Season 16 Episode 6

The Last Tough Customer/ Brain's Chess Mess

Aired Daily 4:00 PM May 06, 2013 on PBS

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  • Love Molly's anti-bullying message, but animation is sadly still lacking.

    This is one of the better episodes (damn good episodes!) of season 16 (along with Read and Flumbergast and Night of the Tibble) as far as story, lessons, and plots go, which are marvelous in those episodes. Molly's back story is one of the only originals in season 16 that isn't covered in earlier episodes and it teaches kids a good lesson about bullying (they can keep "So funny I forgot to laugh" and "Flippity Francine". They ruined Arthur's character and turned him into a total jerk in those episodes - so unlike him). I also think they should have brought back Lydia Fox the wheelchair girl instead of Los Dedos in chess mess.

    Yes, they DID improve on the lines and color palette in this episode, as with rest of the second half of season 16, but the stiff and limited tweeny movements and the still off-model faces of the characters are telltale characteristics of flash trash, and it still puts me off, is distracting, and just kills this episode's potential by not giving life to the story. Sorry...

    I've been studying animation for a little bit and this is DEFINITELY one episode along with the 2 others I named where I would scrap that flash trash animation and give those episodes serious makeovers back to traditional (like the look of season 11 for example) as a labor of love to look and animate like the older episodes, not for profit, and to practice with and explore the science. I'm already in the process of doing this with ToonBoom frame-by-frame; ANYTHING BUT FLASH OR CGI!

    PBS in the mean time won't be getting my money if they aren't going to provide a better value for it than this, if they are going to sit in denial about the animation and waste it, or have production continue to use lame cop outs like "we need to make it 16:9" while neglecting our enjoyment of the show. I'll use that money instead to take up animation myself and re-do this BS animation. They can keep the flash trash!

    (And to all the stupid lemmings who continue to bark the same "it's about the story and not about the animation" excuse while the episodes get worse: The whole purpose of animation in ANY cartoon (NOT JUST ARTHUR!) is to BRING LIFE to that story, AND THIS DOES NOT (unless you like sound tracks or reading books). Also, tell that to those who donate good money to PBS and then come back to see this abominable animation that is a poor value for that money).