Season 3 Episode 5

The Chips Are Down / Revenge of the Chip

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Nov 02, 1998 on PBS
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The Chips Are Down / Revenge of the Chip
"The Chips Are Down"
Written by Joe Fallon
Storyboard by Stefanie Gignac

D.W. eats a big green potato chip and to get her off his back Arthur tells her that it's fatal and she could die so D.W. spends this day as her last day until she finds out the truth.

"Revenge of the Chip"
Written by Dietrich Smith
Storyboard by Mario Cabrera

D.W's mom tells the newspapers and everyone in town that story about D.W. and the green chip embarrassing her ultimately.moreless

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  • Green chips, two episodes? Can anyone say pointless?

    These two episodes involving DW's green chip are so pointless. Although it is kinda funny, the episode is so stupid it's not worth anyone's time. Why would anyone wanna watch episodes about green chips? Talk about unoriginal and lame. Don't even bother watching these episodes, you're not missing out on anything.
Jodie Resther

Jodie Resther

Francine Alice Frensky

Arthur Holden

Arthur Holden

Mr. Nigel Emil Ratburn

Michael Yarmush

Michael Yarmush

Voice of Arthur Timothy Read (1996-2001)

Sonja Ball

Sonja Ball

Janet Read

Bruce Dinsmore

Bruce Dinsmore

David Read / Binky Barnes

Danny Brochu

Danny Brochu

Buster Baxter

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    • (D.W. overhears her mom talking up on the phone, cutting up the news article about D.W. and the green potato chip...)
      Mom: ...was going to kill her. It was just so funny! You know how dramatic D.W. can be. I wouldn't be surprised if she drew up a will. When Bitzi asked if she could put it in her column, I couldn't say "no." I've cleaned out practically every newsstand. Of course I'm sending it to all the relatives! Grandma Thora, Lucy...
      (D.W. imagines Mom's head morphing into a pair of giant talking lips that speak faster and faster!)
      Mom: Aunt Jessica and Great Aunt Susan and Cousin Hortense and Hortense's step-brother Tyler, and of course my college roommate Wilma and her sons James Daniel Mickey-Michelle David Heather of course there's Carrie Christine Shane and Jessie...
      D.W.: MOM!!!

    • (D.W. is spying on Arthur and Buster from the treehouse, using Arthur's binoculars, as Arthur and Buster read comics turned away from her...)
      D.W.: Very, very, VERY suspicious! They're keeping their faces turned away, so I can't read their lips. Oh wait, here it comes!
      (Arthur and Buster turn to face D.W. Buster says something, and D.W. deciphers it...)
      D.W.: "Hello... D.W." I need more "sophisticated-ed" equipment!

    • Nadine: I can't believe you ate a green chip. There are so many others to choose from.
      D.W.: It was pretty.
      Nadine: Your shoes are pretty, but you don't eat them.
      D.W.: They're not salty and crunchy.

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