Arthur - Season 3

Daily 4:00 PM on PBS Premiered Sep 02, 1996 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Buster's Back / The Ballad of Buster Baxter
    "Buster's Back"
    Written by Joe Fallon
    Storyboard by Gerry Capelle
    Buster returns after a extremely long trip to bond with his father and a nervous Arthur wonders if Buster's trip made him change?#30102
    "The Ballad Of Buster Baxter"
    Written by Joe Fallon
    Storyboard by Stefanie Gignac
    In this musical episode Buster feels left out having missed all the adventures since he was. He feels that everyone has changed and they feel the same about him, so Arthur plans a party so they can rekindle their friendship with Buster.moreless
  • #30201
    "D.W., All Fired Up"

    D.W. loves preschool and wants to go everyday, but when Ms. Morgan announces that they will have a fire drill she fears for her safety and doesn't want to go anymore. Will she get over her fear of fire drills?

    "I'd Rather Read It Myself"

    The Tibble Twins can do anything better than D.W. They even learned how to ride a 2-wheeler before her, so D.W. tries the impossible and tells them that she is able to read before them. They challenge her and she picks up a book and makes up a story, but will D.W. be able to pull it off?

  • #30301
    "Arthur Goes Crosswire"
    Written by Chris Moore
    Storyboard by Rick Rijgersberg and Jeremy O'Neil

    Mr.Ratburn assigns partners for a project and Arthur gets teamed up with Muffy? After spending alot of time with her he starts to act just like her except he gets snotty with his friends so they change him back.

    "Sue Ellen And The Brainasaurus"
    Written by Ken Scarborough and Chris Moore
    Storyboard by Robert Yap

    Once again Mr.Ratburn assigns another partner project. This time Sue Ellen gets partnered up with Brain? Soon he starts to be a report hog and gets on Sue Ellen's nerves. Can she snap him to his senses to get this prehistoric project done with as a team?moreless

  • #30401
    "Background Blues"
    Written by Peter K. Hirsch
    Storyboard by Robert Yap

    Mr. Ratburn assigns a project that involves family ancestors. Muffy and Francine turn this project into a competition to see who has the best ancestors.

    "And Now Let's Talk To Some Kids"
    Written by Joe Fallon
    Storyboard by Stefanie Gignac

    Arthur's class gets picked to be on a television show in which the Brain does not want to go on.moreless

  • #30501
    "The Chips Are Down"
    Written by Joe Fallon
    Storyboard by Stefanie Gignac

    D.W. eats a big green potato chip and to get her off his back Arthur tells her that it's fatal and she could die so D.W. spends this day as her last day until she finds out the truth.

    "Revenge of the Chip"
    Written by Dietrich Smith
    Storyboard by Mario Cabrera

    D.W's mom tells the newspapers and everyone in town that story about D.W. and the green chip embarrassing her ultimately.moreless

  • 11/9/98
    "Binky Rules"
    Written by Sandra Willard
    Storyboard by Robert Yap

    Someone has been writing "Binky Rules" all over Lakewood Elementary, and Mr. Morris thinks it is Binky. Binky says he didn't do it, so Fern and Buster are trying to find out. They later find out it is a music group with the same name as Binky's.

    "Meet Binky"
    Written by Sandra Willard
    Storyboard by Jeremy O'Neil and Larry Jacobs

    Everyone gets tickets for a concert starring the new group Binky.moreless

  • #30701
    "Arthur Rides The Bandwagon"
    Written by Peter K. Hirsch
    Storyboard by Robert Shedlowich and Mario Cabrera
    Everyone has a Woogle, the popular new toy... everyone except Arthur. He think that they're dweeby, until everyone else has one. He tries to obtain a wonderful Woogle, but the stores are all sold out! What will he do now?#30702
    "Dad's Dessert Dilemma"
    Written by Sandra Willard
    Storyboard by Jeremy O'Neil and Alex Greychuck
    After one of Mr. Read's scrumptious desserts makes Arthur the most popular kid in class, Arthur can't stop asking his dad to cook. Despite his dad's busy catering schedule, Arthur promises delectable desserts to anyone and everyone. Unfortunately, Mr. Read becomes overworked and overloaded...will he ever recover? and will Arthur ever see the error of his ways?moreless
  • #30801
    "Popular Girls"

    Fern and Sue Ellen read a teenage magazine, and after they take a quiz, they change the way they act. Fern turns loud and aggressive, while Sue Ellen falls back in everything.

