Season 16 Episode 10

So Funny I Forgot to Laugh/ The Best Day Ever

Aired Daily 4:00 PM May 10, 2013 on PBS

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  • They Have to Pull So Funny I Forgot to Laugh!

    When I first saw the episode, I just didn't know what to do. No wonder everyone hates the episode. Instead of teaching that nice kids can accidentally become bullies, it was just a hated episode. I really want it PULLED!
  • They officially ruined Arthur's character in this episode and nobody finds it funny.

    They did a splendid job tackling the bullying problem in "Last Tough Customer". Was it really necessary to destroy the character development of the star character of the show or even have this stupid episode?!?! WTH!! Yes, I DO see how they tried to attack the bullying problem in this episode, but damn, they DID NOT NEED TO BUTCHER ARTIE BY TURNING HIM INTO A DOUCHE!

    The message was poorly executed and it's just as stupid when PBS has the gall to market this garbage episode on the "Arthur stands up to bullying" DVD.

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    and burn them onto DVD instead of buying this trash in the wally world bargain bin, people!

    First you trash the animation with your flash trash BS (which is just the icing on the crap cake), now you come up with stupid idiotic plots like this to add salt to the wound. I don't even consider this art. It's true that nothing in art happens by accident, but it doesn't get slapped together on a production line in a factory either, and that's what this show has turned into on all fronts.

    I'm done donating to PBS (and I've donated over $1000 to them) and I'll encourage others not to either. I'd rather them end the show than continue to butcher it with this poorly written and animated garbage on our dime. I hope them idiots are proud of themselves, because we're not proud of them.
  • This was not Arthur

    My sisters told me about this episode and explained that Arthur was being a bully. Before even watching the episode, I said to them that this sounds out of character of Arthur. Now that I have officially watched the episode, my sisters were not kidding. Arthur was extremely out of character.

    Also, I can't be the only one that found it offensive in itself that Sue Ellen was wearing the fur of an animal, yet the Arthur universe consists of ANIMAL PEOPLE.

    Overall, I don't know why the directors thought it as a good idea to kill the character of the main protagonist by turning him into a mean spirited bully. The episode would have been better if it were Binky, Francene or Muffy as the bully. Last of all, after Arthur sincerely apologized, why did Sue Ellen mock Arthur over the same joke that she nearly switched classes over?? Seems to me that Sue Ellen really was overreacting.

  • As someone who grew up with Arthur, I was shocked

    It's not really the animation that's the big problem, because I don't judge a show by animation alone, I judge it by its writing. And this episode was unoriginal and placed so many characters out of character, including Arthur. That's my biggest problem with this episode, Arthur was extremely and I do mean extremely OUT OF CHARACTER! They already tackled the issue of bullying several times in previous episodes, there was no need to make a new one, in addition, WHY WAS ARTHUR THE BULLY? Just what were the writers thinking when they made this episode? Arthur is very out of character, he'd never be that rude. If they wanted to make a character a bully why couldn't it be someone like Muffy, who would be known for making fun of people's clothing? Heck, Francine and Prunella are more likely to do something like this, but not Arthur. With Muffy, Francine, or Prunella being the bully it would be more believable. I mean Arthur and the Brain are usually the voices of reason. Sure, the Brain was ratted out as a report hog, but it slides since he wants an A+ and is known for being a brainy straight A student in school. But Arthur is usually the character that guides us to the moral through reasoning, there's no way he would be acting like this. Also, Sue Ellen was kind a out of character as well, she wouldn't tattle, she would fully reason with Arthur and tell him why she doesn't find it funny anymore. I'd hate to say it but Arthur was right, Sue Ellen was being oversensitive and should have stood firm with Arthur, not tattle.