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  • Season 1 Episode 30: Arthur's First Sleepover ...

  • At the end of Arthur's New Year's Eve, when Arthur remembers the different events of the past year, clips include he and his class laughing at the Rainbow Rock State Park dinosaur presentation (from Buster's Dino Dilemma), Arthur meeting up with Francine on their bikes, everyone dressed up for the Thomas Edison play (from Francine Frensky, Superstar), Arthur and his friends playing softball on Mr. Frensky's team (from Arthur Makes the Team), Binky, Francine and Muffy's mummy report gone wrong (from Team Trouble), and Arthur sledding with Buster and Francine (from Sue Ellen Moves In).

  • Binky reads the title card for "Arthur's First Sleepover". It's the one where Buster walks up to the circle and makes a noise. He burps in this title card.

    Francine reads the title card for "Arthur's New Years Eve". It's the one where Pal chases a frog and D.W. shouts "Wait! Come back!" and both the frog and Pal return.

  • The ways Arthur's friends tell him that New Year's is ushered in is as follows -- Prunella says that there's a green flash, Francine says you must throw out your old calendars or being arrested by the New Year's police, Binky says there's a wrestling match between an old man wearing last year's date and a little kid and Buster says his cousin told him parents have a meeting conducted by aliens in they gather to talk about the awful things they did to their kids that year, and scheme up new ones.

  • This episode previously aired on New Year's Day or the first weekday after it on most PBS stations. As of at least 2006, the episode generally airs on New Year's Eve on most PBS stations.

  • Season 1 Episode 29: My Club Rules! / Stolen Bike

  • When Oliver pulls the cover off of the completely restored bicycle, it was smaller and about the size of Francine's old bicycle she outgrew, but later shows its actual size.

  • In Stolen Bike when Francine was brushing her teeth, the #1 on the front of her pajama top was missing, but reappeared when she finished brushing her teeth.

  • In Stolen Bike Francine lives only a house away from school,so why would she need to ride a bike to school?

  • In the beginnning of "My Club Rules" Arthur is explaining how each club must have rules. They go through different clubs. One of the clubs is swimming, and Arthur says "In order to be part of the swimming club, you must know how to swim." In this scene they show Arthur, Brain, and Binky about to jump into the pool. But in the episode "Water and the Brain" Brain is terrified of Water, and even turns down a party at "Wonder World" and is the one who hands out towels. For somebody who is petrified of water, I doubt he would be part of the swimming club.

  • Season 1 Episode 28: I'm a Poet / The Scare-Yo...

  • In "Arthur's Lost Library Book," the latest Scare-Your-Pants-Off book "The Mysterious Hand" featured the title and a picture of the hand on the cover, as well as the book series logo (a kid screaming) on the bottom. However, the other Scare-Your-Pants-Off books in this story just have the screaming kid logo on the cover!

  • Season 1 Episode 25: D.W. Thinks Big / Arthur ...

  • During the scene with the rabbit photographer taking pictures before the wedding begins, as Mom walks D.W. out of the room before D.W. re-enters, the photographer completely changes color (his rabbit skin goes from white to brown, and his clothes are colored differently.) The next shot of him after that, his colors are back to normal.

  • When Cousin Cora gasps right before colliding with D.W. among entering the house, and again when she pulls out her half-inch heel shoes for the wedding, her gasp is the same as Mrs. Read's gasping!

  • The closed captioning mistakenly calls the music D.W. keeps humming and the tune the organ plays when Arthur does the march down the aisle "The Wedding March." In actuality, that tune is called "The Bridal Chorus" or "Here Comes The Bride." The real "Wedding March" plays during the scene where the bride and groom get pronounced husband and wife.

  • Season 1 Episode 24: Arthur's Tooth / D.W. Get...

  • When Arthur looses his tooth you can see that his body is behind him.

  • While D.W. and Nadine are talking about how the pig statue looks like Arthur, a blue video camera booth is next to the escalators. But when D.W. climbs on top of the pig statue, the blue booth is replaced by a red stand.

  • When D.W. notices the pig statue in "D.W. Gets Lost," she is standing next to the scarfs booth, with the bakery booth across from her. But in the next shot, and from there on, she is standing next to the bakery booth.

    The same thing happens again when Nadine tells her that that walked that way three times before.

  • While at the All-in-One Mart, several amusing announcements are made:

    • Welcome to All In One Mart, the store big enough to swallow your town. • All In One Mart values all our customers, but if you break something, you bought it. Tough Luck. • Today's special in our sportswear department: Pre-worn sneakers for lazy people. • If you've lost your child, come to our lost child department, located behind the toy department. And, on your way, why not buy a new toy for that poor, frightened child that YOU lost. • Attention smart shoppers: Free samples available all day at our water fountain. • Big sale in our book department: Books without vowels now half price. • Who needs expensive air-conditioning when army surplus jet turbines are on sale in our wind department. • Who doesn't like the satisfying flavor of fresh, warm, carbonated milk, the late-night treat that lulls you to sleep and burps you, too. • Don't forget today's sale on chocolate-covered cabbage. It's the dessert that makes you go "Blech." • Right now in our free-sample department, everything is half-price.

  • Arthur takes D.W.'s shark tooth that she got from the aquarium to school in an attempt to pass it off a tooth that he lost. The shark tooth resurfaces in the third season story "D.W. Tricks the Tooth Fairy" -- D.W. tries the same basic idea, but with the tooth fairy rather than her friends.

  • In "Arthur's Tooth," Arthur wears a sweater with a circled B on it. He wore the same sweater in the episode Arthur's Chicken Pox."

  • Season 1 Episode 23: Bully for Binky / Mis-for...

  • In "Mis-fortune Teller", when Arthur, Francine, and Muffy go see Prunella, Francine is ahead of Muffy and Arthur (she knocks on the door), but in the next shot, she is standing behind Arthur and Muffy.

  • Buster is the only one who dresses up for Prunella's half-birthday party in "Mis-fortune Teller."

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