Season 6 Episode 5

The Boy Who Cried Comet! / Arthur and Los Vecínos

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Oct 22, 2001 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • D.W. is 4 years old and Vicita is 3½, but there is a huge difference between the two of them. There's a extreme height difference and D.W. is rather more mature.

    • Since "amigo" is Spanish for friend or pal, Pal and Amigo have the same name.

    • "The Boy Who Cried Comet!" and "Arthur and Los Vecínos" have something in common. They both feature a character who is annoyed by another character because they want to gain information. So to get that person off of their back, they give them a book. i.e., The Brain giving Buster the astronomy book, and Alberto giving Arthur the Spanish-to-English dictionary.

    • Buster uses his special telescope without ever plugging it in. A standard telescope would not require electricity, but one of the type that Buster uses would definitely require some sort of power supply.

    • Arthur should not have been able to find "te tengo" in a Spanish-English dictionary. "Tengo" is a conjugation of the verb "tener" (to have) and Spanish-English dictionaries do not have conjugations in them.

    • DW says she's 4 in this episode, but she turned 5 WAY
      before this episode was aired.

    • In this episode we see that Mr.Sipple lives next next door to Arthur, but in a previously episode Mr.Sipple said he left his bathwater on and ran down the street.

    • The Tower of Cows game doesn't come with a game board, but yet it has game pieces.

    • When Vacita starts jumping, the trampoline pushes in too much, but then it stops.

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  • Allusions

    • While the Reads are on their way to the Molinas' in "Arthur and Los Vecinos," Arthur complains that the only people who wear bowties are "nerds and waiters and that science guy on TV". He's referring to Bill Nye the Science Guy, whose popular television series was seen on multiple networks and whom has since appeared on television programs such as CBS's Numb3rs.

    • The ending of "The Boy Who Cried Comet" with the Arthur gang taking off disguises to reveal aliens underneath is similar to the ending of a Ren and Stimpy episode entitled "Aloha Hoek" when Ren and Stimpy unmask to reveal two Russian spies underneath.

    • The story title "The Boy Who Cried Comet" is a spin on the classic fable "The Boy Who Cried Wolf." In this story, a boy repeatedly cries "wolf!" causing villagers to believe that a wolf is after a flock of sheep. They finally stop believing him and nobody pays attention when he cries "wolf" and there really is a wolf after the sheep.