Season 4 Episode 4

The Contest / Prove It

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Sep 27, 1999 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • And Now, a Word From Us Kids: Viewers are shown the life of Holly Hollen, the girl who came up with the idea for "The Contest."

    • At the end of "The Contest," during the scene featuring the kids in the future, Arthur's skin is lighter than usual in one scene.

  • Quotes

    • Arthur: I'm just as edible as anybody!

    • Arthur: Dad, D.W. is about to bother us.
      D.W.: I haven't done anything yet.
      Arthur: I know you. You're goinng to start saying, "What are you watching?", "What's that?", "What's happening?"
      Dad: Leave the boys alone D.W., they have to watch something for school.
      D.W: What are they watching? What's that? What's happening?

    • Francine in the "South Park" spoof: Hey! You squished Buster! >:(

    • D.W.: Why is the sky blue? Beacause dirt is already taken by brown, Grass was already taken by green, Yellow for bananas, and apples by red!
      Brain: The sky is blue because because air particles from the ocean reflect blue light!
      D.W.: Oh yeah! PROVE IT!
      Arthur: Oh yeah? Well... you prove yours!
      DW: Is grass green, are bananas yellow, are apples red, IS THE SKY BLUE!?!?
      Tommy Tibble:
      She's right AGAIN!

  • Notes

    • In some scenes of "Prove It", Kate sucks onto the ball as a running gag.

    • The idea for this episode was made up by Holly Holland. Also the 5 stories you see are stories made up by kids who entered a real life contest to give ideas for the characters' ideas on the show.

    • Arthur and Buster watch a KSPS show called "NOVA".

    • The Arthur spoof of South Park is very crude compared to South Park. When the characters walk in the Arthur thing, they don't turn to the side, and the characters in the Arthur one look like they're made from felt, rather than construction. Also, how would a lot of the little kids understand any of these shows? (namely South Park, Beavis and Butthead, and Dr. Katz)

    • The stories that Arthur, Buster, Francine, Brain, Muffy and Binky do in episode A are parodies, spoofing "South Park", "Beavis and Butthead", "Dexter's Laboratory", wrestling matches and "Dr. Katz".

    • Episode A was created by TV Guide's Create Your Own Arthur Episode Winner Holly Holland of Canadian, Oklahoma

  • Allusions

    • The Exploritorium museum Arthur, D.W., the Brain and his mom visit is similar to the Franklin Institute, which is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    • The story that Arthur writes in "The Contest" is a spoof of the animated series Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist.

    • When Francine says "Hey! You squished Buster!" in the South Park parody, it is a reference to when Stan says "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!" in South Park.

    • The various characters' entries into the contest in this episode are all spoofs of other well-known animated programs --- Muffy's contest entry resembles a Beavis and Butthead episode, Brain's (appropriately) is similar to Dexter's Laboratory and Buster's resembles South Park animation. The program also spoofed itself in that that the characters on the program that sponsored the contest were spoofs of the characters on Arthur.

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