    "Buster's Growing Grudge"
    Written by Joe Fallon
    Storyboard by Robert Yap and Daniel Decelles

    When Binky steals Buster's joke for his report, Buster has a grudge against him.moreless

  • #30901
    "Arthur's Treasure Hunt"
    Written by Stephen Krensky
    Storyboard by Mario Cabrera and Rich Vanatte

    When Buster finds an arrowhead in his yard; everyone wants to know if there are treasures in their yards. How will Arthur know if there are treasures in his yard if Mom will only let him dig behind the garage?

    "The Return Of The King"
    Written by Peter K. Hirsch
    Storyboard by Mario Cabrera

    When Mr. Ratburn's class goes to a medieval style fair, his old teacher, Mr. Pryce-Jones, comes with his class. Mr. Pryce-Jones' class wins all the games. The last contest is pulling a sword from a stone. Will Arthur prove that Lakewood is better than Glenbrook? (Glenbrook is the name of the school where Mr. Pryce-Jones' class is from).moreless

  • #31001
    "Attack Of The Turbo Tibbles"
    Written by Joe Fallon
    Storyboard by Robert Yap

    The Tibble's watch a dangerous superhero show and imitate it, but things get out of hand when they pretend that D.W is a bad guy and give her a busted lip.

    "D.W. Tricks The Tooth Fairy"
    Written by Joe Fallon
    Storyboard by Stefanie Gignac

    D.W. wants money to buy a toy, so she plans to trick the tooth fairy so she can earn enough money for it.moreless

  • #31101
    "Double Tibble Trouble"

    Tommy Tibble gets sick and Timmy Tibble gets sad so D.W. and Emily pretend to be Tibble's to make Timmy feel better until Tommy is well.

    "Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival"
    Written by Joe Fallon and Ken Scarborough
    Storyboard by Robert Yap

    In this musical episode Arthur and Buster show D.W. that you don't need cameras, lights, etc. to make a music video.moreless

  • #31201
    "What Scared Sue Ellen?"

    After everyone has told scary stories, Everything scares Sue Ellen, who is hardly scared at all, until she hears noises in the woods.

    "Clarissa is Cracked"

    Grandma Thora lends her doll to D.W. for a week, and she has a lot of fun. Then one day, Clarissa breaks! Will she get fixed before the end of the week?moreless

  • #31301
    "Arthur's Dummy Disaster"

    When George brings his dummy, Wally, to school, everyone loves him. After awhile, they get tired of Wally. Will they stop him?

    "Francine and the Feline"

    Francine never had a pet, until Nemo comes along. Will Arthur convince her to get rid of him?

  • #31401
    "Mom and Dad Have a Great Big Fight"

    When Mom and Dad begin to fight over spilled milk, D.W. is worried that they might be getting a divorce. Arthur tries to convince her that they aren't getting a divorce, but Arthur, too, is worried.

    "D.W.'s Perfect Wish"

    Arthur notices that D.W. is not excited about her birthday, and he tells her about her memories throughout her year as a 4-year-old.moreless

  • #31501
    "Arthur and D.W. Clean Up"

    Arthur is devastated that he has to clean up his room, and D.W.'s too. Will he have to miss Happy Crazy Wow Day at the park?

    "The Long, Dull Winter"

    Is Arthur bored? The gang decides to make up another holiday for the wintertime.