Arthur - Season 5

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  • Francine Goes to War
    Francine Goes to War
    Episode 6.2
    Being annoyed by her new neighbor, Francine tries to get her to move by setting traps to scare her. This doesn't work and Francine makes a new friend as she gets to know her neighbor.
  • Arthur's Perfect Christmas
    The Arthur's Perfect Christmas special opens with scenes of citizens of Elwood City busy preparing for Christmas, while Pachelbel's Canyon is played in the background on piano. Arthur then sings the first of many of the special's musical numbers, "Perfect Christmas," in which he lays out his list of the things he wants in the upcoming Christmas:

    A large amount of snow
    An amazing dinner, turkey and the whole works
    A spectacular Christmas tree- most importantly without tinsel
    Everyone will love the presents he gets for them.

    However, things don't always work out quite as we always want them to. Meanwhile, as the special progresses, a number of other storylines are revealed, perhaps so many that the show's younger target audience might find it difficult to follow:

    D.W. wants a new toy, "Tina the Talking Tammy," for Christmas and Jane Read is unable to find it at stores anywhere.
    Uncle Fred is going on a trip to Florida, but his car just so happens to break down on the way there. So for the meantime, he and his dog, Roarie, are staying at the Reads' for Christmas.
    The timing of Francine's family's celebration of Hannunkah conflicts with that of Muffy's "holiday extravaganza," causing Francine to miss the party. When Muffy states that Hannunkah isn't as important as Christmas, Francine stops speaking to her.
    Ever since Buster's mother and father got divorced, Christmas has been a difficult time for Buster and his Mom. Buster's Mom wakes up him up early on the days before Christmas and makes him pancakes, thinking that it's Christmas, then Buster has to explain to her that it's not Christmas yet. Arthur and his friends suggest he create his own holiday- Baxter Day. Buster is sceptical, but he agrees to give it a try.
    Every Christmas, Binky volunteers at a homeless shelter with his Dad, and this year, he's trying to bake something special to bring. However, he's been taking cooking lessons from the "Thora Institution" (For example: He makes a pecan pie without shelling the pecans first...)
    Brain's family is celebrating Kwanzaa.
    George's family is revealed to Swedish and they celebrate Sankta Lucia Day.

    In the end, things don't work out quite as everybody may have hoped they would, but it seems to be for the better. Well, maybe, assuming Arthur can ever get D.W. to stop her new toy, Quackers, from singing "Quick, quack, quaddy-quack..."moreless

  • Arthur's Family Feud / Muffy Gets Mature
    "Arthur's Family Feud"

    Who ruined Dad's perfect soufflé? To solve this problem, Mom and Dad listen to both Arthur and D.W.'s version of what happened -- and the siblings demonstrate some very imaginative storytelling!

    "Muffy Gets Mature"

    Muffy began to read Mature Miss magazines, and she began to act more mature, and finds out all her friends are too juvenile and she searches for a more grown-up experience with Francine's teenaged sister and her cool cohorts.moreless

  • The Last of Mary Moo Cow / Bitzi's Beau
    "The Last of Mary Moo Cow"

    When D.W.'s favorite TV show is cancelled; she makes a petition to bring it back. She gets a tour of the set, and finds out it is still cancelled.

    "Bitzi's Beau"

    Buster's mom announces she has a new boyfriend, and Buster thinks his mom won't have time for him with her new boyfriend.moreless

  • The Election / Francine Goes to War
    "The Election"

    Mr. Ratburn's class has a mock election, and Muffy and Arthur are taking it really seriously until Binky is nominated.

    "Francine Goes to War"

    When there is a new neighbour in Francine's apartment, Mrs. Pariso, Francine and Muffy try everything to get rid of her, until Francine meets her and realizes she is just like her!moreless

  • Kids are From Earth, Parents are From Pluto / Nerves of Steal
    "Kids are From Earth, Parents are From Pluto"

    All of the kids nightmares were the Parents Open House, where all there parents gather at the school. Francine's Father sleeps every reunion, Arthur's dad telling jokes that no one gets, etc... This open house would be very embarrassing to the kids of Lakewood Elementary.

    "Nerves of Steal"

    Buster can't cope with being the only kid in Elwood City who doesn't have a Cybertoy. Now, he could not stand it anymore, and he does something that would ruin his life, shoplift.moreless

  • Just Desserts / The Big Dig
    "Just Desserts"

    Arthur could not resist sweets and when he gobbled down millions of sweets, a cake produced by his father was available and Arthur did not want to waste the chance, so he engulfed enough pieces to make him fall into a crazy dream... starring Mr. Ratburn as a child-eating witch, and many other insane events.

    "The Big Dig"

    Grandpa Dave would now only want to sleep and play checkers. Then one day Grandpa Dave shares a secret map, and Arthur and D.W. hunt for the buried treasure.moreless

  • Arthur and the Big Riddle / Double Dare
    "Arthur and the Big Riddle"

    Arthur is chosen to appear on the popular game show, Riddle Quest.

    "Double Dare"

    Arthur, Francine, Buster and The Brain dare each other to skip school for a day.

  • The Lousy Week / You Are Arthur...
    "The Lousy Week "

    An army of lice has been unleashed on the heads of Lakewood Elementary. Now, the whole school must get rid of them before they all go insane.

    "You Are Arthur..."

    Hey, do you want to be Arthur for a day, Well here is a chance. You (Arthur) wake up one morning and you are going to run in a 3 kilometre race against other kids, but he must go through a training day with the Tibble Twins and D.W.moreless

  • It's a No-Brainer / The Shore Thing
    "It's a No-Brainer"

    After a loss in the rehearsal math-a-thon against Buster, Brain decides to work on his new a Comedian. Now Brain wants to hand everything down to Buster so Buster could be the new brain.

    "The Shore Thing"

    Arthur and D.W. who were obsessed with going to Aqualand, begged their father to go with them, but David tells them that going to Ocean Zone would be more fun. To Arthur, D.W. and Arthur's friends, it was a surprise.moreless

  • The World Record / The Cave
    "The World Record"

    Arthur tells his friends about the World Records that have been broken, and they try to break some of the records. Buster, walking backwards, Francine trying to kick a soccer ball in the air the most times, Muffy not talking, and Binky, building the largest popsicle stick bridge. All these were very hard tasks, so Arthur decides to make the largest pizza in the world by getting help from the whole city.

    "The Cave"

    The kids of Lakewood Elementary go to the Clark Caves, and Fraincine and D.W. starts to bother Arthur of being afraid of bats and the dark. But it was Mr. Ratburn and Francine who were terribly afraid.moreless

  • Sleep No More / Pet Peeved
    "Sleep No More"

    Buster's destiny was to have a Pizza Paula's all-you-can-eat contest... free pizza for life! The only problem is that he is too excited so he could not go to sleep.

    "Pet Peeved"

    Binky volunteers to look after Francine's cat, Nemo, for the weekend. Binky thought it would be a fun weekend, plus that he would get ten dollars, but he ignores the instructions given from Francine, plus all Nemo wanted to do was to sleep.moreless

  • The Election
    The Election
    Episode 6.1
    It's a mock election in Mr. Ratburn's class, but Muffy takes it very seriously.
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