Season 1 Episode 21

Sue Ellen Moves In / The Perfect Brother

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Feb 10, 1997 on PBS

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  • First episode was good, second episode was a DISASTER!

    "SUE ELLEN MOVES IN" is a good epsiode, but "The Perfect Brother" might be the wrost episode in the series. I really wanted to hate Arthur's family and Pal when Brain stayed over. It is never show that Authur and his family have things get back to normal. There was an epsiode of "Recess" that was similar to this, but at least Spinelli's parents explain why they wanted her to behave like Gretchen who was visiting. Also least Spinelli tells her parents it's bothering her and they listened. Authur's family did not care about him at all during this episode. Skip this episode please!