Season 11 Episode 1

Swept Away / Germophobia

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Jun 25, 2007 on PBS

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  • In the first story, Buster, Arthur and D.W. go on vacation to a beach and make a sand castle. In the second story, Buster becomes afraid of germs.

    The first story was well done. The whole bit with Arthur, Buster, and D.W. trying to make a sand castle that would last a long time was nice and the last part with it being in the newspaper made for a very nice ending. D.W. has a new voice too.

    The second story wasn't too good unfortunately. It felt very boring at parts and overall, the way Buster suddenly got so afraid of germs was stretching it and it just got annoying after a few minutes. So the first story was good but the second one was really disappointing. A decent start to season 11 though I was hoping for something better.
  • Well finally they started playing new episodes again in a long time.

    It seems like they have not played a new episode of Arthur in 40 years but it actually been four years. I like the storyline's for both episodes but D.W ruins the script. Because she just doesn't fit it to the show. She would fit in if Arthur and D.W got along together and I thought this show was about teaching children how to get along with each other rather than copying Arthur & D.W. I like the idea for the second episode in this segment. So the name D.W? that does not fit in to the script at all I just with they would call her by her real name "Dora".