Season 10 Episode 2

The Squirrels / Fern & Persimmony Glitchet

Aired Daily 4:00 PM May 16, 2006 on PBS

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  • I actually liked Fern and Persimmony Glitchet. However, the first one was kind of annoying.

    The Squirrels: This started out as an okay storyline, Buster and Arthur (and soon the whole class, excepting Binky) being afraid of squirrels. Okay, pretty funny. But after a while, the kids' continuous screaming if they so much as saw an acorn began to get on my nerves. That said, there were two good things about this episode. 1: The ending was nice when the kids saw the injured squirrel and they weren't afraid anymore. 2: Binky was the episode's star, especially at the very end.

    Fern and Persimmony Glitchet: I quite liked this one actually. I loved the spoof of Lemony Snicket, and it was a pretty good storyline. Not the best episode I've ever seen, but it wasn't bad.
  • super

    Buster and Arthur poke fun at a classic horror film called The Squirrels, shown to them by Mrs. Baxter. Both of them, however, are secretly scared by it and afraid to go outside. In fact, everyone in Arthur's class except Binky has seen the film and are suddenly spending a lot more time indoors doing homework. Arthur resorts to drastic measures to solve the problem until he realizes that the only way to face the fear is to confront it head-on..


    "Fern & Persimmony Glitchet"

    Fern loves writing stories and dreams of being published. She sends a letter to the author of the books A Series of Horrendously Horrible Happenings, Persimmony Glitchet, who writes back in invisible ink. He encourages her to read, write and rewrite, and always look for opportunities to publish. She publishes a story in the Lakewood Elemntary Reader under the name Agatha Shelley, but it's dismissed as a boring failure. She wonders if she should give up, but reconsiders after receiving another letter and thinking about the second bit of advice.
  • Good Episode

    I thought that this was a good episode of Arthur. There were two stories in it instead of the 30 min episode like the first episode in this season was. I didn't like the first episode that much but the second one about Fern was funny. I thought that it was funny when Fern was trying to see if anyone had read her story and Binky, Arthur, Francine and the Brain all didn't like it. The first episode about The Squirrels was a redo of the birds so it was cool to see them do a story about that. Overall I think that this episode was good.
  • "The Squirrels"-- Pretty funny, with a good moral at the end. "Fern & Persimmony Glitchet"-- An O.K. episode, but not really the best. A little boring, but there were some funny parts.

    After seeing "Happy Anniversary" yesterday, I just wanted the new episodes to keep rolling in! "The Squirrels"/"Fern & Persimmony Glitchet" weren't exactly as good as "Happy Anniversary" in my opinion, but the good humor and (mostly) interesting plots made up for it.

    "The Squirrels" was the better out of the 2 in my opinion. I found it funny that just about every kid in Ratburn's class bought those "happier" squirrel movies to try to get rid of their fears of the squirrel. In the end though, they realised that they shouldn't let their fears (or squirrels, in this matter) take over them. It was pretty good, and it made the moral pretty clear.

    Fern isn't exactly my favorite character, (I can relate to her sometimes because I'm a shyer type of person, but it seems like she never stops talking about detective stories or other books so it tends to get on my nerves) so "Fern & Persimmony Glitchet" didn't appeal to me as much.

    I'm surprised that Fern didn't decide to write the first part of her story as a mysterious/horror one, because she's pretty good at telling scary stories and seems to love the Horrendously (sp?) Horrible series. Maybe she would have gotten more postitive feedback on it if she did it that way. Oh, well. In the end, she did get the other kids to like it, and she even got the real Persimmmony Glitchet's autograph. Lucky girl!

    "Fern and Persimmmony Glitchet" didn't seem to have a lot of action in it, which didn't make it as enjoyable as the other Arthur episodes. However, hearing the other character's comments on Fern's first version of "Happy Happenings" was funny. I also cracked up at Fern's pen name: Agatha Shelley.

    Overall, these eps where good, but could have been better.