Season 3 Episode 5

The Chips Are Down / Revenge of the Chip

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Nov 02, 1998 on PBS



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    • (D.W. overhears her mom talking up on the phone, cutting up the news article about D.W. and the green potato chip...)
      Mom: ...was going to kill her. It was just so funny! You know how dramatic D.W. can be. I wouldn't be surprised if she drew up a will. When Bitzi asked if she could put it in her column, I couldn't say "no." I've cleaned out practically every newsstand. Of course I'm sending it to all the relatives! Grandma Thora, Lucy...
      (D.W. imagines Mom's head morphing into a pair of giant talking lips that speak faster and faster!)
      Mom: Aunt Jessica and Great Aunt Susan and Cousin Hortense and Hortense's step-brother Tyler, and of course my college roommate Wilma and her sons James Daniel Mickey-Michelle David Heather of course there's Carrie Christine Shane and Jessie...
      D.W.: MOM!!!

    • (D.W. is spying on Arthur and Buster from the treehouse, using Arthur's binoculars, as Arthur and Buster read comics turned away from her...)
      D.W.: Very, very, VERY suspicious! They're keeping their faces turned away, so I can't read their lips. Oh wait, here it comes!
      (Arthur and Buster turn to face D.W. Buster says something, and D.W. deciphers it...)
      D.W.: "Hello... D.W." I need more "sophisticated-ed" equipment!

    • Nadine: I can't believe you ate a green chip. There are so many others to choose from.
      D.W.: It was pretty.
      Nadine: Your shoes are pretty, but you don't eat them.
      D.W.: They're not salty and crunchy.

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