Season 5 Episode 5

The Lousy Week / You Are Arthur...

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Oct 02, 2000 on PBS



  • Quotes

    • (Arthur imagines what it's like to be Mr. Ratburn, as we see from Ratburn's point of view...)
      Mr. Ratburn
      : Ahem. Good morning, class. Let's start the day off with a little math quiz.
      (The class groans softly.)
      Mr. Ratburn
      : (in his head) Hmm. That wasn't a big enough groan. Maybe I'm getting too soft on them... (sees a pile of math exams on his desk)
      Mr. Ratburn
      : On second thought, let's start the day with a big math test! (louder groan from the class, thinking again...) Ahh. That's more like it.