • #21001
    "D.W. Goes to Washington"

    It's the 1st family trip and Arthur gets to choose. He chooses going to Washington, D.C. and D.W. thinks that she's going to be bored until she accidentally runs into the president of U.S.A.

    "Arthur's Mystery Envelope"

    Arthur gets an envelope from Mr. Haney to give to his mom but he's afraid that there's something bad in it!moreless

  • 12/8/97

    Arthur falls asleep on the bus to his swimming lessons and gets lost. He acts maturely and asks people to help him get back to Elwood City.

    "The Short, Quick Summer"

    It's the end of the school year and Arthur and his friends enjoy the summer but things get tangled when it all goes by too quickly!moreless

  • #20801
    "Arthur Versus the Piano"

    Arthur must play a Beethoven piece on the piano in the Spring recital. He thinks it'll be a breeze and he goofs off, but then he has a nightmare about messing up the recital big time, and he begins to worry. Meanwhile, D.W. has a serious hiccuping problem! #20802
    "The Big Blow-Up"

    Francine and The Brain get into a fight over which of them is the better soccer player. Their refusal to cooperate results in their team losing a bunch of games leading up to the big playoffs. Arthur and Buster have to find a way to get them to make up.moreless

  • 11/3/97
    "Arthur's TV-Free Week"
    Storyboard by Stephanie Gignac
    Written by Peter Hirsch

    It's trouble, right here in Elwood City. The kids--and their parents--have all pledged not to watch TV for one whole week. That's days, hours, and a whole bunch of minutes (10,680 to be exact, as Buster is horrified to discover). Can they last? Who will be the first to break?

    "Night Fright"
    Storyboard by Gerry Capelle
    Written by Joe Fallon

    Big, brave Binky Barnes. He'd be toast if people ever discovered he couldn't sleep without a night light. It's his deepest, darkest secret. When Arthur spends the night, and discovers the truth, Binky has no choice but to try... bribery.moreless

  • #20601
    "Buster Baxter, Cat Saver"

    Buster saves a cat from up a tree and now he is known as a local hero because of an article in the newspaper.

    "Play it Again, D.W."

    D.W. discovers the beauty of music as she first listens to her Crazy Bus compact disc which annoys Arthur. When it disappears she thinks he did it until they get a phone call from their parents at a party telling D.W. that they took it and it's the life of the party.

  • #20501
    "Arthur's Underwear"

    Arthur has an embarrassing dream about being seen in his underwear and it gets even worse when it happens for real!

    "Francine Frensky, Olympic Rider"

    Francine decides that she wants to learn how to ride a horse so she saves her money and gets lessons but things become worse when Katherine falls in love with her instructor.moreless

  • Arthur Makes a Movie / Go to Your Room, D.W.
    "Arthur Makes A Movie"
    Written by Peter K. Hirsch
    Storyboard by Robert Yap

    Arthur wants to see a movie, but he is too young to see it, so he and his friends make a parody of the movie.

    "Go To Your Room, D.W."

    When D.W. is sent to her room, she thinks it is because her parents only love Kate and Arthur. She eventually learns to be nice to Kate.moreless

  • #20301
    "D.W., the Picky Eater"

    D.W. is a picky eater an doesn't eat everything on her plate. Grandma Thora's birthday dinner is coming up soon and because of her actions in the past she's not invited. Can she overcome this and come to the dinner?

    "Buster and the Daredevils"

    Buster meets these cool guys who knows skating tricks. He wants to be their friend but they dare him to do bad things. Will Buster see these guys for who they truly are?moreless

  • Binky Barnes, Art Expert / Arthur's Lucky Pencil
    "Binky Barnes, Art Expert"

    An art teacher assigns Arthur's class an art assignment and Binky gets teamed up with Arthur and Buster. They go to an art museum and Binky discovers a mistake with a certain drawing!

    "Arthur's Lucky Pencil"
    Written by Peter K. Hirsch
    Storyboard by Stefanie Gignac

    Arthur finds a pencil that gives him luck but when everyone else starts to use it, the pencil starts to get smaller and smaller, so Arthur hides it somewhere. He can't find it but is lucky anyway and when it is found D.W. takes it.moreless

  • Arthur Meets Mr. Rogers / Draw!
    "Arthur Meets Mr. Rogers"
    Written by Ken Scarborough
    Storyboard by Denis Banville

    Mr. Rogers from Mr.Rogers Neighborhood comes to the Read family for a visit. Everyone especially D.W. loves him except for Arthur who's even embarrassed to be seen with him. Can he overcome this embarrassment before his friends find out?

    Written by Joe Fallon
    Storyboard by Eric Bergeron and Gerry Capelle

    Francine hurts Fern's feelings by calling her a mouse so to get even she and a bunch of kids draw embarrassing pictures of Francine. They continue until Ms. MacGrady tricks the kids into letting them know how Francine feels.moreless